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Feedbacks from viewers
Evgeniy was 02 march on Gorgeous wedding

Were at the play with his wife. I really liked the performance. A wonderful game of young actors. We watched in one breath. Thanks for the good mood. The theater is homely. Discover a new scene. Recommended.

Lubov` was 14 october on REDROOM

Redroom First discovered the Event Theater. This is truly an EVENT! Neither the downpour, nor the last row did not overshadow my mood and impression. Redroom-performance about mental anguish after death. The actors gave everything 100%, but sometimes, too quickly pronounced the text did not keep up with his loss and it was like amateur performance. Words should not be memorized, they should be lived on stage, then you believe them unconditionally. And still, I’ll be back here.

Lubov` was 14 october on Gorgeous wedding

gorgeous wedding Performance really liked! When I went to the play, I thought that there would be a lot of “jokes below the waist.” But everything was within the bounds of decency :)) the jokes were really funny, and if you add to them an excellent play of the actors, then a cheerful mood and a pleasant impression of the performance are guaranteed !! I recommend !!

Yulia was 23 august on Third wheel

Great performance! Actors well done !!!!!

Aleksandra was 06 august on REDROOM

First discovered the Event Theater. This is truly an EVENT! Neither the downpour, nor the last row did not overshadow my mood and impression. Redroom-performance about mental anguish after death. The actors gave everything 100%, but sometimes, too quickly pronounced the text could not keep up with his loss and it was like amateur performance. Words should not be memorized, they should be lived on stage, then you believe them unconditionally. And still, I’ll be back here.

Snegana was 22 may on Siren and Victoria

Had a great time !! Thank you very much. Fun, easy, recognizable and sparkling. A pleasant train of memories remained and the next day they remembered and smiled. Mood and charge of cheerfulness received by percent. Well done !!!

Viktor was 04 march on Gorgeous wedding

Were on performance with the son. Both got great pleasure from the actors playing, from the plot, from the inner cozy atmosphere of the theater. Be sure to come again

Ol`ga was 15 february on Gorgeous wedding

I really liked the performance! When I went to the play I thought that there would be a lot of “low-level jokes.” But everything was within the bounds of decency :)) the jokes were really funny, and if you add to them an excellent play of actors, then the cheerful mood and a pleasant impression of the performance is guaranteed !! Recommend !! I want to say right away that one should not expect a classical theatrical situation in the theater .. Everything that was written in the reviews below about the theater room is true. We must be ready for this. The most important thing is the game of actors and the emotional atmosphere in the theater!

Elena was 19 november on Gorgeous wedding

Very positive performance! Easy, funny, kind ... Actors GOOD MEN! They played, how they lived ... I would especially like to mention Svetlana Sayagova. The theater is small, cozy with a very welcoming atmosphere and hospitable administrator! I will certainly visit other performances. I sincerely wish the staff of the theater new creative success!

Andrey was 18 october on my MARAT

Great performance. Great play. I really liked it. He went with his son (17), had something to say.

Svetlana was 01 october on California

Great performance and laughed and thought and sank and dreamed. It is worth to go! The atmosphere is excellent, it is sure to come again!

Mariya was 03 september on Siren and Victoria

Probably not my theater. Sorry, but I did not like it at all. Yes, there were "splashes" of good acting, but they did not save.

Nadegda was 27 april on Crime and Punishment

We with the children were at the theater "Event", many thanks to the wonderful, small but very cozy theater, for the wonderful play "Crime and Punishment", the warm atmosphere of the theater, the magnificent actors' play, an interesting idea of ​​the show, especially with falling water and adding to the play Biblical subjects, has once again ponder over this work to re-read it! I recommend to everyone!

Elena was 05 march on REDROOM

"Redroom" is great! Looks at one go! A marvelous play of actors, everything is very subtle! A week passed, and the play still does not let go! I want to note and the theater itself is a very pleasant atmosphere, a friendly, attentive administrator, a cozy cafe, you leave the theater with an idea to return!

