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Moscow Drama Theater "Soprichastnost"

Feedbacks from viewers
Elena was 17 november on Rain seller

Excellent performance! With deep meaning, sometimes we all need a rain seller to rethink our life, what is happening in it, to decide on changes. Necessarily for viewing! Great experiences guaranteed!

Ol`ga was 07 march on Poison tunic

The performance really liked. Interesting, emotionally, not protracted. Enjoyed watching the play. Thank.

Ganna was 11 february on Two maples

We looked with our nephew (6 years old) “Two maple trees”. A good play for children, pre-school and junior high school students. In the hall they didn’t ache, didn’t miss. Nephew without looking at all. Decent (for such a small stage) scenery, bright costumes, memorable characters, a good pace. Baba Yaga is a delight for adults and not scary for children. Cat - oochen cute! The theater itself is small, homely. Work very nice and friendly people. There is one minus-NO LIFT in the hall, and there are no seat-cushions for children. Performance definitely recommend for viewing.

Uliya was 21 january on King Lear

My husband and I went to the show "King Lear" at the Theater of Communion. January 19, 2019. Wonderful performance! Many thanks to the creative team of the theater and personally to Igor Mikhailovich for the respect for the classics! Unfortunately, this is such a rarity in our time.

Uliya was 21 january on King Lear

Wonderful performance! Many thanks to the theater team and personally to Igor Mikhailovich for his respect for the classics!

Alisa was 08 january on Twelve months

As always, in our favorite theater "Ownership" got a lot of pleasant impressions! And an interlude with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, and the play, and buffet)) - everything is fine! Come to this wonderful theater!

Ekaterina was 03 december on Monsieur pays

Visited this performance after reading reviews. And indeed, the performance is wonderful! Well done actors, bravo to all its creators !!!! for a nice price for a ticket a lot of impressions!

Irina was 06 november on Two maples

Were at the performance on November 3, with a grandson of 9 years. Awesome, kind, emotional performance for children (for adults too interesting), From the game of actors full return, everything is up to par. Fairy tale, costumes incredible. We opened the theater for ourselves in the spring, another children's play and decided that we would return to this theater more than once, surely ... Thank you again ... The theater is small, but very cozy.

Mariya was 01 november on Talents and fans

Visited 10/31/2018 performance. The theater is small, chamber. ... the room itself creates a feeling of comfort. The hall itself is small, so when watching the performance there is a feeling that you are there, along with them on stage. Now about the performance itself: In the performance itself the theater director Igor Sirenko played and he played superbly. This is the classic school that you want to look at and watch. I would love to go to another play to see his play.

Ol`ga was 26 october on Belated flowers

Wasted time

Ivan was 24 october on White roses, pink elephants

Insanely talented performance with a brilliant dramatic actress Svetlana Misery .. I saw her in several performances and everywhere she is very natural, everywhere I want to empathize with her heroines

Ivan was 24 october on Bloody wedding

In the beautiful Theater of Affiliation, I watched a few performances. “Bloody wedding” left the strongest impression - sincere feelings, a dramatic plot, wonderful actors who play above all praise! Performance for all times.

Ivan was 24 october on Without the sun

Many thanks to this unique mega-talented theater for this performance !!!! Bravo! I advise everyone!

Ol`ga was 01 february on Without the sun

The play was watched with great interest and pleasure! A great game of actors! Bravo! Thank you!

Elena was 25 december on Magic night, or When toys come to life

20 of 10 !!! Elegant performance! Kind, cheerful, dynamic, with beautiful music, an interesting and understandable child story, especially pleased with "fizkultminutka" in the middle of the play, the kids warmed up and calmly inspected to the end. Daughter 3.7 years was delighted! We had the only opportunity to go to the tree because of the departure, and I am very glad that we chose this theater! The only point / wish to the theater itself is to do something with chairs. Very low for children, many children were standing or sitting on their parents' lap, and still very heavy (constantly evolving)

