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Feedbacks from viewers
Tat`yana was 17 december on New York .80th. We

The performance of Mikhail Shemyakin "New York. 80th. We." - chaotic, versatile, shocking and at the same time very sincere, personal. Mikhail Shemyakykh made a performance from his memoirs, speaking at once in all possible functions - the author of the text, the director, the artist, the presenter, having animated himself and his friends in acting characters, many of whom are no longer alive, playing their fantasies. The performance is obvious 18+, it can be shocking, but it takes for the soul.

Ol`ga was 17 april on Space

Just from the play. We are under a great and pleasant impression. Many thanks for the careful interpretation of the beloved Shukshin.

Mariya was 28 january on "At the crossroads"

The play "At the Crossroads" very much. Looks in the same breath. We were lucky at the performance attended by Mikhail Barshchevsky, and when it came to interactive, he joined in the performance. It was very interesting.

Ol`ga was 02 april on Three Musketeers

the performance is excellent, good quality of musical performance. Only it should be taken into account that the child should be familiar with the plot before the performance, the plot is not clear from the presentation of the plot. My 10-year-old grandson did not read the Three Musketeers, so it was not clear at times. But in general he liked the play, sympathized with the heroes. Some images were grotesque (for example, Buonassie), the children were not clear, but I liked them.

Lubov` was 26 september on Teacher of the XXII century

I liked the performance. A good actor's play. The idea with meaning and not boring. From the minuses: A little awkward costumes. And so everything is wonderful. I recommend this performance!

Visitor was 25 september on The Bremen Town Musicians

There were September 24, children of different ages from 5 to 12 years old and of course parents - impressed by everything :))) a wonderful musical, the artists are magnificent, the voices are strong and beautiful. In some places, the equipment failed, and so without any complaints ... The detective, the king, the donkey, the cat and the dog - are beyond praise!

Alexanderv was 18 september on Space

The performance is wonderful and has a good atmosphere in the theater itself. I was in it for the first time and I'll definitely go again. Many thanks!

Ekaterina was 08 october on Penelope, or 2 + 2

A bright and dynamic performance, narrating about curiosities in the life of the average English family of the early 20th century. An easy story, subtle humor and a lot of live music will not leave indifferent any of the lovers of Britain and jazz. It is certainly worth revising the production more than once.

Ekaterina was 21 november on A crazy day in the castle of Almaviva, or the Wedding of Figaro

Beautiful setting. For those who are familiar with the source, it will be interesting to discover new facets of it, forms; the rest of the performance is easy and unconstrained, as they say, will bring things to the head, without making you think about the plot in search of lost connections and "holes" in the narrative. Subtle humor, a worthy game of actors and timeless classics in the best traditions of the Theater.

Natal`ya was 08 november on A crazy day in the castle of Almaviva, or the Wedding of Figaro

Thank you, I liked both me and my 17-year-old daughter. BUT. Too noisy, in my opinion, you abuse drums. Strange Figaro - turned tragic character in the middle of comedy.

Elena was 11 april on A crazy day in the castle of Almaviva, or the Wedding of Figaro

Great performance, the best game of actors! You are best!!!!

Anastasia was 07 february on A crazy day in the castle of Almaviva, or the Wedding of Figaro

We really liked it, it was exciting and spectacular! want to return :)

Uliya was 21 november on A crazy day in the castle of Almaviva, or the Wedding of Figaro

I really liked the play. We enjoyed the bright incendiary performance! Thank you very much for your work!

Natal`ya was 07 february on A crazy day in the castle of Almaviva, or the Wedding of Figaro

I liked both the grown man and my 17-year-old daughter. This is not a French comedy, and not Mozart's opera, but an original musical performance. Slightly overdone with percussion. Julia Pak as Kerubino is a delight!

Visitor was 17 may on A crazy day in the castle of Almaviva, or the Wedding of Figaro

Many thanks for the vivid impressions!

Aleksandr was 08 november on A crazy day in the castle of Almaviva, or the Wedding of Figaro

Modern and at the same time careful attitude to Mozart's music is beyond praise

Irina was 29 december on The Snow Queen

Thank you. I liked the performance very much. Children are delighted!

Ilja was 29 december on The Snow Queen

Thank you, I liked it very much!

Alla was 29 december on The Snow Queen

I liked it very much! Thank you! True performance Bremen musicians seemed stronger. At the exit they bought tickets for Jesus Christ ...

Elena was 25 october on Jesus Christ the Superstar in English

Super!!! I liked it very much !!!

Yana was 25 october on Jesus Christ the Superstar in English

Hello! Unfortunately, I was disappointed. There is no drive, it seems that all the artists are tired. Magdalene was almost not heard. It seems that the artists of the crowd are stronger than the main ones. Before that I was at the play Hair - I was delighted! But! Be sure to come hear something else for comparison. By the way, I was with my son - he has practically the same opinion. Sorry for the rigidity. Good luck!