Evgeniy was 26 february on California

Cozy, homely

Natal`ya was 22 january on Gorgeous wedding

On January 20, this theater was visited for the first time with a friend. Very pleased with the design of the theater itself, very atmospheric and modern, very pleasant woman-administrator with a charming smile. No wardrobe, there is a corner with hangers, everything remained intact and safe. The hall is very chambery, there are ordinary chairs, but they are very comfortable to sit on. They watched the performance "A smart wedding". The game of actors captures from the very first minutes and does not let go until the very end. Very funny, dynamic and positive performance. I really liked the game of Bill and Tom, as well as the maid and mum. Rachel was also very good, very beautiful actress playing Judy, I was conquered by her !!! the performance has flown by as one wonderful moment, I really want so many viewers to recognize this magnificent theater and visit it. These talented young actors deserve great glory and audience sympathy, good luck to all of you and thank you very much for the pleasure you have received!

Nina was 18 january on REDROOM

The Spy and his son went to the play for 14 years. The play must be understood. The scenery is minimal, but that was enough. The actors' game at the height was given to the spectators with all their heart. Thank you for the songs, wonderful voices!

Alina was 12 january on REDROOM

This performance was so far the most "unusual" of those that I looked at. The theater itself breaks the templates: a chamber hall, a minimum of scenery, a maximum of emotions and attention to the plot. You can clearly see and hear mimicry, trembling of the voice, rustle of clothes, steps. The production itself somehow makes you think about your own behavior in life and influence on loved ones. In the hall 6 rows of chairs, the sound of vibration of the phone will be heard, it is better to completely turn off the phone. The performance lasted about 2 hours without intermission.

Uliya was 11 january on REDROOM

We watched the play "Redroom" in the theater "Event". The performance is stunning! He will not leave indifferent people! The audience came out in deep thought, someone sulky, someone excited. The theme of sinners in hell is not new, but here everything is upside down: people gathered all nice and nice, in a word, ordinary people. So what are they waiting for? What will be the payoff?

Natal`ya was 11 january on REDROOM

The first time I watched in this theater was the comedy "Chic Wedding", which I liked very much. Going to the psychological drama, there were some concerns: whether it would be so dramatic and whether there will be disappointment after re-visiting this unusual theater. But no! The actors play is gorgeous !! This serious play is played very much. Makes you think and does not let go after you left the theater. Actors brave!

Marina was 10 january on California

Many thanks for the play "California". The small hall gives an amazing chamber atmosphere. Each gesture, the slightest change of facial expressions, fire in the eyes of actors ... - nothing will disappear from your gaze! I sat on the last row, and it felt like I was inside a theatrical performance! Long after seeing the performance, I had a famous California song in my head. Thanks administration for the cordial welcome, and the actors for the amazing game!

Elena was 09 january on REDROOM

An unusual performance. Sometimes very hard, it turns the soul to the wrong side. The theme of sin, I think, not everyone will like. The actors are gorgeous. Do not play, but live on the stage, life,. I recommend. But, people with claustrophobia should not attend this performance. Very often, the light goes out. Absolute darkness! The girlfriend was very uncomfortable. She tried several times to leave because of this.

Elena was 09 january on REDROOM

An unusual performance. Sometimes very hard, it turns the soul to the wrong side. The theme of sin, I think, not everyone will like. The actors are gorgeous. Do not play, but live on the stage, life,. I recommend. But, people with claustrophobia should not attend this performance. Very often, the light goes out. Absolute darkness! The girlfriend was very uncomfortable. She tried several times to leave because of this.

Elena was 09 january on California

I love small theaters with a small number of places, this is a special atmosphere! The wonderful actors play very touchingly and evoke empathy. It seems to be only 3 actors, but the hall is kept perfectly. There is a good laugh and think about something ...

Ekaterina was 05 january on Gorgeous wedding

Magnificent theater, a stunning performance. Were on December, 31st. Have received a charge of positive emotions for the whole year. The theater is small, but very cozy. At the play, they laughed to tears. Thank you!

