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Theater "Satyricon" of Arkady Raikin

Feedbacks from viewers
Elena was 17 december on Scapen Wrappers

For a long time I have not held Beaumarchais, Goldoni, Lope de Vega, or Moliere as merry people. All the performances I have seen in different theaters over the past four years, since my audience's theatrical activity has increased, and there have been: the Tartuffs of the Pushkin Theater and the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, and the School of Wives at Fomenok and in Tabakov's studio, and the Imaginary Patient, The Valencian Widow, the New Apartment - in Vakhtangov, and the Carnival Joke for the Innkeeper in my beloved South-West - and so, nowhere did the "comedies" seem funny to me. She attributed it to the difference in the perception of humor between us modern, with the audience for which the famous comedians wrote. But today I was laughing. She laughed, slipping from an armchair in the hall, on Moliere ... And the Satyricon Theater named after Arkady Raikin gave me this joy, Konstantin Raikin staged with his troupe "Scapen's Rogues". Heroes, the same as Moliere's. And the action does not diverge from the plot, but so many funny pantomimes have been pushed in, such color and dialect have been given to the heroes that it is a pleasure to watch. Comrade-comrade, hurt my wounds, hurt my wounds deep. What is it? - you ask. This is the main theme of Scapena. He was once at odds with the law, so prison folklore is his. And the daughter of Argante, stolen and raised by the gypsies, opens the doors to the stage with gypsy motives. All this mixture of old French melodrama, crime chronicle, rap and tabor - creates an explosive fuse. And it smolders and smolders until the final explosion. I would only shorten it a little in the place where Scapin decides to hit Geronte with punches. Rather, he does not decide, but embodies his intention into action (the scene seemed a little drawn out, it’s tiring to laugh for so long). The result is one of those performances to which you want to jump up and drag your friends by the sleeve. Many thanks to the theater for the brilliant production. And of course I write down Satyricon to myself in the next Wishlist. I am completely unfamiliar with their repertoire, there is room for broadening my horizons.

Sergey was 17 november on Scapen Wrappers

We were with my wife on October 31. We go and read Moliere with pleasure. Unexpectedly, this production did not impress Moliere's comedies. It looks more like a parody, with integrated modern scenes and very meager scenery, in black and white. For an amateur!

Nadegda was 26 november on Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Nail

I really liked it, looked at one go .. The audience reacted perfectly and no one left the hall during the action. Great acting game. And this is not an imitation of Chekhov, but an attempt to rethink reality.

Irina was 18 october on #NoPushkin

Young actors who took part in this performance are great fellows! My applause related only to their skill. Almost all the poems chosen for the production are complete nonsense. It is a pity that the adult creators of the performance instill bad taste in very young people and try to convince them that this is literature and art. Moreover, they have to carry this mat and dirt to the audience. After "The Man from the Restaurant," my husband and I wanted to see the entire repertoire of the theater. Now - hardly ... It's a shame for Satyricon, Konstantin Arkadyevich.

Ludmila was 12 october on GAME OVER

I liked the performance! Followed the advice of sharing with children) True granddaughter took age 10+. In the intermission asked if she understood what the play? She said no. We talked ..... and taking into account 2 offices everything became clear. It is very cool to watch the performance in the small hall. The chamber situation makes it possible to more emotionally experience what is happening on the stage.

Elena was 24 september on All shades of blue

I was not ready for the fact that the plot so touched the depths of my soul and could not stop worrying about the fate of the hero even when the artists were already bowing. In my opinion, the play reflected absolutely diametrical opinions with respect to the current situation and this pleased, since the author did not impose his view on what was happening, but allowed himself to be judged. And of course you're thinking about those, and how would you behave and me as a teenager's mom it was very important! Children need to love what God sent them to us!

Tat`yana was 13 august on Don Juan

I liked the spectrum, and it was very gratifying that the main role played by Timothy Tribuntsev, immediately opened the context of the situation, it seemed that on the surface lies something that was previously invisible. A separate "bravo" to Anton Kuznetsov - delightful! And it seems to me that the waistcoats of the oarsmen, and the talk of the fishermen, are all to the point, it's all from our surrounding life. Konstantin Arkadevich - my stormy applause, jewelry work.

