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Children`s Musical Theater of Young Actor

Feedbacks from viewers
Nina was 04 february on The Moscow History 1205

I liked the performance, the actors were laid out at 110%, a fun performance about eternal values - love, friendship, mutual understanding of generations.

Klavdiya was 05 january on Mitten for the Christmas tree

I went to the show with my granddaughter, she liked Nikolai's hedgehog, received a lot of positive emotions, all the actors were laid out to the fullest, and thanks to the lighting artist and sound director for immersion in the fabulous atmosphere, I also liked the original design of the hall. We will be glad to see something as inspiring. Thank you!

Alla was 29 november on Pippi Longstocking

The performance really liked! There were 7 people (3 adults and children - 7, 8 and 11 years old), and everyone was delighted! the performance is longish (with an interval of almost 2 hours and 40 minutes), but the children stayed and were very satisfied! Pippi - beautifully sang, girl - clever! Talentine! Performance - cheerful, lively, interesting! I advise you to watch!

Egor was 19 february on Dream of rain

With great pleasure on February 19 looked this cool and very strong on emotions performance !!! The topics of the people, philosophical themes, and biblical themes are also touched upon here! The senior group of DMTUA is simply excellent! A very strong and high quality game of actors who are about to be released from my favorite theater! I highly recommend this ambiguous, but very exciting production to all the children of the senior school age!

Ekaterina was 05 january on Mitten for the Christmas tree

We went with my son to the play "Mittens for a Christmas tree". We are delighted! I liked the design of the hall and the actors' play. It's great that there was a lot of interactive. I advise! Would gladly go again!

Mariya was 05 january on Mitten for the Christmas tree

Visited with the child on this fairy tale! I liked it very much, we are delighted! Very convenient spectator space, free seating, which is very convenient. With the children constantly interacting actors, which is very interesting and unusual. Anywhere else did not meet such a Christmas tree. Many thanks to the actors!

Alla was 05 january on Mitten for the Christmas tree

Did not expect such an individual approach to each child in the hall. Everything is fun, fabulous, dynamic. I liked kosla-thrones for children. The children did not sit still for a minute, all the time they were involved in the action. A lot of music songs and dances, all performed together with the audience. Very good home tree, as in childhood

Anastasiya was 05 january on Mitten for the Christmas tree

The performance was held in a friendly atmosphere. The child is happy. I really liked the game of actors, who also work very well with the audience! Thanks to the creators of the play "Mittens for a Christmas tree!"

Polina was 05 january on Mitten for the Christmas tree

Were with the child on the tree. About "mittens for a Christmas tree" heard for the first time. We decided to go. The child was delighted, participated in all the games during the performance, danced and still takes pride in decorating the Christmas tree))) During the performance, it is interesting and funny not only for children, but for adults. New Year's presentation is made at a high level. We will definitely go next year !!!

Elena was 16 june on The Moscow History 1205

Was with daughters on the Moscow history 1205 for the third time! Delight, as in the first viewing! To date, one of the best musical performances for children, as well as their moms, grandmothers, etc. And the theater itself with its children's troupe and wonderful teachers deserves admiration! Taras Shevchenko as Vova Merkuriev is simply magnificent! Positive charge for a long time! See you.

Aleksandr was 08 november on The Moscow History 1205

Thank you!!! See you...

Tat`yana was 15 june on The Moscow History 1205

Great performance! A great desire to visit the whole repertoire.

Visitor was 27 april on The Moscow History 1205

We went with my son (12 years), I liked it very much! Thank you, guys. I live, sincerely, interestingly. I wish you success!

Svetlana was 27 april on The Moscow History 1205

I liked the musical very much. The children played great.

Enagaeva@Mail.Ru was 23 march on The Moscow History 1205

We liked very much to bring the whole class to this performance! Thanks !!!!

Alla was 27 april on The Moscow History 1205

We really liked! Guys fellows!

Elizaveta was 23 march on The Moscow History 1205

Thank you! All very much! Actors - Well done !!!

Irina was 19 january on The Moscow History 1205

Very pleased! We will come again!

Elena was 09 november on The Moscow History 1205

We all really liked the play "The Moscow History". Young actors play very well. Let's go to this theater still necessary.

Angelika was 02 november on The Moscow History 1205

Very pleased!

Ol`ga was 02 november on The Moscow History 1205

Thank you. We really enjoyed.