Irina was 05 january on Gorgeous wedding

Very surprised the room. Small, basement with wardrobe of hangers with self-service. But the play of the actors was so shocking that time passed by unnoticed. Very talented guys. They had a rest and laughed heartily. I advise. Just keep in mind that there is no buffer, but there are devices with drinks. And the outer clothing hangs in simple access. Thanks to the actors for the talented reincarnation and the pleasure given.

Vera was 15 december on REDROOM

edrum. After visiting the theater very pleasant impressions, the place is so non-trivial, with a character, its own atmosphere. The hall is very small, but it's not a minus, but on the contrary, one should sit close and feel what is happening on the stage. Speculation is specific, there is a sediment and a desire to sit and think. This is also very good, to think ... In general, if you do not chase the chic interior and easy laid-backs. Pastime, to you here! The actors are wonderful, I want to see other performances!

Tat`yana was 11 december on California

Have you ever seen a production staged on a famous song? No? Then you just need to go to the Theater Event and watch the play "California". From the very beginning I want to warn you that everything from the hanger in the hall to the hall with the stage differs from the classical theaters. You get into a cozy, enveloping atmosphere, warm, tasty smelling coffee. This sets up a special perception of everything that happens on the stage. Such a feeling that you are a spectator to me, and a visitor to a cafe, listen to a track familiar from my youth and imagine a story that could be in your life ... And beautiful actors live your illusion on stage! I advise everyone to visit. I hope to meet with the Theater Event in the near future. Thank you.

Igor` was 07 november on REDROOM

The rating is high, but I did not like it. All the actors are crooked, especially the robot. Only Estelle (a girl with big expressive eyes) was acceptable.

Mariya was 02 august on Gorgeous wedding

Great performance! I recommend!!!

Sergey was 11 june on Gorgeous wedding

I was with my wife at the Theater Event 12/07/17. First the basement .. Shock .. But the actors play .... it's something .... time shrank to three minutes. Laughed heartily. Thank you very much ... for a long time so did not have a rest. Super .. I will recommend it to friends ..

Dar`ya was 02 jule on Gorgeous wedding

A small theater, stuffy and cramped, but it's more than compensated for the actors' play! Stunning energy, worthy of admiration! Charge positive energy! Thank you)

Svetlana was 02 jule on Gorgeous wedding

Actors are very talented)) all fervently, fun. Thank you very much for the wonderfully spent time)

Irina was 02 jule on Gorgeous wedding

Positively, cheerfully, only pleasant impressions remained. Thank you for the excellent game, so sensitive and sincere.

Irina was 02 jule on Gorgeous wedding

Wonderful performance, so positive, cheerful. Good game!!! Thank you for a pleasant evening!

Elena was 17 june on the king is dying

Very good work. And the stage, and the actors, and the performance is very deep. I was afraid to face vulgarity, which became even on stage even the venerable theaters. Here it was not, even the usual links to today's reality were made not rudely, not intrusively. I'll try to see something else from the theater's repertoire in the near future, I wonder if it's luck, or it's really a talented troupe led by a leader. Good luck, guys, keep the bar, it's already high.

Aleksandra was 02 jule on Gorgeous wedding

Was at the play on 11/28/2016. I walked with apprehension, an unknown theater, a basement room, unfamiliar actors, but I did not regret a second. The performance is stunning, fun, bright, a real sitcom. Young actors play at a height, laughed heartily. The hall is small, everywhere you can see well. Thank you to the theater. Event for a pleasant evening. Go, do not regret it!

Ol`ga was 17 june on the king is dying

In this performance I liked everything! From the uniqueness of the director's decision to the play of each of the actors. One single hour and a half surprise and pleasure. The plasticity of the actors is striking, how easily they perform sometimes straight acrobatic stunts. The game with the stepladder was especially impressed. A very good idea! Light, music, in general, all-like it! Of the actors most impressed Marguerite and the King. Thank you for the performance!

