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Feedbacks from viewers
Anna was 15 january on "Husband, wife and plumber"

Easy performance, a bit of a hackneyed topic, but it was nice to watch your favorite actors! For a pleasant evening, it is suitable, but the second time you will not watch it and there is no philosophy in it. This can be considered a plus and a minus, it depends on what you expect from the performance!) In general, we were very satisfied.

Dmitriy was 22 october on "Juno and Avos"

We watched the performance on 10/20/2019 Instead of the declared two hours, the performance goes on for an hour and a half. Pretty crumpled plot turns out. A young boy - the groom of Conchita, looks forty years old, It turns out pretty funny. Actually, as Conchita herself looks far beyond fifteen))) The sound is cottony, the column wheezes, words can not be made out. Because of this, the whole impression is lost. For a play with a claim to a rock opera is not permissible !!! From time to time, the voice of the operator was heard, who forgot to turn off the microphone. The play of the artists is very weak, not impressed. From such a plot, one could get much more and more spectacular. You can watch it if you have absolutely nowhere to spend the evening and money. Disappointed.

Vladimir was 01 august on "Perfect wife"

We went with the family to the performance on January 4th, it was very boring, we didn’t even see it until the end, I left without a recommendation !!!

Vera was 07 february on "There are no strangers"

I am ashamed to call it a theater! Sheer stupid vulgarity below the belt! And this is called art! But against the background of such "art" there is a degradation and the viewer laugh at stupidity. But a significant part of the audience leaves the performance at intermission. There was a sediment, as if they had visited the theater of the absurd, where stupidity causes genuine interest. Real directors, where are you?

Anna was 21 january on "The mocker Faina"

Great performance and great acting. A lot of humor and sadness.

Vladimir was 19 november on "All husbands in one letter"

Were at the play with children adults, did not like, in general, the artists are good, and played some sort of nonsense

Tat`yana was 12 october on Two husbands for the price of one

The performance is simply superb! Laughing from the heart. The actors just played great. If you just want to laugh and not think about anything and distract from all thoughts, then I advise this performance. Get a lot of laughter and positive. The actors are just great!

Nataliya was 29 june on The Bat


Vladimir was 29 january on Larisa Rubalskaya "I want to continue!"

Larisa Alexeevna committed a feat yesterday. Sick, without a voice, we were entertained. Under the full program, despite technical malfunctions of the equipment. Mental verses and the meeting itself.

Vladimir was 05 january on "Fools"

Very "fast" performance. So they sat down, and already left! And 1 hour and 40 minutes passed. The girls were pleased. :)

Nadegda was 08 november on Comedy "The Day of the Fool"

Very pleased! Eccentric comedy-detective. Not a maniac, but a lot of good humor. The actors are magnificent!

Marina was 23 october on Heart on the right

We hurry through life, leaving behind events and people. We do not often stop to understand and appreciate what is happening to us. Our successes often seem to us just luck of fortune! Who does not know this? And is it so? Maybe it's not destiny at all, but the one who knows how to selflessly love and sacrifice, do good and step aside? Such thoughts remained after this unusual, unexpected performance ... Many thanks to all who created it! Thank you for the occasion to talk to yourself ....

El`vira was 25 jule on "Juno and Avos"

I watched "Juno and Avos" with Valery Anokhin as Rezanov. A tremendous performance, made a strong impression. Thank you for the wonderful performance and great voice.

Anna was 31 october on Creative evening of Olga Volkova

Got great fun! A gorgeous, talented actress! Stunning Man!

Sergey was 25 march on Friends from Prostokvashino

Beautiful performance. Very kind. Cheerful. About that magical country, which adults overlooked over time. Ideal pastime for the whole family. Children will be delighted!)

Elena was 24 january on Friends from Prostokvashino

Very pleased with the performance and the theater itself. We received great pleasure. Also we would be pleased to see the continuation of this good plot

Elena was 29 june on "Juno and Avos"

I liked the performance very much. And it is good that he is different from all the famous performance Lenkom. All the artists are fine fellows. Anokhin bravo, bravo, bravo.

Alevtina was 07 june on "All women want love"

And I love Roman Bogdanov. Although agree, Permyakova in general inimitable actress, that on stage, that in the movie - talent. We also go to this play.

Natal`ya was 07 june on "All women want love"

And again my favorite Permyakova in a new performance for me) I still like Andrei Gaidulian from the cast, I really have not seen him on stage, the more it will be interesting) I'm sure that the performance will be interesting, kind and humorous as always , With the usual talk "for life" and rehearsals. I'm looking forward to the performance!

Mariya was 21 jule on Larisa Rubalskaya "I want to continue!"

Very pleased! Mentally, swiftly, kindly funny.

Elena was 29 june on Love and pigeons

Originally bought tickets for "I want to buy your husband" But replaced the performance for "Love and Doves." Not a bit did not regret it! The performance really liked! Actors play amazing! I did not even expect that what I know almost by heart, I will look with such interest.

Natal`ya was 28 june on Dear Pamela or How to sew an old lady

Was at the play in October 2015. Over the years the play has not lost its relevance - a fairy tale about the winning power of kindness, both funny and sad. I really liked the game of Olga Volkova and Alexander Bordukov.

Visitor was 21 november on Love and pigeons

A fine director's idea and a talented play of actors. Thank you!

Vladimir was 29 june on Love and pigeons

They watched the whole family - they were very satisfied! The performance is touching and funny! Recommended !!!

Viktor was 29 june on Love and pigeons

I enjoyed the performance "Love and Doves". At first, you involuntarily compare it to the beloved movie version, but, after five minutes, completely immersed in this scenic reality with a bright play of actors, their excellent singing, and a small cozy hall gives an inexpressible sense of belonging to action on the stage.

Viktor was 29 june on Love and pigeons

I enjoyed the performance "Love and Doves". At first, you involuntarily compare it to the beloved movie version, but, after five minutes, completely immersed in this scenic reality with a bright play of actors, their excellent singing, and a small cozy hall gives an inexpressible sense of belonging to action on the stage.

Anastasiya was 30 august on Love and pigeons

The performance was very pleased. Despite the fact that the first 10-15 minutes have to get used to. Since I love the film very much and know it almost by heart. The actors played remarkably, left another positive after themselves.

Uriy was 23 april on Dear Pamela or How to sew an old lady

Good, good performance! Olga Volkova is charming, eccentric and amazingly cool! The others also do not lag far behind it. I liked that everyone is trying very hard to please the viewer. It can be seen that the theater is still young and try to maintain a high image. But .... Why not a masterpiece, now I'll try to explain ... We looked at the CCPM. The scene is deep, so you can see and hear the actors not very well. Sitting in the 4th row, I would very much like to become a holder of binoculars, that would make out better. As you can see further from the scene, I'm afraid to imagine. It seems that Alesander Volkov was not in the spirit. What strongly affected his game. Everything was crumpled, precipitous and with sharp changes in the tone of the hero, which, it is unlikely, served as a director's idea, as it looked, slightly, replayed. In the rest everything was wonderful! It is a pity that the audience does not attend the performance well, it's probably simple, the theater is not yet in high esteem. And in vain!

Irina was 31 march on Love and pigeons

March 31, 2016 went with friends on "Love and Doves" (Optimistic Theater). We watched in one breath and laughed both over old jokes and new ones. I recommend everyone to watch!

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