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Feedbacks from viewers
Vera was 18 march on Rothschild's Violin

“The play“ Rothschild's Violin ”is not an entertaining show, but a very serious and heavy performance. The game of Valery Barinov fascinates and causes admiration. It is necessary to go and enjoy the skill of the Actor.

Natal`ya was 05 february on Invisible Friends

I liked the game of actors, thanks.

Ol`ga was 03 january on Mystery Variations

Very good performance. I recommend to look. Beautifully unwinding plot. Great acting.

Mariya was 07 january on Four-legged crow

Great acting game !! Bravo!!

Marina was 10 december on Bald Cupid

I liked the performance very much, everything is like in life: I feel sad and laugh. The actors are wonderful, they just live on the stage the difficult fate of their heroes. The play, staging, set design perfectly convey the atmosphere of the Soviet era. Bravo!

Elena was 03 december on Meek

The performance really liked. The stunning game of Igor Gordin touched the soul. Thanks to all the actors.

Elena was 16 october on ELEPHANT

On the website of the theater this performance is announced 16+.

Aleksandra was 06 april on Mystery Variations

The performance is stunning! A very interesting, unusual story that spins up like a spiral. Absolutely definitely worth watching and not one.

Karina was 22 march on Lady with a dog

I really liked the play. The actors played talent. The unique atmosphere in the hall is due to the small size and proximity of the stage, the sense of presence and involvement. I recommend!

Zoya was 13 february on The wolf and the seven Young goats

Very nice cheerful musical performance, we were very pleased with our granddaughter (4 years old). Thank you!

Natal`ya was 12 february on Mystery Variations

Good performance turned out! And could it be otherwise? - V. Barinov and I. Gordin - wonderful actors, K. Ginkas - an interesting director. I recommend!

Ludmila was 30 january on The wolf and the seven Young goats

Have been with my son for 5 years. A wonderful dynamic performance. The child, and me, it was very fun.

Ol`ga was 16 january on Penguins

The play did not appeal to adults or children (10 and 13 years). Perhaps, worse than the performance, focused on the audience of children's age did not look, including in MTYUZ. The idea of ​​the work is good, but what was presented on the stage spoiled the whole impression! Speech about the musical performance? The vocals left much to be desired, especially from Golubka. This performance would not be recommended to anyone!

Natal`ya was 15 january on Mystery Variations

I am very satisfied with the performance! I recommend!

Elena was 05 january on Two maples

The play, loved since childhood. It's good that he goes on stage again. the children liked it. Sitting in the stalls on the folding places in the middle - the best places: and it is seen perfectly and the actors ran past - to the children it was amazing. We were at the theater for the first time. Dress in dresses and shoes, as the theater is a special place. Something wonderful was waiting for the performance. Great.

Ol`ga was 25 december on The wolf and the seven Young goats

Was with granddaughters 2 g.10 months and 5 years. I liked it very much. It would seem that in this tale for the youngest ones you can think of? And invented a lot and great - colorful costumes, funny music, a wonderful game of actors and kind, kind fairy tale with absolutely no scary end, where the Wolf - absolutely not "ugly". Well done! Thank you very much for the holiday!

Alina was 21 december on The wolf and the seven Young goats

Were with her daughter at this play, she is four years old. Both very much!

Ludmila was 18 december on Two maples

Have been with my son for 5 years. The performance is interesting, dynamic. The children were not bored, reacted quickly to what was happening on the stage, they told the heroes. We are glad.

Anton was 25 september on Witness of the charge

Was on September 24, 2017 The play is understandable, without any doubts. In the course of the performance, it seems to you that the finale is predictable, but it turns out not to be so. On the day of the performance, Igor Yasulovich had another birthday!

Ol`ga was 07 february on Medea

The performance is excellent. A beautiful and strong production, an interesting set design, a brilliant play of actors. Karpushin in the role of Medea is magnificent, Jason Gordon and Creon Yasulovich too. Undoubtedly, before going to the play, you should familiarize yourself with the myth and tragedy of Euripides, then the text is easier to understand and the "Medea's flight" on the wings in the finale did not look like an idiotic farce. One serious minus: MTYUZ is an old theater with a ventilation problem and the hall is very stuffy. The performance goes without a contract, so take water with you.

Elena was 16 november on Medea

A wonderful production! To Ekaterina Karpushina only the most enthusiastic testimonials! Powerful! Picks!