Mihail was 20 june on REDROOM

On theatrical scenes in Moscow, you do not often meet such a miracle .. the gorgeous play of actors with invisible threads intertwines with the deep essence of what is happening on the stage. You look and think about life, human essence. "Does not let go" even after the play. Bravo! Thank you for an unforgettable evening. Ps: it was the first performance that I visited in this theater. Since then I have been going regularly and have never been disappointed :) again Thank you!

Mihail was 14 jule on Gorgeous wedding

Great performance! A delightful play of actors! We got a great pleasure from viewing! Thank you!

Il`ya was 30 september on REDROOM

Great performance, a wonderful game of actors. Chamber theater with a small cozy hall. I recommend.

Elena was 23 september on Gorgeous wedding

A wonderful light performance for a pleasant pastime. A talented play of young actors will not leave you indifferent. A special decoration is Sayagova Svetlana as mother of the bride, immediately attracts the eye. It is impossible to resist, the positive charge will be provided.

Anna was 06 august on Gorgeous wedding

The performance is super! Looks at one go. Went with my husband, he is delighted! I really liked the play of actors. The small hall created a cozy atmosphere. Of the minuses - the basement is not very associated with the theater in the classical sense. And a long wait for the issuance of electronic tickets. In general, I recommend! Enjoy watching!:)

Natal`ya was 20 jule on Gorgeous wedding

Just class !!!!! All was pleasant and the small hall with sensation as though you look as find out relations of neighbors, all gestures, a facial expression of persons are visible. There is a comparison with the same performance, but the theater's other. Although there are celebrities and a bigger hall. But the actors liked this theater more. There is a desire with my husband to go to this theater to see the play of these actors already in other genres.

Sergey was 29 june on Gorgeous wedding

Very good impressions! Young actors, play openly, with a soul. He left after the performance with a bright feeling. Was on the "Chic wedding" and "jokes AP Chekhov." I recommend. Feeling that the team as a big family - zanyut and chuvsvuyut each other, forcing the audience to laugh sincerely.

Oksana was 14 jule on Gorgeous wedding

I really liked the performance, I advise everyone. You will experience real pleasure and distract from problems.

Valya was 24 jule on Gorgeous wedding

The day before yesterday I attended the performance "A smart wedding", I can not help sharing my impressions. To begin with, I did not like it. This, of course, is the room itself. The basement in the center of the city, with corrugated pipes on the ceiling, and with a not very neat dining room on the top floor instead of the buffet is not very associated with the theater. The chairs, too, leave much to be desired - ordinary office, with a hard back and a seat, in the second half of the performance, I and all my neighbors fidgeting, trying to get comfortable. But these are all little things, because the comedy itself is amazing! The first minutes of 10 actors got used to the role, and while it was unclear how interesting it will be. But then ... All the hall laughed, the game of young talents is incomparable! I will be happy to come to the event again, but for something more serious, to appreciate both the drama and the tragedy.

Greta was 26 april on Gorgeous wedding

Very pleased! Looked from the heart! Actors are talented !!!! The bomb is simple !!!

Uliya was 21 may on Gorgeous wedding

Wonderful performance, looked at one go and left behind a lot of positive emotions, thanks to the actors for the excellent game!

Veronika was 21 march on REDROOM

Great! There is something to think about, but it looks very easy. Guys fellows! Not a single performance has already been watched. I advise!

Aleksandra was 01 jule on pro FEDOTA

The play itself was pleasant. Actors fellows, laid out all 200%. But the theater itself is not very, even 1h40min sit on these chairs was a bit heavy.

Kseniya was 20 may on REDROOM

I've never been in theaters for my 18 years, which is very sad, but not about that. I went to this performance on the recommendation of a friend. Preliminary read the play Sartre. What struck me the most? This is facial expressions and gestures of actors, amazingly accurate and true, they were able to catch the character, manners, behavior of the characters, and were able to reflect this on the stage. Even without listening to the replicas of the characters, one could understand what kind of "people" the person literally gave out all their essence, all their feelings, emotions, torments, which they experienced. Surprised and pleased with the embodiment of the play in life, the image that was created in my head when reading was completely reflected on the stage, in other words, as I imagined everything, they all depicted it. The play itself I really liked, despite the fact that it shocked me. All that I saw and read before that throughout my life taught me that people should look for good, and Sartre says that (in my opinion) that all people are terrible! Each! And I, and you, and he, and she! Only here it is not known: when and under what circumstances we will show our true faces, mutilated by vices! I really liked the production, I advise everyone to go!