Mayya was 31 jule on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

Were with a friend on July 4, the play was supposed to be "King Lear", but there was a replacement on "My Voice", We were not upset, were pleased, listened with pleasure to Konstantin Raikin. He was great! Thank you!

Ol`ga was 30 jule on Don Juan

If he was even bald and his height was small, he still had a motive that he used to take on girls! Maybe Mozart was not enough for the motive?

Ol`ga was 30 jule on Don Juan

Not for nothing did Pushkin write it! The play is sad and moralizing! But Old Don Juan Samoilov for Konstantin Arkadyevich, a great reader, might be interesting

Vitaliy was 30 jule on Don Juan

I got a lot of fun from the game Tribuntsev and Raikin, and Anton Kuznetsov nominated for a personal "Oscar" for the role of the second plan, just the best !. Separate huge "thanks" Agrippina Steklova for the final monologue, it was how unexpected, so masterpiece and piercing to tears. Since the performance is premier and it will be refined, I can advise the authors to slightly shorten the first part, about 10 minutes, then everything will be perfect. To future viewers I advise going to this "Don Juan" prepared, will not only have to laugh, but also listen, hear and, in particular, think.

Marina was 30 jule on Don Juan

Yesterday they were at the play. Probably for my 50 years too avant-garde ... I tried to understand the idea, I could not. Actors play wonderful, but to come to Satyricon, just to look at the game of your favorite actors there is no desire, I want to still get joy from the plot and understanding the meaning. I went to several performances twice, always with good impression. I can not advise the performance to my acquaintances, that is, specifically I advise not to go.

Viktoriya was 30 jule on Willy-nilly doctor

Very dynamic performance. All the roles are played by three actors, and the heroes are about eight. Young actors are talented and are laid out for everything. I liked the performance. But there is no service. In the foyer there is a terrible stuffiness, and then we went into the hall, and there it was cold.

Ol`ga was 30 jule on Don Juan

I have not been in the Satyricon for a long time, I've always loved this theater, I watched all Shakespeare and Pushkin plays. Deep dissection, two good scenes, Sganarelle's monologue about wealth and poverty, pantomime with Elvira's brother! And everything else is bad, long, dull. Ah, Raikin would have to change places with Tribuntsev! A obsessive-orange vest rowers and the Chukchi dialect of fishermen, it's generally lower than Petrosyan's level!

Ol`ga was 30 jule on Don Juan

Yes, for this ambassador, even I would not go!

Larisa was 09 jule on The man from the restaurant

I liked the performance. Excellent game all actors. Thank you!

Tat`yana was 28 may on The non-dowry

We expected to see the classics, but in the end we watched a ridiculous attempt to replay "The Cruel Novel." Neither worse yet, I have not seen. The game is disgusting ..

Irina was 03 may on All shades of blue

Frowning on the topic of the play, but after reading the reviews, I thank my mind, which "insisted" to make the right choice in favor of this work. My whole company, consisting of men and women of 40 years of age, agrees with this opinion. To mat in my life I am very negative, and in the play - "on another you will not tell"! Affected unpleasantly sensitive issue, you are waiting for something so dirty, vulgar, unfamiliar, but no! It's simple, everything is as usual! Classic! "All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." The play still "lives" in my head. To all actors - BRAVO !!! AND HUGE THANKS !!!

Veronika was 02 march on The non-dowry

Great performance! Very interesting, perfectly set, young actors, play wonderful, sincere! I went once to a friend, I want more!

Veronika was 02 march on Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Nail

The play is stupid, frankly. I was bored.

Veronika was 02 march on All shades of blue

Excellent played, the topic is complex, so it was both funny and very sad, and sometimes hard, but vital and instructive.

Veronika was 02 march on London Show

Great performance !! Bright, musical, dynamic! Watched a few times!