Alisa was 01 december on King Lear

Briefly: Bravissimo! If long: Not the first time in this beautiful theater. By the way, I will talk about it - went with my daughter several times to children's productions, and always remained enthusiastic. In general, I often evaluate theaters by the way they put on children's performances, because, in my opinion, it's better to put it for children - it's much more difficult than for adults. Everything is good here. So, "King Lear". A wonderful classical production of the play. Without any "innovative quirks", "new views" and other nonsense, which is designed to cover up vulgarity and mediocrity more often. Here - Shakespeare. Present. Here - an example of how you can do Magic without computer effects, without backdrops with a video series, without "costumes from Versace" and other "podtantsovok." And yet, in "Involvement" - beautifully light, good decorations, competent musical accompaniment of the play. Everything is harmonious. Now I will get to the main thing, a few more words about pleasant little things: a buffet with adequate prices, friendly staff, a cozy and beautiful room. And now the most important thing. THE FAIRY game of actors. AMAZING! King Lear - he is the director of the play - he is the artistic director of this wonderful real Theater - Honored Artist of Russia Igor Sirenko - extraordinary, penetrating, touching, powerful. The play lasts more than three hours - in one breath! Not a minute was not enough for the viewer to get bored. The old guard of actors - superprofi - is above all praise: Kent - zasl. artist of Russia Victor Vlasov, Gloucester - zasl. artist Rossi Mikhail Zhirov. Also I would like to mention the play of actors Roman Kamyshev (son of Gloucester), Ulyana Milyushkina (Cordelia) and Alexander Trubin (jester). We applauded standing up. We are all spectators, who during the performance became "we". Many cried. And I cried. And not only because Sirenko touched me with his amazing game, but from the fact that "What happiness, that we have such things". Real art. The atmosphere created by talent. For a long time I did not experience such strong emotions when I visited the theater. Bravo, Igor Sirenko! Bravo, the theater "Soprichastnost"!

Irina was 29 april on The third rocket

The success of the performance is provided by incredibly convincing young artists in the company performing one of the most striking and defining roles of Zheltykh as the artistic director of the theater I.Sirenko. The plot of those that are difficult not to experience, not to feel compassion, not to be implicated in it: the eternal theme of war, love, loyalty to duty and betrayal, which does not go unpunished. At the premiere on April 29, half the hall sobbed. I will add that the plot of the play is not a "historical drama", but a dramatic poem (as the stagingist defined it), and I note that the "Third Rocket" at the "Soprichastnost" theater is the only opportunity to touch the creativity of Vasily Bykov, an undeservedly forgotten frontier writer today. I highly recommend to viewing, despite the fact that the performance is not one of those that you can have fun at. True, you can feel like a person.

Elena was 26 january on Death of Tarelkin

I was at the theater for the first time. Chamber scene, a wonderful play of actors. Very topical play. I'm a pretty fastidious spectator and often leave performances of even the most famous theaters, with the participation of very popular actors. All the more pleased with the cast of this theater, where new actors played for me. They played with great impact, than they conquered the hall. Highly recommend! I'm glad that I discovered a new theater place in Moscow :)

Irina was 25 january on Talents and fans

I do not know why I decided to look again at "Talents and admirers": not so long ago I saw this performance in Lenkom. Past the theater "Soprichastnost" drove several times, and on February 19 decided to go "to the light" and very glad that she came. Great performance - bright, with good artists, with excellent musical design. There are several "burrs" relating to costumes and ... well, this does not change the picture as a whole: the game of S. Misery, I. Sirenko, V. Balanin, A. Fastovsky - on top! At the approaches to this "height" and the performer of the main role of Yu. Smirnov. What is the most important thing? The main thing is that I saw that theater where I was bored, where the table is a table, and the chair is a chair where the artists in the classical play do not jump from the carriage to the carriage and work so that you forget that the stage is miniature and the auditorium Is quite small. And more: I talked with great pleasure to the administrator of the hall Elena, who is grateful for the benevolence and additional service: she proposed to the audience gathered a program of the play, which I forgot about before entering the hall. Thank you, "Involvement", I will definitely come again!

Aygul` was 08 february on The Cherry Orchard

I am very pleased that I managed to see the classic thing in the classical production. Actors surprisingly well managed to convey the images on stage. I advise everyone to go to this play: those who read Chekhov, and those who are not familiar with the "Cherry Orchard". The theater is cool. 6 row, 1,2 place next to the technical window, so these places are not very comfortable.

Elena was 21 april on Without the sun

A very strong and bright performance, an amazing play of actors. Many thanks to the director and actors!