Marianna was 17 january on Medea

Bravo! Amazing staging, beautiful scenography, talallivaya actors play! What a pity that such performances are less and less ...

Tat`yana was 01 april on Medea

Memorable staging

Yana was 15 february on Medea

Looked at 15.02.14. It's vital, it's the power and energy of Medea, it's a story, interesting scenery and effects - fire, water, limestone rock, sliding into the stalls, it's velvety and strong voice of Karpushina (low timbre), bare feet. A few jokes from Medea were sudden, one of them seemed generally unplanned (for a special thank you!) I'm delighted with the performance. This is the play that I want to return to and revise.

Yana was 15 february on Medea

Was 15.02.14. It is necessary to go. It's vital. I liked the beautiful strong velvet voice of Karpushina, a low timbre. The energy of Medea, the insolubility of the situation. Interesting scenery is fire, water, high limestone rock, slipping into the stalls, a flood in the kitchen in an apartment where there is no man and no one to fix the tap. Barefoot Medea. The spectator was awarded several jokes, one of which seemed a sudden improvisation. Nothing extra. I'm happy to go again.

Ol`ga was 27 may on Medea

A stunning performance. After the departure, I wanted to return, watch and relive everything again and again ... Wonderful actors, especially liked Medea. We must go again.

Elena was 18 january on Medea

An unforgettable experience left the performance! The main thing is to clearly understand and realize that this is a difficult story, a tragedy in the full sense and be prepared for the fact that going to Medea is not entertainment, but experience and meditation. The actors were magnificent! After the performance, I wanted to find information about Catherine Karpukhina, who played the main role, and learn more about the actress. How she played, it's something incredible! The scenery is unexpected: water, fire. In general, the performance is beautiful! Thanks to the actors, the director, the theater!

Polina was 29 march on Extraordinary adventures of T.S. And G.F

Were at the play on March 29, 2014, very much. Thank you so much.

Anna was 04 april on Extraordinary adventures of T.S. And G.F

Thank you for the wonderful performance! And the child, and we, adults, enjoyed it immensely. We are still discussing what we saw in the family. We plan to visit you again. It was just great!

Ol`ga was 18 april on The Happy Prince

Thanks, it was awesome.

Tuyana was 15 march on Extraordinary adventures of T.S. And G.F

Interesting reading, thank you.

Ol`ga was 15 march on Extraordinary adventures of T.S. And G.F

We really liked it, thank you.

Vadim was 15 march on Extraordinary adventures of T.S. And G.F

Everything is wonderful, but long. Thank you!

Maksim was 15 march on Extraordinary adventures of T.S. And G.F

The son did not want to go. I thought it was skukota. And as he returned, his mouth did not close. I liked it very much. Thank you!

Elena was 28 december on Extraordinary adventures of T.S. And G.F

Thank you very much for the performance, the children really liked it.

Galina was 19 october on Extraordinary adventures of T.S. And G.F

Thank you BIG for the performance! It is gorgeous for both children and adults)

Dina was 26 may on Invisible Friends

Were with the child 14 years in this play, the performance really liked, I think that this plot of this performance for teenagers, not for kids. The child was satisfied.

Irina was 13 january on Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

A wonderful performance: thin, intelligent, nervous. Gordin is great and the rest of the actors are also great. This is not an entertaining event, for example, the neighbors are gone ...

Irina was 28 may on Cat house

We went yesterday with children, March 20, 2016, children 7 years and 4 years. Liked everything!!!! Children and parents are delighted, talented and charismatic actors, with everything !!!! But the children, of course, liked most of all the kitty and the watchdog, Vasya, although they played everything cool, it was even difficult to single out someone ... They got real pleasure and had a great time ... Wish: to do a quieter musical accompaniment, because The room is small. The actors have good voices, speak loudly and clearly, which is very important especially for children, but their singing would be much better heard ...

Anna was 21 june on Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

An involuntary comparison with the play "Contemporary" with Gaft and Volchek. YOUR SPECIAL IS STRONGER. Game Gordina - above all praise, and Demidova-great, We go to theaters often. For the last two years - the most powerful impression. I wanted to look again, but not immediately, I need to rethink. Thanks to the brilliant director Ginkas. By the way, it was especially pleasant that he himself attended the play.