Luda was 26 february on Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Nail

The actors are great, but ... The play is a weak imitation of Anton Chekhov, some spectators left after 40 minutes of boring action. For pensioners, to remember the past youth.

Elena was 21 february on All shades of blue

I liked it, still! I did not expect it myself ... like a sensitive topic, but it captured from beginning to end, even in two places until I cried ... Of course, there is something to popriratsya-to the mat on the stage and strong words (the military dad very much distinguished himself), to the musical of course, Tchaikovsky (well, if the play is about gay, what kind of music is it?), to floating swans on the stage (swan lake - well, how about it?) ... But in general, the play is strong, the actors play above all praise !! (especially the young actor Nikita Smolyaninov, who played the boy-just bravo !!!, Agrippina Steklov (mother) - bravo! And most importantly, I want to think about the fact that we are all different people, that everyone has their own cockroaches ... and do not judge - you will not be judged ..

Maksim was 27 december on The man from the restaurant

Pleasant performance. Dramatic. What is called "the rage of the day." It's a pleasure to look at Konstantin Arkadyevich. We must give credit to all the actors play very, very well.

Marina was 22 december on Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Nail

Many thanks for the performance! They looked with pleasure, told all friends and relatives. We advise very much.

Tat`yana was 05 december on The Gull

Bravo to the director, bravo actors !!!

Uliya was 29 november on K. Raykin. Evening with Dostoevsky

Raikin is an amazingly strong actor and a very deep person! This performance is rather for the prepared spectator, his perception strongly depends on the readiness of each particular viewer to hear. Nevertheless, I recommend, especially for older students, for the development of thinking abilities :-)

Uliya was 29 november on Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Nail

This holiday - all the actors are gorgeous, the production is beautiful, witty, looks in one breath! If you want to spend an evening pleasantly and with meaning, be sure to go to this performance!

Uliya was 29 november on All shades of blue

The performance is very strong! The actors play "on the rupture of the aorta", causing complete empathy for the audience and making you think. Bravo!

Marina was 10 december on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...


Olga was 10 december on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...


Irina was 08 january on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

We liked the play, Konstantin

Elena was 09 january on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

Thank you! Very strong impression. I think for a lifetime. Sorry, that the ticket was issued not at the entrance as promised, but at the checkout in the general queue.

Anna was 10 december on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

I really liked the play. For an hour and a half we laughed until we cried and thought about the sad. In general, a very bright impression. I saw some excerpts from the play on TV, but here they were read differently, so it was interesting to listen to them again.

Aleksandr was 10 december on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

Raikin is a brilliant artist. His yesterday's performance was great!

Galina was 08 january on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

I went to the play with great anticipation. Meeting with a talented person is always a gift. The hall was full, the audience listened to the master with great love. The concert was a breeze. Accompanied the artist standing up! Thank you!!!

Anna was 09 january on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

I can leave only the most positive feedback. A wonderful event and an excellent level of organization to purchase tickets!

Mihail was 09 january on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

The performance is very good! Thank you! From what did not like it: before the beginning they repeat for a very long time about mobile phones; after the performance they are roughly kicked out of the hall, although in the foyer a crush, plus Raikin regretted at least one verse for an encore

Svetlana was 10 december on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

Thank you, we are impressed, he opened poetry for us, and over the years it becomes only deeper and more juicy. The verses sounded clear, Constantine reported them through himself.

Nuratka was 10 december on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

I really liked the play.

Galina was 08 january on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

Very pleased!

Anastasiya was 09 january on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

The performance really liked! Two hours passed like five minutes! KA Raikin reads poetry, talks about himself.

Tat`yana was 08 january on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

At school New Year holidays she took the child (14 years) to serious things. The first half was on Hurray !!! Konstantin Arkadevich was irresistible. A great storyteller and a brilliant actor. Further difficult. Poems - this in itself is difficult, but those poems of that time are quite difficult. Sometimes he read brilliantly, and at times so shouted and waved his hands that lost all meaning and substance. Forgive me, I'm not a professional, of course, but it seems to me - it's hard to perceive an hour and a half of poetry. A little bit to dilute.