Irina was 11 february on Thomas Fomich creates

The performance is absolutely wonderful - with an interesting protagonist (I.Sirenko), with excellent young artists and their older colleagues (R. Kirschin, A. Trubin, V. Dolgachev, V.Khanovsky, V.Shikhov), which are translated into a stage The language is a very difficult story FM. Dostoevsky "Village Stepanchikovo and its inhabitants" in an excellent performance of A.V. Kesler. Yes, it is possible that the dramaturgy, difficult for someone, through which the spectator does not have to "wade through" in some cases, but as carefully listened to the hall filled on February 11, not only paying tribute to the performers, but trying to solve the problem over which the second A century in a row not only spectators, but also literary critics - good or bad Foma Opiskin! A small stage, a chamber hall, a world-class drama and a very serious acting level - such seemingly incompatible components that have merged into a single whole - an excellent performance that I want to revisit after a while.

Irina was 13 april on Bloody wedding

Svetlana Misery, the legendary Svetlana Misery - the performer of the role of Mother - the main decoration, the basis of the play! In fairness, it should be said that the younger partners of this remarkable actress - Mikhail Zhirov, Svetlana Vlasyuk, Ruslan Kirshin, Vladimir Balandin, Ulyana Milushkina - are trying to reach the highest bar set by S. Misery! Amazing, voluminous performance, put on a very small stage, deserves the most serious attention and kind attitude! I strongly advise!

Marina was 24 may on Belated flowers

A very lyrical and touching story, but very sad, like almost everything from AP Chekhov. The play of actors, beautiful costumes and scenery - everything is fine! The performance is 2 hours including the intermission, not tedious. I recommend.

Alla was 06 june on Death of Tarelkin

The play left the best impressions! Simultaneously funny and sad. The actors played incomparably! The fact that the hall is small and the spectator seats very close to the stage creates the effect of presence in the play. Actors are not somewhere in the distance, but - stretch out your hand and touch it. And they are about you sad, laugh, complain, fight ... Become a participant in the action. From the scenery only a table, chair and curtains in the form of greatcoats. But nothing more is needed! Very pleased! I will definitely go to other productions!

Mayya was 06 june on Death of Tarelkin

The comedy-joke, written in 1869 is very actual and is perceived in our time, by the spectators of the theater "Soprichastnost". A wonderful, full-blooded play of actors. Thanks to the theater for the pleasure.

Mayya was 23 may on King Lear

The "Soprichastnost" theater was a discovery for me a few years ago. I return every time with pleasure and anticipation of the new. King Lear, performed by Igor Serenko, touches to the depths of his soul. You listen to his monologue with a sinking. A tremendous game of the whole actor's composition. Thanks to the theater for the pleasure.

Natal`ya was 25 may on The millionaire

Thank you very much for the excellent production! The images are amazing, the actors are magnificent, the performance was looked at in one breath. Once again I was convinced that the chamber hall is the most convenient. Thank you!

Aleksey was 16 may on The Queen Mother

A good performance, an excellent game of leading actors-S.Misery and V.Balandin. Thank you!.

Elena was 13 february on Death of Tarelkin

We watched the play "The Death of Tarelkin" on February 13, 1515, everyone liked me very much (to me, my mother, my husband), the actors played with full force, the play with humor. In the theater were for the first time, the hall is small, the prices are acceptable, pleasant foyer, now we will attend this theater.

Anna was 24 may on Belated flowers

The actors are wonderful. The performance is much better than film adaptation!

Elena was 18 march on King Lear

For the first time she was in the theater "Involvement". "King Lear" is a wonderful performance. The text of the play is reproduced almost one in one. And, despite this (and there are quite a lot of "conversations" in the text, and not much active "action"), the performance looks with great interest even by quite young spectators. Actors are laid out completely, play from the heart.

Nikolay was 14 april on Thomas Fomich creates

A small, cozy theater. I liked the performance very much. A wonderful game of actors! I do not know why, but it's associated with a home theater. Probably because the theater has a warm and cozy atmosphere,

Natal`ya was 13 april on Bloody wedding

You should go to the play if everything in life is good and you are ready to mourn and cry all along with heroes. Mother's role played by Svetlana Misery will not leave anyone indifferent, however it is impossible not to note the heroine of Maria Rasskazova, her role was shocked no less. In general, the performance is good, but be in the mood for emotions, emotions, tears.

Irina was 30 may on Warm heart

Accidentally read the review of Daria, which mentions "shot" and "13th row of the stalls." I'm having fun. In "Involvement" only EIGHT series! And the "submarine" in the days of A.N. Ostrovsky simply did not exist!