Elena was 14 june on Peter Pan

Visited yesterday with his son (11 years old) Theater for Young People, watched the performance Peter Pan. Perfectly staged performance, it looks in one breath. It was nice to see the son's reaction to what was happening on the scene. The son laughed, empathized with the heroes, sometimes, opening his mouth, froze, it seemed that he was no longer a spectator in the second row, and one of those boys on the stage. A wonderful game of actors. Beautiful scenery. They did not notice how nearly three hours had passed. All the way to the house, the son emotionally repeated in the faces of the memorable scenes from the play)))

Marianna was 21 june on Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Just a masterpiece!

Mariya was 21 june on Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Very interesting. A fine actor's work, but I wanted the accents to be placed differently ...

Karina was 21 june on Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Thanks to the great director Kame Ginkas and all the actors for such a wonderful performance! Very strong, emotional, psychological performance. I discovered the actress Olga Demidova. She is brilliant! Together with Igor Gordin they had an excellent duet. You believe the game of these actors! They are real!

Irina was 06 february on Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

About 30 performances of the leading Moscow and St. Petersburg theaters I managed to see during the year, and only this performance, going in a small, not very cozy space, practically in a close circle of various spectators, caused a storm of emotions and desires. The desire to learn more about the writer-man-woman Virginia Woolf, read more of her books, letters, diaries. The desire to learn more about her remarkable husband, who wrote in a posthumous note: "... for all the happiness in my life, I owe you ...". And for the first time the desire to see this performance again. Thanks to Henriette Yanovsky and Kame Ginkas, thanks to Olga Demidova and Igor Gordin, Maria Lugovoi and Ilya Shlyaga. Perhaps you are the most Petersburg's Moscow theater! See you again and again!

Elena was 21 may on Peter Pan

Fairy-tale play for children from 10 years. The flights of actors over the stage fascinated the children. Unfortunately there were children of younger age. They really did not understand everything. It was all the more clear that the parents did not explain to them in advance what the play was about.

Natal`ya was 24 may on Rothschild's Violin

The performance is deep, heavy, with a sense. There is something to think about. Barinov's game at the break. Very powerful performance of the role.

Aleksandra was 21 may on Peter Pan

It was very boring, they wanted to leave after the first separation, but the child persuaded to stay to see what would all end. Primitive setting, the dialogues are annoying, everything is prolonged and uninteresting. We will not advise anyone.

Svetlana was 05 january on Invisible Friends

At the play were with children (10 and 6 years). The production was just wonderful, the actors' game was very active and dynamic. The son (10 years old) laughed heartily, although after the performance he still asked about the basic meaning. Daughter (6 years) was delighted with the scenery. I was on the whole very happy: the actors, the musical component, and the beautiful scenery and effects, all made an exceptionally positive impression on me. Thanks to the directors, actors and the whole team of "Invisible Friends"!

Natal`ya was 05 january on Rothschild's Violin

To say that it's great is to say nothing ... Valery Barinov as Yakov is something. Even on bows, he still could not get out of the role. And what about using a saw with a bow instead of a violin ... This is necessary See and hear ...

Dar`ya was 21 june on Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Very good! Very emotional! A great game of actors (Gordin, Demidov)! It does not matter whether you are acquainted with Olbis' play or not, this production will threaten you with such a plausible and terrible absurdity, so vividly reminiscent of our reality that you will not remain indifferent.

Elena was 25 january on Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

The brilliant work of Kama Ginkas and artists. The play is well-known, but it is set completely in a new way.

Visitor was 24 may on Rothschild's Violin

What a deep and dramatic performance. Very good. The actors keep the whole performance of the audience in suspense from what is happening on the stage. Going after the performance, you can not forget about what you just saw. You want to understand what you saw. Know!

Galiya was 11 may on Peter Pan

Charming, wonderful! Thanks ACTORS!

Nataliya was 11 may on Peter Pan

Thank you. I liked everything very much.)

Ol`ga was 24 may on Rothschild's Violin

Wonderful actor Valery Barinov. A fascinating performance.

Andrey was 14 may on Rothschild's Violin

The directing and acting of the actors are amazing! The best I've seen in recent years. Many thanks for the real art!

Ekaterina was 21 may on Peter Pan

02/08/2014 We went with my son (10 years). A wonderful performance, a wonderful actor's game. Full of delight. Now we recommend all friends.

Elena was 23 february on Rothschild's Violin

Thank you. I liked the performance.

Nadegda was 21 may on Peter Pan

They fell with children in a real fairy tale, where the heroes fly! In fact, they fly!

Uriy was 24 may on Rothschild's Violin

The play left a deep impression. The fate of ordinary people, the beautiful actors' play all this takes the viewer away from everyday cuetas into the world of the world of magical art.