Viktoriya was 08 january on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

K.A. Raikin is a genius! Thank you!

Valentina was 10 december on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

A magnificent performance of a beautiful artist! Thank you!

Roman was 10 december on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

It was a delightful performance! Konstantin Arkadevich carried away his story from the first phrase and until the end of the concert kept the hall captivated by his monologue.

Ol`ga was 06 march on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

A stunning performance! Two hours without a break the hall is chained with his attention to the genius actor Konstantin Raikin. In one breath these two hours pass, and then you do not want to leave, you want him to read poetry more and more. It seems to me that no one reads poetry better than Raikin. It is necessary for everyone to go to this performance, see enough of Raikin and then want to revise all the performances with his participation. True, you sit and think, well, how can a person speak, feel, read, picture? I heard people's comments around after the performance, scraps of phrases, everyone was hypnotized by his talent. Thank you, Great Actor, Konstantin Raikin !!!

Ol`gp was 10 december on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

Thank you so much for the emotional pleasure you received!

Anastasiya was 08 january on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

To express your enthusiasm, it is difficult to find the right words! Very pleased! An ingenious, talented person! Regardless of this, a beautifully staged performance.

Matvey was 09 january on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

Raikin and his voice are a wonderful gift, to all lovers of poetry. Thank you!

Visitor was 08 january on Konstantin Raikin. In your voice ...

We really, really liked it! Konstantin Arkadevich - TALENTLY! Today I told my colleagues at work: many were interested in it. Many thanks!

Nadegda was 09 november on K. Raykin. Evening with Dostoevsky

She was at the play on November 7, 2017 with her husband and two sons (17 and 19 years old). The intrigue was that besides me no one knew what we were on. We went to Raikin, and before that we watched "Cyrano de Bergerac" and "The Man from the Restaurant". The game of Constantine Arkadievich always absorbs completely and there are no blunders! But, of course, Dostoevsky is not only perceived in any performance ... I really liked my husband, the eldest son even heard something familiar, and the younger often looked at his watch, but still, as it turned out, he also heard something ... It was a little hard to listen in combination with drummers - some words were lost, lost, and the missed word sometimes knocked out the whole phrase. An ideal performance for those who want to dig into themselves and once again try to be honest with themselves.

Sofiya was 16 october on GAME OVER

I liked the play very much! This is an eternal theme .... Young artists really surprised, wonderful roles, live, and do not play. Separately, I would like to mention the game played by the representative of the older generation "Satyricon" -Sergei Zarubin. Magnificent, piercing role! Master with the capital letter! The performance is recommended to everyone, especially the parents of teenagers for joint viewing with children.

Ekaterina was 01 october on King Lear

Was at the play on September 10. I really liked it! Today is October 1, and I'm still under the impression. I re-read "King Lear", for so many years the work, but the problems are still the same! Modern production, a wonderful game of actors, an impressive musical accompaniment! At times, they gave a goose bump to what was happening on stage. But I want to say that some people left after the first act.

Uliya was 30 november on The man from the restaurant

K.A. Raikin is as incomparable as ever! The Great Master speaks with the viewer about very important, always relevant, serious things: about self-esteem, freedom, faith, love ... I recommend for a thoughtful viewer!

Anna was 26 jule on Othello

A stunning performance. A brilliant play staged by a brilliant director. For the sake of such performances it is worth going to the theater. Timothy Tribuntsev, Denis Sukhanov, Mariana Spivak - bravo! One of the few performances that I want to come again. Thank you.

Uliya was 29 june on Zaklikuhi

Talented guys. I liked the performance. Very dynamic, interesting.

