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Theater "School of Dramatic Art"

Feedbacks from viewers
Larisa was 27 november on Satire

were on the performance 03/07/17 Full Hall! The performance is positive. funny, but with a hint! Lesson for young couples! Recommended! You will not regret! The hall is in a semicircle, it can be seen and heard from everywhere! But the stalls or the amphitheater is preferable! THANKS to the artists for the pleasure delivered! BIGBILLET for the simplicity and convenience of purchasing tickets!

Elena was 10 october on Dead Souls

Oh, hard work is to put Dead Souls on the stage. But I liked the play. Wary of the innovative solution of images of landlords. I did not quite understand the images of the sons of Manilov. But I liked the box very much. The actress was surprised and amazed. Yatsko is good, but who would doubt ...

Anna was 07 november on In the nursery

I really liked the play. I wanted "a little classics" for a child of 6 years and for myself (not a connoisseur of the classics at all). This is what they got: cognitively, intellectually, on a very positive emotion. Thank you!

Marina was 07 november on In the nursery

"In the nursery" I liked not only me, but also my daughter of 10 years. This form is a concert-performance that is exactly what children need. The vocals of the performers are at a high level, and the game too. Thank you, enjoyed it.

Mariya was 24 december on Opus №7

The play is a revelation, every image, every sound cuts into the memory. Incredible Dmitry Krymov. Sneaky Anna Sinyakina. Man-made, from pieces of paper and paint buckets, a miracle.

Nataliya was 28 december on The non-dowry

Interesting, unusual, funny and sad. And, oddly enough, for all the dissimilarity to the classics, the meaning of the classic "Bride"

Tony was 28 december on the importance of Being Earnest

The play really liked, great actors, a twisted plot and a brilliant musician !!! Thank you for an unforgettable experience!

Dmitriy was 01 november on the importance of Being Earnest

Not bad, but long

Tat`yana was 01 november on the importance of Being Earnest

I liked the performance very much! Thank you

Marina was 29 march on the importance of Being Earnest

Thank you. Liked!

Sabir was 05 june on the importance of Being Earnest

A unique atmosphere and a funny story. Actors are beyond praise. Thank you!

Andrey was 27 march on the importance of Being Earnest

A great comedy with great actors.

Kira was 17 december on the importance of Being Earnest

Personally, I did not see any bad performances in the ShDI. This is for me an example of a classical theater production in its usual sense, without going to modern forms. The performance is quite long, at the intermission in the foyer there is a tea party and plays a string quartet; actresses - beauties and pleases the eye, all wonderfully play - it's a pleasure.

Svetlana was 27 march on the importance of Being Earnest

A delightful performance! Wonderful theater! The second day is in a good mood! As a good book you want to read the second time, and there was a desire to enjoy the performance a second time. Thank you! Svetlana.

Natalia was 02 november on the importance of Being Earnest

Thank you! The performance is wonderful!

Natal`ya was 28 march on the importance of Being Earnest

Great performance!

Sabir was 05 june on the importance of Being Earnest

Great acting game! Thank you for the performance.

Nadegda was 29 march on the importance of Being Earnest

Very pleased! A game with a capital letter. A real theater!

Dmitriy was 10 january on the importance of Being Earnest

No wonder the performance is nominated for the "Golden Mask" this year, it has really strict, but tastefully made scenery, a fairly strong game of main characters and heroes of the second plan - all this keeps the viewer in constant attention. There are a lot of scenes that cause a smile and laughter and there are scenes that make you think about life philosophy, family values ​​and joy in communicating with close people. I recommend to watch this performance.

Elena was 28 december on the importance of Being Earnest

A wonderful performance! Cheerful, witty, easy! Got great pleasure

Natal`ya was 10 january on the importance of Being Earnest

The comedy "How important it is to be serious" made a great impression on me. I really liked the production of Igor Yatsko. And also musical accompaniment. Thank you very much for the great evening spent. We look forward to further success.

Irina was 04 june on the importance of Being Earnest

An excellent director, a charming interlude and a wonderful play of the cast

Marina was 29 march on the importance of Being Earnest

Thank you! Liked.

Irina was 29 march on the importance of Being Earnest

Thank you for the performance. I really love your theater. Fine work of the director, artists. Costume designer - bravo! Only I was very sorry for the dog, I hope she is not very tired and afraid.

Vladislav was 09 january on the importance of Being Earnest

Just great. We are delighted.

Tat`yana was 28 june on Padmini

The performance is unusual in its energy. The guys liked to play, the audience liked to watch their game. The action lasts only an hour and looks in one breath. And a very interesting hall in three tiers.

Elena was 24 january on Padmini

Was on the "Padmini" on January 24, 2014 in the School of Dramatic Art. "Padmini" .... Padmi-ni ... Fantastically beautiful story of pure and strong love, extraordinary fidelity, dedication, devotion ... Great suits, the brightest shine of jewelry, flying in a whirling skirt, kathak ... Swift turns, Ashvani Nigam guruji ... Tabla, singing bowls, ringing gunguroo, Karatals, drums, singing ... The whole scene is in orange color scheme !!! Eastern interior, multi-stage stage! Incredibly strong emotions, great actors' play, wonderful technique of performing dancers ... Brilliant work of illuminators! The narrator has amazed! From the dancers, the actors comes an amazing power !!!!!! It's almost another day, and I'm still impressed by the performance! Suddenly, this story in me has responded extraordinarily, to the depth of my soul, to trembling !!!!! It must be seen, necessarily, at least once !!!!!!! On the left side of the third tier (first row) is perfectly visible! Perhaps, even from the first two tiers to watch it would not be so interesting! At the top view, perception is different - more holistic, apparently. Looks at one go! When the show was over, absolutely all viewers were perplexed: "How! Is it really all? "And ... when on the stage - kathak, my adored kathak, it is simply impossible to sit still - only on willpower! I want to go again, at least once!