Igor` was 23 may on King Lear

Were at the play 06.02.2015. A wonderful performance! Excellent setting. The dramatic nature of the action goes on increasing, without momentary pauses and hiccups. All characters are real and tangible. From the monologues of King Lear from time to time goosebumps go through the body. In general, the power and tragedy of monologues performed by Igor Serenko simply can not be transferred! All the actors play with full impact, on "excellent"! "Participation" is one of the most beloved theaters! Bravo!

Oksana was 17 may on Cricket on the stove

A wonderful performance! Many touching, instructive moments.

Anna was 18 may on The Cherry Orchard

I did not like the game of "barking" Vary the whole play and Lopakhin, with the manners of the former zek with tyrannical quirks. Everything else was excellent. The theater itself is cozy and very warm.

Irina was 16 may on The Queen Mother

Fantastic performance with a fantastic, unreal S. Misery in the title role. The actress is an absolute representative of the "departing nature" - that Theater, about which many of those who live now have only been able to hear. I do not like comparisons, but in this case Misery can be compared to the great Olga Nikolaevna Androvskaya. It is very pleasant that the young partner of Misery - Vladimir Balandin - grew up in such a serious artist. The play must be seen, and this performance deserves the love and loyalty of the public. The audience who knows how to see the most valuable, what is hidden and what the real artist has. In this case, the artist Svetlana Misery. Her work is above all praise!

Irina was 06 june on Death of Tarelkin

A wonderful, amazing performance, which opened for me the playwright A.V. Sukhovo-Kobilina! Loving the theater "Involvement", did not expect to see such a decision as it seemed to me a boring and not completely understandable play for me. An excellent performance in which the director managed to create an interesting and cohesive ensemble of artists creating a kaleidoscope of never repeating images and characters, each of which has its own "zest". I sobbed with delight, after seeing the actor Balandin in the role of Brandakhlystova. I liked everything very much, but I can not forget Roman Kamyshev, who screams like a slogan: "With the world on a thread!", Doing this with incredible humor. Ruslan Kirschin is very good in the role of the merchant Popugaychikov and, of course, we can not help recalling Vladimir Frolov and, in fact, the executor of the role of Tarelkin Alexei Bulatov - such an intriguer-neurasthenic. And fans of the very old excellent film "I Love You" can be seen in the performance of Igor Sykhru, who was remembered by the film as a kind and shy schoolboy. I'm glad that he is in the profession and that he works perfectly. In short, I'm glad that "Tereklkin's Death" appeared in Igor Sirchenko's decision. He - a special thanks and admiration!

Sergey was 23 may on King Lear

To say that the performance has impressed me-not to say anything! The game of actors from the first minute captures, makes you empathize with every word and action. I want to say many thanks to the actors and Igor Mikhailovich separately, for their talent and dedication. Multiple bravo!

Kristina was 19 december on King Lear

Performance VERY liked! Many thanks to the actors for the game! The play, I think, left no one indifferent!

Tatiana was 14 may on The Mystery of the Enchanted Portrait

An excellent children's play. The child liked it, looks at one go.

Evgeniya was 14 april on Thomas Fomich creates

I liked the performance very much. All the actors are lads, interesting and dynamic, especially I would like to mention the game of Igor Sirenko.

Margarita was 21 november on King Lear

Amazing performance !!! Thank you so much!!!

Anna was 08 october on King Lear

An excellent director's decision - a minimum of scenery and the throne as their main element. The outfits of the actors are also purely symbolic, they do not distract attention from the game. Although in the light of the laconic scenery and dresses, one could learn the text so as not to stammer. Not often, but it was. Although the king himself, of course, is beyond competition. And in general, the actors' game is alive and direct. The theater is small, chambered, soulful. I recommend an eternal play about eternal problems.

Mariya was 19 october on Twelve months

Were with a 5-year-old child, involved many actors and all play with pleasure. I really liked December! The text is close to the original, many familiar poems and songs, the son sang another couple of days, especially subdued - "I die, but I will not tell anyone!"

Andrey was 21 april on Without the sun

A stunning performance, a magnificent interpretation of the great work. This performance inspires nobility, that, no matter what, in each of us there lives kindness. Even in a deep pit, you will find light. Thanks to the actors and the head of the theater!

Elizaveta was 01 october on Without the sun

A bright piercing performance!