Aleksandr was 25 october on Jesus Christ the Superstar in English

A wonderful statement, it's a pity that it's short.

Ekaterina was 25 april on Jesus Christ the Superstar in English

For a long time I dreamed of visiting the English version of the production in the theater of Namin. Expectations are not deceived at all. If the Russian rock opera is simply gorgeous, then this time the impressions are even more vivid. Strong and emotional play of actors, incredible energy. It was lucky to get to the play with the live performance of musical parties by the group "Flowers". It is a pity that the action takes so little time, the extra half an hour - an hour not in the least would not interfere. I will definitely come to the theater again, I want to revise the production again and again.

Ekaterina was 03 april on Soldier Ivan Chonkin

The play, which tells of the harsh everyday life of the Soviet collective farm and army during the war. Subtlely played all the plot lines. An understandable and accessible exposition for people of any age. Laughter in the hall, indeed, does not cease. Were on the production of a large "raznoshostnoy" company, the reaction was positive both for the older generation, and for those who are barely over 20. A worthy embodiment of the famous work. The correspondence of the actors to the role is absolute. Good mood is guaranteed.

Mihail was 04 october on Soldier Ivan Chonkin


Ekaterina was 10 april on Beatlemania

A bright and dynamic musical, easily beating the state of affairs in a typical school community. Showing all aspects of life, "and laughter, and tears, and love." Although there is no indication of a specific time, place and characters, everyone will know, remember something of their own in the course of viewing the production. Scenes are written out lively and in a kind way, the characters want to empathize. Very successful interweaving in the narrative of all known songs. I think, will like it as fans of the "Liverpool four", and just lovers of the theater and good music.

Viktoriya was 09 june on Beatlemania

The performance is quite good. The second time I do not want to go to him, but I just do not want to go after work to listen to good music. You can even listen to good music. Only the sound did not like it - it was too loud, either the guys were singing so loudly, or the speakers were not very well tuned.

Tat`yana was 09 june on Beatlemania

Many thanks to the director and actors for this performance. A wonderful game and the performance of songs loved by many leave no one indifferent. At the play was with the children (junior schoolchildren) - we really liked - the children, true, the Beatles listen. I bought tickets as a gift to my parents - they said that this is one of the best performances they watched in their lives, it charges with positive emotions. For me it is very important that the actors cleanly and without accent perform Beatles hits - after the English special school I have an allergy to the "Ryazan" accent. I will definitely go to this play for more ...

Anna was 03 april on Beatlemania

I really enjoyed it, had a great evening! Thank you

Aleksandr was 08 march on Beatlemania

I liked the performance very much! Original arrangements, polyphonic performance of hits BITLES. The bright appearance and talent of the theater actors gave us a wonderful evening and a cheerful spring mood! Many thanks!

Ekaterina was 10 june on Space

I liked the performance very much. The characters described in Shukshin's stories are shown clearly and capacitively. A subtle humor with a deep subtext coincides with mild sadness and some hopelessness. Statement about people and for people. Ageless life motives are vividly and modernly beaten, while everything is in the spirit of the original source. And bitter, and funny. With an anguish. Makes me think.

Uliya was 18 june on Hair

16.05 I visited this magnificent performance !!!! It's an explosion! Warm, bright, sincere, funny, touching! After the performance, the smile and feelings of harmony and joy did not fall off for maybe two hours !!! Thank you very much for such vivid emotions! I will definitely come to this play again (and I think not only once). I advise everyone!!!!

Anastasiya was 14 june on Hair

Unfortunately, I was late for the performance for 10 minutes, and instead of my second row, I had to fit somewhere very high, where I could not see half the scene. But this did not seriously interfere with the enjoyment of the game and the voices of the actors. I'm glad that I chose this musical, because the theme of hair is especially close to me. (The owner of dread) I really enjoyed it and would have visited with pleasure this team. Good luck, you guys)

Ekaterina was 28 may on Jesus Christ the Superstar in Russian

Having visited this production once, you will come back here again and again. From the first chords, from the first words the performance captures so much that an hour and a half fly by for a moment. Music, voices, the atmosphere is something incredible. And it is very unfortunate that so little time is devoted to the whole action. I will certainly try to visit a rock opera in all compositions, including in English.

Uliya was 04 june on Teacher of the XXII century

An excellent performance THE COLLEGE OF THE XXII CENTURY in the Stas Namin Theater for teens from the age of 10 (not earlier). The play makes us think about the prospects of our "frenzied pace of life" and evaluate what awaits our children and grandchildren in the near future.