Veronika was 04 april on Gorgeous wedding

Cool performance, easy and funny. We had a rest from the gray budet. Thank you!

Veronika was 21 march on REDROOM

Many thanks for the performance! Actors well done, played professional and exciting. The play looks in one breath, and the drama and humor. Be sure to go to other productions of this theater.

Svetlana was 01 jule on pro FEDOTA

The play did not like the show ... Perhaps, because I always compared with the original performance of L. Filatov, and, unfortunately, the comparison was not in favor of staging. Somehow the children managed to distort the very idea, and from the subtle, ironic humor turned out vulgar "bedlam", with inappropriate insertions and the voice of Putin (!!!). The actors play on the amateur level. Scenery and costumes - respectively. In general, if you like the play Filatov - do not go to this play!

Oksana was 01 jule on pro FEDOTA

For fans of non-standard theatrical experiments Very positive styling of the poetic masterpiece of Leonid Filatov "about Fedot-Sagittarius ..." Young troupe, minimalistic scenery and just SEA POSITIVE EMOTIONS! Recommended for viewing !!!

Vladimir was 25 march on pro FEDOTA

Simply class! Thanks to the cast for the great performance and the sea of ​​positive !! Special thanks to!" For the participation of spectators in the execution of the tsar)) will definitely come to you more than once)))

Anneta was 27 february on Striptease

Was at the play on February 27, 2015. Very much! Very rich dialogues .. I think every person ever experiences such situations, still under the impression of the actors' game! 10 of 10!

Sergey was 25 june on Striptease

Excellent performance for the Friday evening. Simultaneously easy, not tightened but also makes you think.

Sergey was 06 january on Gorgeous wedding

The performance was super ... read it on the reviews on this site. In the end, it all turned out: The theater "Event" is small and not comfortable + delay before the start. But the performance was very good! We watched in one breath and laughed)

Polina was 01 jule on pro FEDOTA

The actors' game is terrible, I wanted to leave after 5 minutes of viewing. I smelled like a school amateur. Laughing was only one boy of 10 years. The worst performance I saw.

Valentin was 03 january on pro FEDOTA

I liked the performance very much! The actors are interesting, lively, and very talented. The performance itself, even with a share interactive, which is also very pleased) Even a minute stood on stage himself as the bride of the princess))) I recommend to all who want to have fun and relaxed time in a great comedic atmosphere. By the way, the Theater Event is a very cozy place, with a friendly administrator who, in the presence of free seats, will necessarily transplant you closer to the stage. Thank you very much for the pleasant impression and excellent mood!

Svetlana was 01 jule on pro FEDOTA

... was 4.01.2015 .... in a wild ecstasy !!!!!!! ... go-run-fly: get a chumacious charge of energy and a lot of impressions! ... immediately wanted to revise the whole repertoire of the theater! Thanks to the actors - great game !!!!

Yana was 02 january on Gorgeous wedding

We went to this play on January 2. I liked it very much! For New Year's holidays, in order to laugh and rest the most suitable setting. Guys fellows! All nice and talented. Keep it up! We enjoyed viewing!

Yana was 29 june on Gorgeous wedding

We went to this play yesterday. The guys played just great. In order to laugh and rest, the performance is just very good.

Aleksandr was 17 june on the king is dying

It was very pleasantly amazed by the play of the actors, each of which really plunged into its role, from the departing ruler to the world, with his young, infinitely in love with the queen, and the outcast, but still domineering and tough, old queen. To the court of the King. You watch the game of children with pleasure from beginning to end, in one breath, gradually becoming himself in the place of a man whose watch will soon rise. I'm ready to recommend everyone to visit this company, have fun and do not regret spending the most valuable time.