Viktoriya was 11 january on Peter Pan

The play was very popular with children and adults. Thank you for a good time.

Evgeniya was 21 may on Peter Pan

Went to the play with her son (9 years) 10/01/2014 After the presentation, the son said that he likes the theater. I liked the performance of actors, especially the actress who plays Dinh-Din. There were a lot of funny moments, and the scene in which Wendy remembers her mother, moved to tears. We plan to go again to MTYUZ, but for something else.

Svetlana was 10 january on Peter Pan

A great gratitude to the artists for the performance, touching to tears, looked without detachment from the whole family. This is a magnificent children's and at the same time not a children's play. Adult artists played children and I believed that they were really children.

Natal`ya was 10 january on Peter Pan

My granddaughter was 11 years old, as she said, it was interesting and fun.

Losiha was 24 may on Rothschild's Violin

Recently was at this show. "I watched in one breath, I was afraid to move, so as not to miss, the emotions of the actors, their every move !!! The play was in dead silence, it seemed that the hall did not breathe like I did !!! We were under the magical power of the art of the most beautiful actors! ABOUT!!! Barinov - Talentishche !!! He is great! In all films and performances he is different and unique in his work! Bravo, ARTIST !!! Yasulovich - how much I remember him and I know from films and plays -implement and enchanting !!! I'll wait for meetings with these favorite ARTISTES !! And, of course, staging - Gorgeous !!!

Tat`yana was 24 may on Rothschild's Violin

A difficult and touching performance thanks to the magnificent game of Igor Yasulovich and Valery Barinov will not leave spectators indifferent. Scenography forces actors to be extraordinarily accurate in every movement and gesture. Careful attitude to the author's text allows you to accurately convey the author's main thoughts.

Mariya was 21 may on Peter Pan

They went to the first-graders daughter for this performance. She is very fond of Peter Pan and Berilyak :) It so successfully coincided that both objects of this love could be connected in the production of MTYUZ. Daughter liked the play. Especially Captain Hook and Mr. Sime, talking about worms and a ticking crocodile. She was also impressed by the huge dog, and even rope flights and adult uncles depicting children, did not embarrass her at all.

Anna was 04 november on Peter Pan

I like it

Svetlana was 24 may on Rothschild's Violin

Very strong specal.

Ludmila was 04 january on The wolf and the seven Young goats

Watched semeyoy.Ochen liked it. Excellent performance of musical numbers and an excellent game of artists. Zal was delighted, saw the artists with stormy applause.

Mariya was 17 june on Meek

Above all praise. One of the strongest performances in Moscow.

Alexandra was 14 june on Collector

Very strong, powerful performance, which is created by the forces of just two actors. A rare example of a quality translation of a literary work into a theatrical language. You leave the theater - your hands are shaking.

Tat`yana was 17 june on Meek

The performance is incredibly deep, talented, subtle. All the nuances of Dostoevsky's prose are heard. The actors are accurate and sincere. Igor Gordin, in my opinion, one of the best actors of the Moscow scene, tells in this play a human story about the desire and inability to love in such detail and volume that you experience it as your own. Actresses to match the protagonist are great. And, of course, a low bow to the director. Thank you for what happened theatrical happiness!

Tat`yana was 19 may on Penguins

A smart performance, but for children no younger than 7 years, and better than 10 years. Very musical, stylish and fun. This is a deep philosophical story. One of the best children's and teenage performances. Which is equally interesting to parents

Uliya was 28 june on Witness of the charge

The performance was liked, the plot is fascinating, the actors play at the height! From the first to the last minute we looked with interest and we, and the son - a teenager.

Anastasiya was 25 april on Do not part with your loved ones

Very superficial spectacle. Left a feeling of bewilderment. Unfortunately, he did not give food for thought. However, they laughed in the hall.

Anna was 28 june on Witness of the charge

Were with teenage children in the play "The Witness of the Prosecution" on February 1. To tell the truth, there were not enough dynamics in places, especially in the beginning. A little bit confused by the actress who played Mrs. Vole - against the backdrop of her "husband", a very young actor (replacing Igor Gordin) she looked kind of old. However, in general, the impression remained good, beautiful scenery, the actors played remarkably. Thank you.