Ekaterina was 25 september on Three Musketeers

Wonderful statement. Easy and easy acting. It would seem that the classic, but the classic is not smelling of mothball, but alive. To be honest, I was never a fan of the Soviet film version of the production, but the musical made me reconsider the long-term opinion. History and modernity are so harmoniously intertwined in the plot of the action that there is not the slightest discomfort that could be expected (it is noted not only by me, although I do not always like the manifestation of "amateur performance", but also a person for whom literature is a profession. Selection of actors for whom the game is not a formality for a couple of hours, but a small life. I visit the theater not just once and, of course, not the last one (which is interesting - every time in the number of + 1 person).

Natal`ya was 05 october on A little prince

A wonderful performance! Calm and kind. Actors are just great! Children 5 and 7 years very much, although the very meaning of it is hardly yet clear. It is necessary to once again come to this theater!

Sergey was 15 june on Space

A terrific performance! I definitely recommend to visit.

Julia was 14 june on A little prince

A wonderful performance, very beautiful, the child liked most of all Lis)))

Vera was 14 june on A little prince

The performance is simply magnificent! We looked at one breath. Actors fellows, played cool and heartfelt! Son (11 years old) was impressed!

Ekaterina was 13 june on Jesus Christ the Superstar in Russian

Remained of the musical in absolute ecstasy! The atmosphere of the rock opera, wonderful actors' play, excellent musical design is remarkably transferred. Thank you very much for staging !!! I will definitely come to you again

Gleb was 05 june on Hair

Actors sing great, play well, charge with emotions, but the plot is empty.

Viktoriya was 24 may on A little prince

The performance is excellent, it captures even adults (though the book is not childish). Finally found a theater with correctly exposed sound and quality soundtrack! For this special thanks!

Anastasia was 24 may on A little prince

We are delighted, thanks, madly liked, the actors and songs are gorgeous!

Tat`yana was 01 june on Three Musketeers

Great performance! The cast is the best in Moscow! And how they sing !!! With boys from 6 years old - go boldly - everyone will like it!

Olga was 21 march on Jesus Christ the Superstar in Russian

Exciting action, stunning voices, looks in one breath!

Irina was 27 november on Jesus Christ the Superstar in Russian

I liked the production very much! Strong! The only minus-such music I want to listen to in live performance!

Gennadiy was 27 november on Jesus Christ the Superstar in Russian

Poor sounding of the minus one, the production is shorter than the original, the lull pauses between the episodes ... Compensation - aria in English?

Natal`ya was 27 november on Jesus Christ the Superstar in Russian

Great! But the sound failed ...

Gennadiy was 27 november on Jesus Christ the Superstar in Russian

Or all to put on a tight-fitting tights, or all to play as sekullullin - traditionally. And so - eclecticism

Tat`yana was 02 october on Jesus Christ the Superstar in Russian

Thank you for the wonderful performance, very satisfied and full of impressions. In the recommendation category - place on the site more detailed information about the location of the theater. Were you for the first time, looking for a very long time.

Anna was 18 june on Hair

I really liked the musical. A huge number of positive emotions. A small hall allows you to observe everything that happens in the immediate vicinity (from any place) and personally immerse yourself in an atmosphere of fun and carefree. The guys-actors met the spectators at the entrance, which very much put the mood up even before the very beginning of the action. Excellent voice, an interesting story, sometimes very funny. In a word, everything was super! I will definitely go again to this theater.

Natal`ya was 29 april on "At the crossroads"

"A crazy day in the castle of Almaviva, or the Wedding of Figaro": I liked it very much !!! Got a lot of positive!

Anna was 18 october on The Picture of Dorian Grey

A wonderful performance. She looked with wide eyes. It seems like reading, like watching the movie, the story is familiar ... Nevertheless it was interesting, the actors' game is impeccable, Egorov is the modern embodiment of Dorian. Separately, I want to note the portrait projected onto the stage, and the portrait that stood on the stage. There was a feeling of complete immersion in the atmosphere of the book. I think I'll go again ...

Dar`ya was 26 november on The Picture of Dorian Grey

If you decide to go to Dorian Greer at the S. Namin Theater ... then drop this venture. The performance resembled a matinee of the 5th grade, in which parents and pupils participated. Even somehow it was not clever. Alas!

Kristina was 18 september on The Picture of Dorian Grey

Great performance, the most wonderful impressions!

Ekaterina was 07 may on The Picture of Dorian Grey

Beautiful setting, a worthy actor's play a small and cozy room. As a result - a feeling of full immersion in the action. Two and a half hours flew by in one breath. You can write a lot of various reviews, but ... It is better to see once than hear a hundred times (s)

Inna was 23 february on The Picture of Dorian Grey

An excellent performance, I was with my son for 15 years, we have been going to your theater for a long time, very much loved. Thank you!