Nataliya was 01 jule on pro FEDOTA

NDA ... I'm losing what I say ... vulgarity-vulgarity-vulgarity! I am sure that the actors left positive comments about this "performance". By the way, are they professional actors or students of the university where the scene is located? The audience went off in rows! Only a boy of eight and only a girl of about fifteen laughed. No aesthetic pleasure. I remember the mono-performance of Leonid Filatov, when it was impossible to tear off the view from the Actor. You can talk a lot, but this action is not worth even bad reviews, it's NOTHING. Want to check - go, look.

Elena was 09 november on Siren and Victoria

Went with my daughter 17let. I liked the play very much. Many laughed. We still remember

Andrey was 20 june on REDROOM

To say that this performance I did not like - to describe this event is faceless, to match the role in it of people who self-proclaimed themselves actors. It was disgusting, I was actually ashamed of what was happening on stage. I'm rather indifferent to theatrical classics, nevertheless I love the theater and, accordingly, I prefer non-standard, experimental or modern productions, which, in fact, attracted this performance. However, the hopes were not justified, they were trampled in the dirt by this shameful act. This simply does not have to be, should not be talented people engaged in creative professions. And in this performance everything is impregnated with unprofessionalism, mediocrity and utterly impossible vulgarity: Actors (or rather people who in this, if I may say so, the theater call you) are disgusting, overreacting everything that is possible and impossible, do not hold a hall, do not perform a role , But play actors who perform the role, you can continue the list of negative features of these individuals for a long time, but too much honor for them. The scriptwriter and director, I believe, are generally absent from this production, the level of direction does not even draw on the kindergarten production. I was in this theater on 11/28/14, a review, I write on 02.12.14, but inside of me everything is bubbling. Why do these people indulge in this lasciviousness, but am I ashamed? How can you play so badly that the spectators begin to turn around from what is happening. For the sake of justice I note that I was one of the most unrestrained spectators in the hall, and just could not bring myself to pat at the end, nevertheless, all that this muck collected - the thin claps of a half-asleep room, weary of what is happening and clapping rather with joy that it It's all over. I regret a lot about the march to the rudrum, however, most of all that I did not leave 10 minutes after the commencement of the action or that I was not late for it - the evening would not be so ruined, and the mood would be restored sooner. In general, on a ten-point scale, all aspects of the performance deserve from me - minus 100 points - and that's a lot!

Mariya was 29 november on REDROOM

The performance was amazing. Actors managed to convey the meaning of the book, using modern methods. I advise, before visiting this event, to read the book.

Dmitriy was 03 november on Gorgeous wedding

The performance is good, guys fellows. But I would like more theatrical entourage. And then it really looks like a dacha play: no decent scenery, no costumes.

Vitaliy was 29 november on REDROOM

It all started with the fact that the impression was spoiled by the atmosphere in the hall of the theater. The absence of a wardrobe worker, the delay of the production for 15 minutes and other trifles. But when the performance began it all became unimportant. A wonderful play of actors, an actualized speech, magnificent dances and of course an incomparable play of actors. Me and my girl really liked. Total 10 out of 10.

Sergey was 26 september on Siren and Victoria

Cheerful, easy performance. Spasibre for a pleasant evening.

Gozefina was 29 june on Gorgeous wedding

For a long time so did not laugh. Actors play very well, especially mom, she is gorgeous !!!!! I advise you to go, do not regret it!

Timur was 18 august on REDROOM

Difficult very performance. It is the message of the play. The actors managed to convey this. Thank you so much. To rest - did not learn, but to think - yes

Vladimir was 18 august on REDROOM

I liked the idea, music, light. The actors play well, but I want it to be a little better. Not very chairs and a building.

Andrey was 04 jule on REDROOM

The performance of Redroom was wonderful. I highly recommend viewing for thoughtful viewers

Anna was 02 august on Gorgeous wedding

I liked it very much, we will come again

Mihail was 06 august on Striptease

We liked the performance very much, we are going to visit your performances again.

