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Musical Theater "Rock Order" Temple "

Feedbacks from viewers
Nataliya was 11 december on Rock opera "Temple"

Was on November 25, despite the rather uncomfortable conditions (very cool in the hall and it's not quite the building of the theater in the classical sense) to the actor's game and the performance itself claims no-look at one go.

Aleksandra was 24 jule on Presentation of the modern opera "The Ring of Felagund"

An incredible amount of pleasure. And thank you very much Bigbilet for the reminder on the day of the event. For me, forget it is och need

Irina was 24 jule on Presentation of the modern opera "The Ring of Felagund"

The presentation gave positive emotions. Some features of the premiere added an event of a kind of coziness. Interesting, beautiful, unexpected. A strong impression was made by the voices of the royal spouses, the choir and the magical choirmaster. I'll definitely see the final version of the show in February.

Ol`ga was 27 october on "Joan of Arc"

For me, "Jeanne" - the main event of autumn. Very beautiful setting, the ideal composition of performers. Touched to tears, laugh, amazed by the beauty of the performance. The soul remained somewhere there, in the hall on the first row. Thank you. Great.

Marina was 08 june on "Joan of Arc"

"You are beautiful, no doubt"! The best. We look forward to the new season!

Visitor was 08 june on "Joan of Arc"

I was waiting for this performance, and I knew it would be great, but it even exceeded my expectations! Great performance, wonderful composition! Duets of Jeanne and Michael are amazing, unforgettable, my heart almost burst from my chest! Thank you very much, you wonderful!

Anna was 27 october on "Joan of Arc"

I'm delighted with the rock opera! I wish rock-award tample creative success! With interest I follow the posters of your events!

Alastael was 27 october on "Joan of Arc"

Thank you! Magic opera, it brings joy for a few days! Unimaginable emotions, great performance! I'm waiting for the next musical - let it be "finrod-zong")

Aleksandra was 29 october on "Joan of Arc"

The musical fascinated me. Strong, up to the murash, the sobbing voices of Bishop Koschon, Archangel Michael and Karl, the delightful plasticity of the girls from the troupe, the emotions overflowing the stage, the total immersion. I look forward to the next productions!

Visitor was 27 april on Musical "Princess of Dream"

A wonderful production, a very strong cast, with wonderful captivating voices from the main actors to the choir! I got great pleasure, from the first to the last second the performance is wonderful! Many thanks to all who created this miracle for happiness, bright feelings, emotions that do not let go and after the curtain fell!

Snorri was 08 june on "Joan of Arc"

Great performance! Keep it up, good fellows.

Ol`ga was 08 june on "Joan of Arc"

A stunningly beautiful setting. Became even more perfect. Thank you!

Elena was 27 october on "Joan of Arc"

The performance was amazing, I liked it very much, it would be interesting to see other your productions

Diana was 27 october on "Joan of Arc"

Guys fellows! I wish the theater of prosperity)

Irina was 27 october on "Joan of Arc"

Thank you! Beautiful production, great actors. Especially struck by the actress, who plays Jeanne, amazing vocals and acting. An unforgettable experience!

Anna was 15 april on Musical "Princess of Dream"

This was spectacular! Very beautiful performance. Especially liked the character of the merchant, or rather, how his role was played :) Thanks to the actors, just did not take your eyes off the stage!

Mariya was 27 april on Musical "Princess of Dream"

Delight. It is a pity that the performances are so rare.

Ol`ga was 27 april on Musical "Princess of Dream"

Gorgeous, very emotional and touching!

Ol`ga was 27 april on Musical "Princess of Dream"

Multiple delight! A great combination of beauty and humor

Ekaterina was 27 may on Rock opera "Temple"

It was May 27, I liked it very much. A special impression was left by the silent dialogue between the master and the king, and "Repentance" - shook to a shudder. Many thanks for the caused emotions! Bravo!

Ol`ga was 19 november on Rock opera "Temple"

November 19 were at the play "The Temple". Of course, there is something to work on. But, it was clear that all the artists tried, so from the stage in the hall was a powerful energy. The costumes created the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The scene in the cellar was in suspense. A smart duo of the squire and soul. Pleasant vocals, emotional performance. Braced for the soul! A vivid impression was made by the moment of beating the soul with chains and burning Jacques de Molay. Just awesome!!! The image of death turned out to be really frightening and ominous. Her vassal did not want to be at all :) Still very pleased with the voice of the performer of the role of King Philip. The play left a good impression. I wish the troupe new, bright and high-quality productions, interesting finds. GOOD FELLOWS! GOOD LUCK!

Evgeniy was 27 september on Rock opera "Temple"

Everything was great, I really liked it. I will definitely come to other productions.

Vika was 27 september on Rock opera "Temple"

Very strong and emotional performance. A great game. See you)

Visitor was 27 september on Rock opera "Temple"

In general, I liked, but 1. Philip, in my opinion, was "wooden", 2, did not like the intervals between compositions, because iz-for them there is no sense of a holistic story.

Visitor was 27 september on Rock opera "Temple"

Thank you very much to everyone who created this wonderful play! It was the second time and I will go again with no less pleasure! A wonderful lineup of performers, all have such beautiful voices! Very much the Inquisitors, soul / death, the secretary (the stage in the cellar is amazing)!

Anna was 15 december on Rock opera "Temple"

Great performance! Many surprises! My friends and I were just ecstatic!

Risen was 15 december on Rock opera "Temple"

Very interesting and strong staging. Stage action, light and music - all this creates an atmosphere of medieval Paris. It's hard to mention one of the performers - everyone is talented and everyone in their role looks very organic. "The Temple" is one of those performances that compel us to empathize, to ponder over eternal questions and turn to history.

Alex was 15 december on Rock opera "Temple"

Great performance! I'm totally ecstatic! Vocal parts, choreography, lighting effects - everything is very harmonious and creates an unforgettable experience! I did not expect this! Bravo Temple! I look forward to the following productions!

Visitor was 15 december on Rock opera "Temple"

Thanks, I liked the event. I would love to see the full versions of musicals.

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Ленинградский пр-кт., 47
01 h 30 min

Rock opera "Temple" tells about the last day of life of the last master of the Order of the Knights Templar.

Full information on the website of the theater.

Authors of the text and music: Larisa Bocharova, Lina Vorobyova, Natalia Novikova, Antonina Kakovidi.

The production is performed by the musical theater "Rock Order" Temple "

Phone for information: 8 (495) 796-69-09, site -

Choirmaster - Victoria Tkachenko

Costumes - Maria Anvelt

Light - Diana Medvedev

Sound - Dmitry Grafov

Technical Director - Maxim Aleshinsky

Arrangement - Marina Timofeeva

Director - Nikita Koledin


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