Elena was 08 june on Do not part with your loved ones

Were at the play on January 4. For me the performance was very difficult, tragic, I could not hold back my tears. Although at first he did not make a special impression, but you get drawn gradually and begin to empathize with the characters. My husband did not like categorically (not the actors' play, but the plot), but this, in my opinion, the performance is very feminine, not all men it will be interesting, pleasant and understandable. I do not regret that I went, I recommend there were funny moments, but it's laughter through tears.

Oksana was 08 november on Do not part with your loved ones

A wonderful performance that makes you think about many things and something to revise in your life. A wonderful play of actors.

Larisa was 16 november on Witness of the charge

Went to the play on November 16, 2014! Got a lot of fun !! Once again convinced of the wonderful director Henrietta Yanovskaya! Huge thanks to her and ALL acting actors for the pleasure! It is very rare to see a play in Moscow made with humor that does not cross borders! Always with joy I go to the performances of MTYUZ, regardless of their genre !!!!

Elena was 16 november on Witness of the charge

Excellent performance, original, very lively production and scenery, I really liked my daughter and 13 years. The performance is rather long, there is a lot of "direct speech", for the development of the plot it is necessary to follow exactly the dialogues of the characters - especially in the first act, but despite this seemingly small complexity, there is a sense of dynamism and saturation of the plot. Well, of course, a great game of actors. Many thanks!

Irina was 25 october on The wolf and the seven Young goats

Liked!!! We are ready to return to other performances.

Tat`yana was 11 october on Do not part with your loved ones

Wonderful performance !!! In one breath!!! Sadly ...

Elena was 17 june on Meek

Super performance !!! Igor Gordin in this performance revealed all the facets of his talent. Tears were hardly restrained even by men. Best performance of MTYUZ.

Marina was 19 october on Witness of the charge

Professional and at the same time sincere performance. Thank you

Ol`ga was 05 april on Do not part with your loved ones

Great performance, thank you!

Yaroslavna was 06 april on The wolf and the seven Young goats

Very disappointed ...

Ol`ga was 17 june on Meek

A beautiful production, the actors are chosen magnificently, Gordin is just a talent

Anna was 22 april on Pushkin.Duel. Death.

Thank you very much

Irina was 27 march on Do not part with your loved ones

The performance is very good and funny. I went with my eleven-year-old daughter, she also liked it. Thank you!

Anush was 01 june on The wolf and the seven Young goats

I liked my daughter very much 4 years old. Great performance.

Elena was 08 june on Do not part with your loved ones

The ending did not like at all - the main character went crazy, an awkward wig on her head, some oranges in a string bag. It was not clever to look. The judge got drunk and opened up, remembered the child's love. This is served as if it's a pity. I do not mind. It looks stupid. An adult, not a young woman lying on the floor and crying about some boy from childhood. Yeah well .... All this is not believable. Well, and then the apotheosis - all the women who were on stage during the performance, got out of all the cracks and started shouting "I miss you !!!" The play is old-fashioned, not because of the theme, but because of the presentation.

Anna was 08 june on Do not part with your loved ones

Thanks a lot to the director that she created a reality enriched by many meanings compared to the film. Clever, not boring, tasty, not pretentiously funny, thin not only for women, but for men. Do not be ashamed to visit with children and teenagers. With a glorious scenography and of course virtuosic acting. A low bow. Bravo. We, forty, with gratitude! And the interweaving of sketches with two sisters from another author's play does not fall out, but color the setting. The play is an expensive wine.

Natal`ya was 08 march on Two maples

Liked, but the actors d. Be in the microphones and the woman-Yaga should speak with a woman's voice, and not with a male bass!

Nadegda was 16 april on Two maples

We really love the fairy tales of E.Shwartz! "Two maples" is a wonderful performance.

Nadegda was 01 june on The wolf and the seven Young goats

Kind, cheerful, musical and very touching performance! The wolf was frightened all)))

Margarita was 28 february on Do not part with your loved ones

It affects the vitality and relevance, touches the depths of the soul. Thank you!

Ekaterina was 16 april on Two maples

Unusual, kind, amazing performance. I watched twice: at 6 years old and at 37 years old :) I liked very much. Children are very satisfied. Thank you!!!!

Elena was 08 june on Do not part with your loved ones

The film in 1979 with Alferova in the title role liked more. Roles, nuances are more finely worked out. The performance is more naive than the film. Although some sketches with divorcing couples are successful, funny. But the drama of the main pair did not work out, in my opinion. I do not like theatrical techniques, for example, when one and the same phrase is repeated several times, suddenly someone does not understand. And it's not pleasant when they shout on stage.

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