Anna was 14 august on Siren and Victoria

Magnificent voices!

Timur was 08 august on Gorgeous wedding

Well,))) really liked it! Laughed heartily. Actors played, it seemed to us, sincerely and themselves taught this pleasure)))

Irina was 13 august on Gorgeous wedding

I liked it very much, we will come)

Kozlikova was 09 august on Gorgeous wedding

Very funny performance! For a long time so did not laugh :) Small hall, periodically action splashes out from a scene. Young actors play fervently and incendiaryly. Behind the general mood, the flaws of an art that has not yet been perfected are concealed. But best of all - mother of the bride in the performance of Olga Ostroumova-Gutshmidt - BRAVO !!!

Uliya was 10 jule on Siren and Victoria

Spepkakl and the actors' play very much! Everything is emotional and bright. My young man, too, was pleased. The plot is closely intertwined with our everyday life, talking about the relationship between two girlfriends and their attempts to find personal happiness (sometimes with very specific methods). Of the minuses, I can only note the organizational aspects: the theater is in the building of the MFA, on which and on the way to kotmu no pointer or tablet: in the end, people were wandering around the backstreets) Also, the constant walking of spectators back and forth and creaking doors and floors, . And the actors are great! Especially liked the Siren)

Anna was 14 august on Siren and Victoria

Stunning play of actors, especially Lyubov Meteyko. Thank you! Good luck to the theater!

Nataliya was 28 jule on REDROOM

Everything is great. You are great. Be sure to come to you again !!!!!!!!

Irina was 05 september on Siren and Victoria

The performance really liked! The actors play at the highest level. We really had a good time, thank you very much!

Stanislav was 26 jule on Gorgeous wedding

Liked thanks

Gleb was 29 jule on Striptease

Well done. Good playing. Dialogues are incomparable

Gosha Krol was 28 jule on REDROOM

I do not like dramatic performances, but I liked this one. Despite the absence of superfashionable director's moves, the play does not look archaic. I liked the minimalistic decorations, and most importantly, the actors' play, very accurate and without hindrances. Rarely do you meet modern actors, who do not pretend to play the drama of the situation with hysteria and screaming. I liked that the director managed to deliver his message clearly, clearly and concisely, without repeating the same thought and reception again and again. I was very glad that I learned about this theater. I will recommend to friendsThank you)

Gleb was 18 jule on pro FEDOTA

Well done. Marousia handsome, yaga is very up-and-dated :) I'll see you on redrum

Andrey was 27 jule on pro FEDOTA

Hello! Fun. Most of all I liked the game of Tsar / Baba Yaga.

Mariya was 27 jule on pro FEDOTA

The staging and acting of the Actors is adorable! Laughed to tears!))

Mariya was 03 august on Gorgeous wedding

Very good production! Got a lot of fun! Well done!

Ludmila was 09 jule on Gorgeous wedding

I liked the performance. Cute young actors, dynamic action. The room's chamberiness evokes a sense of belonging to what is happening.

Alena was 03 august on Gorgeous wedding

A wonderful idea! We were delighted, we were able to escape from our everyday routine and laughed heartily. Thank you very much to the wonderful cast, we will be happy to come to you to once again enjoy your talents! See you)

Tat`yana was 30 jule on Siren and Victoria

We really liked! The game is wonderful!

Natal`ya was 12 august on Siren and Victoria

We really enjoyed! A beautiful production, actors-young people!

Roza was 12 august on Siren and Victoria

I liked it very much

Irina was 09 august on Gorgeous wedding

I liked the performance very much. The play of the actors was impressive. We received a lot of emotions and good mood. Thank you for a well spent evening. We plan to visit your theater more than once.

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On, Ona i ego gena
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On, Ona i ego gena
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Two in the room, not counting Mendeleev
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Gorgeous wedding
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Byvshaya, v Novyy God priByvshaya
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HAMLET One Night Chronicle
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Crime and Punishment
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HAMLET One Night Chronicle
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On, Ona i ego gena
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Siren and Victoria
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