Egor was 20 may on The Adventures of Oliver Twist

On February 21, during my first visit to the Moscow Music Hall, I first watched the musical "The Adventures of Oliver Twist" staged by the Children's Music Theater of the Young Actor! It's been a week, and I can not hide my enthusiasm from visiting this amazing production! Unrealistically classy and exciting work of both adults and very young actors of the production did not allow not to tear yourself away from the action taking place on the stage, not for a second! Excellent director's work, the sound engineer's work and interesting, just fascinating behind the action plot made this day in the theater simply unforgettable !!! On the actors: I repeat, all guys are absolutely everything, especially the young actors, but I would especially like to single out Elvina Mukhutdinova, whom I adore to watch in absolutely all roles, and this time I watched it in an episodic, but in a very interesting and memorable The role of the Undertaker, Lesha Laksaev, whose Newspaper was unrealistically cute and charming, as well as Yarik Zargarov, whose image of the Dodger was very interesting and stunning !!! But I'd like to say the warmest words in this response to the main character, Oliver Twist - Arseniy Vasiliev: this boy will forever and forever be associated with me with this protagonist !!! Thanks to this campaign, I realized that Arseny is simply a genius and incredibly talented actor !!! How clearly he conducted the image and the line of his hero the whole play, how brightly and sincerely he experienced all the emotions, how he put all the action for the audience, not even for the whole 100, but for all 200 or even 300 percent !!! Sincerely I wish Arseniy luck in acting career and vocal creativity, and also I am going to attend Arseny's performances in other projects and performances !!! I recommend everyone to visit this play with Arseny in the main role !!! And now I myself with pleasure will wait for the next show of the performance - April 2! And hope that again I will see in the role of Oliver is Arseniy Vasiliev! He for me for one viewing became a real symbol of this unforgettable and very high-quality musical !!!

Egor was 31 may on Pippi Longstocking

On January 25, I with great pleasure for the fourth time looked this amazing production! My joy in this wonderful evening just did not have a limit! I would like to say a few words of gratitude to the remarkable young actors: Iry Ukhanova (Peppi), Arseniy Vasiliev (Tommy) and Polina Dunaevskaya (Anika). Sasha Trachevsky, Lesha Laksaev and Sasha Novikov in the role of Shkolnikov and Sasha Kolesnikov in the role of Clown are very remembered and loved. Separately, I want to thank the Administration of the Theater for the fact that Maxim Isaakovich Dunaevsky and Svetlana Stepchenko were present at this performance, who sang for Pippi in the Soviet film, on which the musical was staged. With pleasure I will come to this wonderful musical for the fifth time on February 15 !!!

Egor was 31 may on Pippi Longstocking

On February 15, I looked with great pleasure at the stunning musical "Pippi Longstocking" for the fifth time already !!! I was very pleased to meet with my friends, who perfectly played in this performance: Lesha Laksaev, Senei Vasilyev, Sasha Novikov, Ira Ukhanova and Yarik Zargarov. But most of all at this performance I was glad to see Sasha Trachevsky in the role of Tommy, Galya Medvedev in the role of Peppy (and I watched Galya in the title role for the first time) and Elvin Mukhutdinov in the role of Freken Rosenblum. This performance was characterized by a huge positive and good mood, which came from the stage into the auditorium all the action of the play. The kind and bright atmosphere that prevailed this evening in the theater, I just can not convey in words !!! With impatience I will wait for the next visit of this beautiful musical on February 29, again in the "Russia" Theater on Pushkin Square! And I recommend to view this truly brilliant production to all-all fans of theater and music without exception !!!

Gryzina was 11 april on The Adventures of Oliver Twist

Good afternoon! With all the positive attitude and respect for the work of young actors from the performance, neither children of 7-12 years nor parents were happy. The blame for this is a terrible sound, indistinctly going into the hall, both on musical numbers, and when pronouncing texts. For children it was not the flour to understand what was happening. Alas, I can not recommend.

Uliya was 30 june on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Pros - a comfortable chamber room, you can clearly see the scene from anywhere. A wonderful game of actors, despite the minimum of scenery, the action captures. Because of the small space, the feeling that the viewer is a full participant in what is happening. I did not like the finale very much, it was prolonged and pessimistic. The text in the songs repeats itself many times, it's useless ...

Elena was 20 december on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Just a wonderful performance. A great play of actors. My son was delighted.

Ouna was 04 june on In the nursery

Accidentally hit the action on this musical. In the musical, almost all the children play, the hall is small but cozy, the scene is so close to the audience that you are fully involved in the performance. Remarkably played by kiddies, funny and sometimes funny, my daughter examined the musical until the very end and was very pleased. The theater is small, but this is its plus) We really liked the atmosphere in general!

El`vira was 09 november on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

They came to the play from another city: they bought tickets for the first time on this system: I liked it very much, the tickets at the ticket office received no problems, it's very convenient! The child is very pleased (9 years), all the time recalling some of the most vivid episodes. Spectacular, filled with music, beautiful voices, the scenery is thought out. Very charming main characters, memorable faces))) Thanks

Mariya was 07 june on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Thank you for the performance! Very musically, freshly, artistically. With pleasure we will come again to other performances. Advice to soloists: it is necessary to sing out BEFORE the beginning of the play, even if it's the second run of the day.

Galina was 08 june on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

I liked it very much, it's an amazing performance, the performance of the actors is impressive. Both children and adults are delighted

Natal`ya was 07 june on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Thank you very much, we got a lot of fun, the actors are just umnichki.