Mihail was 23 may on King Lear

Brilliantly. It's vital. Shakespeare teaches our life, and in this theater the actor's staff brilliantly conveys the truth about life from Shakespeare. Indeed, being in the auditorium, experiencing a lot of emotions, from joy to grief, from happiness to disappointment in people, you carry it to your life and find reflection of your life in the words of Shakespeare. King Lear - plays excellently, vitally. He made many discoveries about the truth of life, such as it is in the characters and destinies of Shakespeare's heroes. With pleasure I will go to this masterpiece again!

Sergey was 18 april on Poison tunic

Excellent performance of the actors, emotionally and vitally. Excellent staging. Thank you. I liked it. It would be less crowded schoolchildren

Roman was 25 april on Warm heart

Thanks to the actors and directors for this amazing performance! Have remained in mad delight. We will come to other performances.

Svetlana was 23 may on King Lear

I did not know about the existence of this theater. King Lear studied three different productions at different times and different cities, including the Satirikon Theater with Raikin. So, in the Involvement, in my opinion, the best King Lear. This is a real, normal, human Shakespeare, without avant-garde and newfangled inventions. It was silly, but until recently I hoped that everything would somehow manage, and it would end well :-( And when it was all over, as it should have been, my daughter and I both cried, I have not been in this kind of performance for a long time. In the Involvement.

Natal`ya was 30 march on Silence-Gold

It was great! We will come again

Mariya was 15 march on The Cherry Orchard

Yesterday, my husband and I were in this nice, almost home theater. The performance really liked the actors, the atmosphere was amazing. Thank you for the pleasant evening.

Uliya was 01 march on Thomas Fomich creates

First, I was a little tired of the exaltation of some characters, especially their loud exclamations. But gradually I got used to it. Igor Sirenko plays great. I do not cease to be surprised, how the work written more hundred years ago, can be so actual and modern. Probably, so are the classical works. I liked the performance.

Irina was 01 march on Thomas Fomich creates

I liked everything very much-the theater, the play, the actors. Thank you for being sincere!

Natal`ya was 15 february on Bloody wedding

The theater concept itself surprised: a small, home theater, a small stage. Of the scenery - three chairs, no technical effects. The main and only emphasis on the game actors. Actors play just awesome! Very effectively performed the role of the groom's mother and the role of the bride. Honestly, I could not restrain myself from crying. I recommend it to everyone, this is a real holiday for the soul.

Uliya was 01 february on Warm heart

I liked the performance very much! Actors are talented, just great! !!!! 3 hours flew very quickly, did not want to leave! And the theater itself is very cozy, the staff is polite. Very nice atmosphere. We got great pleasure from viewing.

Julia was 08 february on Piglet Kknok

The performance is wonderful !!! The hall is uncomfortable, the 4th row is VERY uncomfortable with a very narrow passage

Anastasiya was 08 june on Provincial

Cheerful and pleasant performance! Very honest and memorable game of actors. I really love this theater for its camaraderie. On whatever eight rows I sit, there is always a feeling that the play is being performed for you. Good costumes, scenery of the XIX century, even the timbre of the voice of the actors - all this gives the feeling of something truly noble, kind and truthful. Appreciation from the theater spoils the work of administrative staff. They sit down on the vacant seats of preferential viewers, but later, when ticket holders come to these places, everyone starts to change in the dark, which spoils the impression of the first ten or fifteen minutes of the performance. Dear administrators! Is it really so difficult to make a list of tickets sold, and not to put anyone else there? The second. At the entrance, the ticket attendant silently checks the tickets without telling where the wardrobe is. The first time it is very difficult to navigate in the theater and assume that you need to turn right after the entrance around the corner to find it. The majority of spectators pass directly, after which they hear a boorish shout from the ticket-attendant: "And take off the jackets? Here is the theater!". In my opinion, this is unacceptable. The theater, as you know, starts with a hanger. I hope the findings of the administration will be made.

Aleksey was 16 january on King Lear

Thank you for those emotions and impressions that we experienced in the play!

Ekaterina was 16 january on King Lear

Excellent performance and a great sincere play of the actors, I especially want to mention the main character, Carnelia and the jester !!!! thanks !!!

Irina was 23 may on King Lear

01/17/2014. Irina Bondarenko Yesterday I saw the play "King Lear". Until now, I'm impressed. It's real art! The actors played heart.

Nataliya was 06 january on Piglet Kknok

I liked it very much, many thanks !!!