Uliya was 29 june on King Lear

Were on the King Lear on January 22. Impressions from the performance are ambiguous. The production is unusual. It is expressed both in the costumes of the characters and in music and in the interior. Costumes and interior of course can not be attributed to the IX century AD. (time of action). But probably the point is not of course, but that I could not fully understand the tragic history of King Lear. When you read a play, it becomes painful and pitiful for the great ruler of Britain, but it does not get hooked. It is not clear even why: the actors play at the height, all without exception laid out during the performance. You can only say Bravo !! But I would not like to see actors spitting on stage (there were too many of them and too many wails). Konstantin Raikin is, of course, a great master, to be sure. Thank you for his great skill and great heart. But in general the performance did not like. Perhaps there could have been other impressions if the production were in a more familiar classical style.

Inna was 12 june on K. Raykin. Evening with Dostoevsky

25.02.16 were on "Evening with Dostoevsky". Very impressed! Thanks to Konstantin Raikin for the accessible introduction to Dostoevsky's work !!!

Tat`yana was 18 june on The man from the restaurant

Each performance with the participation of Konstantin Arkadyevich Raikin is a real masterpiece! Stunning play of actors, immediately felt Raikinskaya school, everything is polished to shine. The plot of the beginning of the 20th century, is still relevant today. Everything is intertwined: love and hate, relationships between close people, betrayal and envy, the ability to save face. Konstantin Arkadevich, Vygieny. Thank you for all the performances and productions!

Tat`yana was 26 june on All shades of blue

Great performance! Can not leave anyone indifferent! At the end of the play, she just sobbed! Thanks to all the actors, Nikita Smolyaninov's game was especially shocking! Bravo, Konstantin Arkadevich, for such an amazing production!

Ol`ga was 18 june on The man from the restaurant

The play touched the depths of my soul! It seemed that we, the spectators, were transferred to the beginning of the 20th century by the time machine, and we see how ordinary people lived, felt and experienced. We see how they look like us, because, in general, human nature does not change, only the scenery of time changes. Many thanks to all the actors! I want more than once to come to the performances of "Satyricon"!

Uliya was 26 june on All shades of blue

The performance is amazing emotionally ... in a good way shaking the soul! Actors play on the gap in the literal sense ... for a second the consciousness is not distracted by the fact that "this is a performance, but in life everything is not so ...." in life everything is SO ... and from this fear ... bitterness. .. experiences occurring on stage are even more pronounced in the mind and soul ... The play makes you think ... think the next day ... in a day ... This performance is not just necessary to watch, but it is very important ...

Aleksandr was 06 june on Taming

One of the best performances I've ever seen. Dynamism, an instant change of scenery, a great game of actors, Osipov, Steklovoy - it's something! The musical component - an unusual and pleasant surprise) Leave the hall in a great mood! I thank the actors and the director!

Alina was 28 june on GAME OVER

Great performance! At one time I saw in him Abdulov and Dogilev. I caught myself thinking during the play "But Satirikon's Youth Is Not Worse." The small hall gives a tremendous opportunity to be involved in what is happening and empathy because - more vivid and emotional.

Tat`yana was 03 november on The man from the restaurant

The play "The Man from the Restaurant" made a great impression. Three hours passed quickly, so even being in the box the feeling of participation in the play was strong. Each cue, every moment found a response in the soul. In itself, the work is interesting and profound, addressed to the human soul. The fact that the protagonist of the whole play told the story helped to see how according to this story the scene revived, to feel how each person from history became closer and clearer, to recognize in this understanding of himself and his life. Many thanks to all the actors, Konstantin Arkadyevich and everyone who created this performance. What time is I convinced precisely in this theater, how important it can be not only how the actor plays, but how everything works for this image. With gratitude, Tatyana.

Elena was 06 june on Taming

Dynamic, unusual, really liked !!!! I liked the actor, Artem Osipov.

Ol`ga was 26 june on All shades of blue

The play shocked. Once again for myself, I noticed that the main thing in life is love.