Andrey was 31 may on In the nursery

Were at the play "In the nursery" with his son 11 years. For some reason the hall, albeit small, was empty. Children-actors - just Well done! Although the wonderful idea of ​​the play is a plot of the 19th century, it's a bit boring. In general, it is almost nothing. We were in this theater in the play "Oliver Twist". Here emotions beat over the edge. And in this performance - very weak.

Elena was 24 may on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Beautiful performance. MIRACLE!!!! Fun fun! Such talented children !!!

Igor` was 24 may on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Thanks for the holiday!

Anna was 20 april on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The play really liked, the child looked with pleasure and was delighted!

Natal`ya was 19 april on In the nursery

The play is a nostalgia about childhood, when children fantasized, were fond of role-playing games. The performance is unusual in that children play in it. The children's play made a huge impression. The play about childhood and it is for children that it turns out to enter sincerely in the role, because probably for them this is not a role, but for the present their real life. I would recommend visiting from the play with children from 8-10 years old

Mariya was 19 april on In the nursery

April 19 were at the play "In the nursery" with a daughter of 10 years. Great. I liked it very much. The actors are beautiful. We love this theater very much. Be sure to come again!

Svetlana was 20 april on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The play really liked, the children are all talented, very positive. The age for viewing 10-13 years is the most optimal, and actors of the same age.

Angela was 20 april on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Thanks to all the young staff for the delivery of many pasitiv. Success and good luck to you all

Anna was 22 march on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

We really enjoyed. Guys well done! We're going to Oliver Twist. Thank you!

Natal`ya was 22 march on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

A wonderful game of the creative team !!!! thanks

Sergey was 15 february on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

That was awesome! Actors are just fans of their business! You fellows! I'll go to other performances!

Tatyana was 15 february on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The actors' play, the production, the music was all on a decent level

Anna was 15 february on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Very pleased!

Ekaterina was 07 december on The Adventures of Oliver Twist

Thank you. Everything went well.

Viktoriya was 07 december on The Adventures of Oliver Twist

The play "The Adventures of Oliver Twist" is remarkable! Only the electronic service was brought up, only one ticket was printed on the received pincode, instead of two paid.

Elena was 24 november on The Adventures of Oliver Twist

I liked it very much. Thanks to all the actors.

Dasha was 24 november on The Adventures of Oliver Twist

Very professional actors play! Bravo! Better professionals!

Tat`yana was 21 november on The Adventures of Oliver Twist

Great! The game of young gifted artists is simply mesmerizing! The entire composition of the musical was on top! Bravo-bravo to all who put this musical! Very good aura in the theater, I think it is the merit of the leadership. Friends necessarily advise to visit your theater and we already want to go to Tom Sawyer. Applause...

Tat`yana was 21 november on The Adventures of Oliver Twist

Stunning, wonderful performance-musical! Gifted children, artists, wonderful game of young and "not very young" actors! Bravo-bravo! Soul director of the theater, who is concerned about the amazing environment of his theater ...

Irina was 13 october on In the nursery

Everything is fine. The play really liked

Valentina was 10 november on In the nursery

A wonderful performance, were the years daughter 14 years old, son 6 years old. Both are very satisfied. "They never thought that children, such great artists."

Nuriya was 10 november on In the nursery

I liked the performance and the play of children!

Natal`ya was 13 october on In the nursery

Thanks to the children and to you for this performance! Good luck in your work.

Svetlana was 06 october on In the nursery

Thank you. Our family really liked the performance.

Lubov` was 28 december on Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The performance at the Young Actor Theater on December 28 was canceled due to lack of electricity. The administration of the theater promised to rebook tickets for February 1.

Ekaterina was 07 december on The Adventures of Oliver Twist

Were at the play with my daughter. Terrific! Delight! The guys-actors - well done! We played for 5 from the first to the last minute. Beautiful singing, dancing. You look in one breath. Excellent game Dodger! Nancy's delicious! Wonderful costumes. My daughter really liked the performance. Now asks me to write it down for the dance. She also very much wanted to perform in the theater. Usually she is more restrained by emotion.

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Дмитровка М. ул., 8/4
00 h 45 min


Tell me, guys, do you clean up the dishes, make the bed in the morning, help your mom with the housework?
If not, then what happened to the heroine of Kornei Chukovsky's fairy tale "Fedorino's grief", the slob and dirty Fedora, can happen to you.
One fine day, all the dishes ran away from her, the sheet flew away, the pillows galloped away ...
And Fedora had to go in search of them ...
But let's not tell you the whole story!
Better to let this story tell, or rather sing and dance, funny and mischievous buffoons on the stage of our theater.
During the show, they will turn into pans, cups, spoons, forks and pillows. And someone will become a poker, a samovar or ginger cats.
Come to our fun fair and watch a fascinating and instructive performance - the musical performance "Fedorino grief" on the stage of the Children's Musical Theater of the Young Actor


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