Dar`ya was 30 may on Warm heart

I liked the fact that there is a performance at 12.00. Thank you! The performance left a double impression, the game of actors is amazing! Well done all !! But, at times I really wanted to sleep, because Background monotonous music and quiet dialogues, on the 13th row, Partera was already listening. They were cheered several times, when in the middle of monotony there were sharp shots (2 times money from the submarine was fired, 1 time, at the very beginning, the actor brought down the brick wall very effectively, for this special thanks for the idea). But, we looked at the classics, ticked off, no matter what))

Roman was 27 november on The Cherry Orchard

A wonderful production, a wonderful game of actors, I liked very much, the play helped to better understand the characters of Chekhov's characters! Thank you

Mariya was 30 november on Without the sun

Liked, we plan to visit your theater yet.

Anna was 30 november on Without the sun

Very good

Tat`yana was 28 may on Girl, where do you live?

A great story that teaches children good. Currently, such performances are very, very necessary

Kseniya was 14 december on Without the sun

A wonderful performance, very deep and truly bitter-Russian! Thank you!

Ivan was 28 november on Love and Slavery ("Fox and Grapes")

As always great

Ol`ga was 13 october on The Queen Mother

I expected more. I can not even find fault with the actors' play - it was on top - but still something was not enough ...

Al`bina was 13 october on Twelve months

Thank you so much! Great performance. Beautiful and talented actors! Got a lot of fun, about what they wrote a review in the theater and in the soc. Facebook network. We will come to you again !!! Moms Albina and Anastasia with three girls 4-5-6 years;).

Tat`yana was 21 november on Poison tunic

Good afternoon! Participation was the first time at the Theater. I liked the play of actors. Confused by the complete lack of scenery.

Andrey was 22 november on White roses, pink elephants

The performance is very strong! Makes you think about many things, takes care of your soul. Acting is simply incomparable! In a word: a masterpiece! I recommend everyone to see.

Aleksandr was 26 october on King Lear

I am ready to write a review about the performance on your site

Artem was 21 november on Poison tunic

4 out of 5

Anastasiya was 13 october on Twelve months

A wonderful idea. The child was very fond of 5 years.

Irina was 09 october on King Lear

The performance is so wonderful that yesterday we watched it a second time. Thank you!

Svetlana was 05 october on Thomas Fomich creates

A great game of actors! Only positive emotions! Thank you!

Marina was 15 december on Bloody wedding

The performance marries an excellent performance of the actors, the dances are dynamically and vividly inscribed into the play and give it extra rhythm and energy. Are satisfied and will come again!

Ul`yana was 21 december on Poison tunic

I love Nikolai Gumilev and I'm very glad that there is such a performance. "Poisoned tunic" - furious emotions, sensual bright love, chilling blood of passion and intrigue of such distant years, but how absolutely nothing in fact in this world has changed! Actors are laid out and live on stage in full. There is something to think about, besides, I got a lot of emotional pleasure. Great performance! Thank you very much for "Involvement" - intelligent, spiritual, spiritual and such an always interesting theater!

Sergey was 19 april on Talents and fans

What can be more enjoyable for viewing by a true connoisseur of beauty, if not our dear Russian classics, performed by wonderful artists? _) A chic performance, after watching which there is a desire to repeatedly return to the wonderful theater "Soprichastnost." I recommend.

Konstantin was 13 april on Bloody wedding

An unforgettable evening in a cozy, home theater. It is impossible to believe that the whole gamut of feelings and emotions could fit on this tiny scene, to the actors "Bravo!".

Only for children
Only adults
105005, Москва, Радио ул., 2
01 h 45 min
PREMIERE! AUTHOR: Bernard Shaw DIRECTOR: Svetlana Misery ACTORS: Maria Donskaya, Alexander Batrak, Roman Kamyshev, Anastasia Naumenko, Dmitry Negreev, Alexander Fastovsky, Artem Zhdanov Stormy life of a millionaire, told by a great classic and transferred by director Svetlana Misery to the language of a unique combination of psychological and social grotesque theater. Although the heroine of the play is disappointed in the respectable public of the masculine gender surrounding her, she does not lose hope for a meeting with a worthy man. The latter, as always, comes unexpectedly, in the wrong place, and even with its own conditions. In the title role - a luxurious Maria Donskaya, paradoxically combines on the stage refined sensuality and unerring logic.


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