Elena was 28 june on Padmini

Was at the play on October 21, 2014. While the performance is damp. But in general, very good, great music, good plastic (although in my opinion, not quite Eastern, yet we are Slavs) actors, and for their burning eyes and mood is ready to go to this theater more and more - GOOD FELLOWS!

Elena was 17 november on Gvidon

Super! Singing, staging - above all praise! You are the most interesting theater in Moscow. Thank you for being!

Ekaterina was 17 november on Gvidon

Thank you for a wonderful evening)

Mariya was 18 february on Mtsyri

The first forty minutes - magically, after some reason the magic was gone. Maybe the dancers are tired. Perhaps, the jaded view of the viewer is tired.

Ol`ga was 19 june on Mtsyri

The play left a vivid impression. Thank you

Natal`ya was 14 may on Mtsyri

Very satisfied! We were 4-ro and all under great impression! Thank you very much for this work!

Ol`ga was 18 february on Mtsyri

Liked very, especially impressed the back)))

Ol`ga was 25 june on In your own words. A. Pushkin "Eugene Onegin"

How to tell about Pushkin in general and "Eugene Onegin" in particular? And can it be done so that the genius is unharmed and understandable, in fact, why Onegin is the mirror of the soul? It turns out that it is not just possible, but also very exciting to imagine how everything was, to become a participant in that distant action and throw bridges in Today's day. Absolutely unforgettable performance! Great! Really for spectators from 6 to infinity. Pushkin + Krymov is our everything!

Vera was 21 june on In search of Julia

A brilliant embodiment of the essence of the Theater, Talent, Fate and Happiness Actor. The admiration of Ira Ira Gonto does not leave the audience for a single moment. The director's style is great. Thanks to all the creators of this vivid spectacle. We advise all friends.

Uriy was 21 june on In search of Julia

This performance is a holiday. Only the most pleasant memories. At first, Julia surprises (the actress's texture does not fit with the image of the novel), but gradually with her magnificent game the actress dispels all the stamps about Julia Lambert created before her. The plasticity of actors, which is inherent in all the performances of Konstantin Mishin, is fascinating. Energy, excitement, unexpectedly - a lot of humor (unexpectedly for this work), all this creates an aesthetic holiday.

Ol`ga was 30 june on Oh. Late love

The performance is unmatched! It must be seen, an absolute masterpiece! And the actors! I recommend! You just have to run to him. True tickets, have to take a lot of time ahead of time !!!

Uliya was 27 february on The Cherry Orchard

A great performance ... a very interesting production ... a terrific play of actors ... I recommend everything to everyone ..

Elena was 06 june on Daemon. View from above

The idea of ​​the play "Demon: The View from above", the technical embodiment of the idea are interesting. This is the artist's approach in its pure form. I understand that the play is experimental. But, unfortunately, with all the visible pluses, I was bored at the performance. Many pauses, nothing filled, absolutely no catchy plot. A set of performances that could be easily tied to a completely different topic. In my subjective opinion, the performance is raw.

Ol`ga was 30 october on Lunacharsky Luna Park

Great performance! We got great pleasure. Thank you.

Ol`ga was 12 september on Fisherman and his soul

A wonderful performance. Everything is fine: both the direction and the troupe. Many thanks for the evening.

Visitor was 13 september on Fisherman and his soul

Very bright and emotional)) thanks a lot

Irina was 12 september on Oh. Late love

A wonderful performance, I do not cease to admire the brilliant finds of Krymov. A surprising combination of Ostrovsky and today .... Acting works fascinate the virtuosity of the game. Has received huge pleasure. Thank you.

Uriy was 06 june on Lunacharsky Luna Park

Beautiful enchanting direction. Play? With such a direction and actors, you can watch any play. A small theatrical holiday.

Anton was 29 june on Fisherman and his soul

Many thanks to I. Yatsko and his actors! A very good performance, I received spiritual satisfaction.

Nataliya was 30 march on Lunacharsky Luna Park

A stunning performance. Actual play, also well-written. A fine work of the director who made the play a real theatrical event. And, of course, magnificent actors, especially Cossacks. I will recommend to all

Apol was 25 march on Stone Angel

The work of the costume designer really liked. The actors are trying, the performance is very lively, Tsvetaeva's poems as a literary basis are beautiful. The director's ideas also deserve praise.

Karina was 15 march on Lunacharsky Luna Park

Good afternoon! Thank you!) I really love your theater, but this time I bought tickets for my son and his girlfriend. Young people are delighted! Today, the heroes were quoted)

Boris was 05 november on Daemon. View from above

I liked it a lot, thank you.

Natal`ya was 08 october on Daemon. View from above

shock. delight. Thanks to the actors. I advise you to watch!

Ekaterina was 03 october on Stone Angel

Hello, Many thanks for the performance! I liked it VERY very much, but personally the performance of female roles seemed too exalted. For the sake of criticism, forgive me. I wish you success and prosperity! You fellows! I will definitely come again!

Ekaterina was 17 may on Daemon. View from above

I really liked it! A wonderful fantasy "on the subject", amazing metamorphosis ... In general, I received a lot of positive emotions! ))) As a recommendation: before viewing READING THE ORIGINAL - NECESSARILY !!! If you read a long time - still worth reading and freshening in memory.

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