Ar`yavarta was 13 november on The Picture of Dorian Grey

The performance is excellent, rested sincerely.Much thanks that you are! Come from Tula yet! Eugene is a wonderful dramatic actor, good luck to him!

Anna was 21 may on The Bremen Town Musicians

A wonderful performance.

Elizaveta was 03 may on The Bremen Town Musicians

Unfortunately, the impressions are very sad. Once, maybe in thought, it was a fun performance, but we did not see it that way, now it turned into a pro forma. We got only tiny streaks, shards of images and completely ugly singing ... Sad, sad, very sad. It is unlikely that any of the parents will be pleased to bring their children to the play in the style of "Christmas tree in the Palace of Culture". Some stamps, zamylennoe text, very sorry. I do not advise anyone.

Kseniya was 12 october on The Bremen Town Musicians

I liked the performance very much! Fun! Incendiary! Children (6 and 18 years old) are delighted! Thank you! I advise everyone! :)

Veronika was 01 june on The Bremen Town Musicians

Thank you! Very pleased!

Tat`yana was 11 june on A little prince

I was not at the play, there was a husband with children. Children in this theater like all the performances, they adore musicals. And my husband was surprised that the performance really liked him, even though he can not stand musicals and operettas.

Aleksandr was 10 june on Space

Great performance, alive, sincere. The songs are wonderful, very well chosen, touched. Strongly recommend to view.

Sergey was 15 february on Three Musketeers

Great performance. Many thanks!

Mariya was 15 february on Three Musketeers

It was wonderful! Many thanks to the actors, we got a lot of fun!

Sergey was 23 january on Space

It was something with something, I'm very glad that I visited this performance! Thank you very much!

Irina was 15 february on Three Musketeers

Thank you, great to everyone, everyone !!! I'm fascinated by your staff, actors and the atmosphere of the theater!

Ganna was 10 january on Three Musketeers

Thank you for a pleasant evening! A wonderful atmosphere, the actors are musical and young with soul and body, full of life and excitement on stage!

Mariya was 05 january on A little prince

Thank you very much for the magnificent performance! There was a second time on the "Little Prince" and on a second visit they got even more pleasure! We love your theater very much!

Tat`yana was 03 november on A little prince

Beautiful, wonderful production! Many thanks to Stas Namin and the beautiful troupe of his theater for the excellent transfer of the philosophy of Exupery. It struck. The music reminds me of the "Flowers" of my youth. Good luck to you, good fellows!

Evgeniya was 03 november on A little prince

Children and I are delighted! Today they brought a book to read. Thank you!

Valeriya was 12 october on A little prince

Very very cool. Excellent talented actors, wonderful music. Especially in delight with the Little Prince in the performance of Nikolai Novopashin. Thank you!

Podushkina Mariya Viktorovna was 03 october on Three Musketeers

Thank you very much, yesterday we discovered a new wonderful theater, are very grateful to the artists, a charge of positive energy for a long time. In the near future, we will definitely visit your theater again.

Podushkina Mariya Viktorovna was 03 october on Three Musketeers

Very grateful for the performance, my daughter recently read the work and enjoyed watching the play. Everything is as we wanted. Thank you!

Mariya was 21 may on The Bremen Town Musicians

Were at the play with my daughter four years old. Liked very much! My daughter is delighted, and I caught myself thinking that the smile did not go away from the face throughout the entire performance. Beautiful actors "hold" the hall and lay out completely! After the performance, they took a photo with the actors!

Svetlana was 09 november on The Bremen Town Musicians

Thank you very much for the very high-quality performance! The actors played with all their heart, the king was magnificent. One thing was hindering the perception-babies, all the same you need to make a restriction on age. Thank you so much!!!

T was 19 october on The Bremen Town Musicians

Thank you very much for the great performance. The children were just ecstatic !!! The only thing, very little place in the theater ... And so everything is super! Be sure to come to you again and let everyone advise you !!! Thank you!!!

Mihail was 09 november on The Bremen Town Musicians

Thank you. Liked

Sergey was 19 october on The Bremen Town Musicians

An excellent performance Bremen musicians. There was an atmosphere of a fun fairy tale. Professionally. All actors Well done, especially Rooster) The child is 8 years old, adults, too)) the child insists still come !!)

Ol`ga was 09 november on The Bremen Town Musicians


Visitor was 05 october on The Bremen Town Musicians

Excellent event, the children were ecstatic, 2 "but": of course, the children were not in separate places, but in the hands of their parents and still did not see much (we had the 5th row). Well, Troubadour is weak, the rest of the cast is excellent. Thank you

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