Flamegadgets@Mail.Ru was 30 june on All shades of blue

The performance is very lively, full of humor, with a superbly accomplished director's work, which includes, as is usually the case in the Satyricon, an excellent acting game. The topic touched is not simple, at the first minute a few people not ready for such a theatrical journey left the room; But the social acuteness of the conflict on the scene immerses each viewer in a guaranteed unforgettable adventure. With the ending, unfortunately, everything is not so smooth: the minor note of the narrative is very much stretched, while from the first monologue it is absolutely clear that the director and the author of the play want to convey to the viewer. I understand the purpose of the used techniques, strong emotional overload and bringing the viewer to disgust. But disgust follows, unfortunately, boredom and eager anticipation of the end with accompanying glance at the clock. The only reason for this is the tightness of the final act. I think it is necessary to visit, but not forgetting to drop the barriers of peremptory conservatism.

Natal`ya was 28 june on The Gull

It was awesome! It's worth seeing! There are no words. Butusov - continuous tear. Lives, directing, games.

Evgeniya was 06 june on Taming

Good afternoon. I really liked the play "The Taming" in the Satyricon Theater, but my wife did not. This performance is declared as a farce with an intermission, so it is. "Taming" is a farce comedy. Bright actors, modern music, the plot, the scenery create an amazing, joyful mood.

Margarita was 05 may on K. Raykin. Evening with Dostoevsky

Were at the play on May 5. Impressions are very strong, as well as from all solo performances I've ever seen ("Contrabass" and a creative evening) by Konstantin Raikin. The energy of the actor is simply rabid, the performance is saturated and emotionally, and intellectually, but does not leave a heavy or oppressive impression. Very good performance.)

Tat`yana was 25 april on London Show

The performance is funny, and touching, and sometimes - absolutely fascinating. Have fun.

Irina was 29 june on King Lear

A stunning performance. Along with the play "Richard III" - the legend of the theater. Strong production, an amazing play of actors. The power of the spectacle is incredible. Everything is great - from music and light, to scenography and scenery. Leaving the theater "you survive" and you scroll this performance in your memory for several days. This is the strongest theatrical impression in my life. In my opinion, such was the dramatic theater. I will definitely go again to this play.

Margarita was 09 may on London Show

I liked the performance. Especially good, in my opinion, is Grigory Siyatvinda in the role of Mr. Doolittle.

Kristina was 15 june on The Gull

One of the favorite performances, from which began the acquaintance and endless love of Yuri Butusov. Such a strange, extravagant and at the same time tragic, rock history I have not seen on the stage of the theater for a long time. Very like Agrippina Steklov in the role of Nina Zarechnaya. The play, in which Butusov's style is perfectly clear, all these mise-en-scenes, a table (a permanent companion), musical accompaniment and, of course, Faustas Latenas, who created the main theme of the production. The director himself is on the stage, participates along with the actors in the whole swirl of passions. Favorite performance, I advise everyone!

Alina was 17 june on K. Raykin. Evening with Dostoevsky

June 17, 2015 went to this play. Terrific! This is a masterpiece! With Dostoevsky did not work out yet from the school bench .... I do not cherish a special love for him. But Konstantin Raikin reads incomparably and presents Dostoevsky !!! The lump of talent, such power and energy that you do not want the end of the play. Grateful spectators standing and ovations for a long time did not let go of their favorite actor. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristina was 29 june on King Lear

The tragic story of King Lear and his daughters. Such a diverse Konstantin Raikin, the role is very suitable for him, he copes with it superbly. Riot of colors and light, words and music. Of course, Yuri Butusov - the king of the finals. The final scene of "King Lear" is confirmed. A dark scene, amazing heartbreaking music, the daughters of the king, whom he tries unsuccessfully to revive ... Averin became the opening of the evening, it turned out that he could be anything but a doctor and a "cop"! Bravo!

Ekaterina was 15 june on The Gull

Until recently, "The Seagull" was not my favorite work, although I read it and watched performances in other theaters. But what I saw on June 6 in the "Satyricon" turned my idea about the "Seagull", and about Chekhov, and about life, too. Once again I was convinced that Y. Butusov was a brilliant director. The cast is super! It is very difficult to describe what happens in the head after a performance, but does not let go. I really want to review again. Definitely the performance is not for everyone (especially not for those who like classical productions).

Evgeniya was 27 june on London Show

Good afternoon. The play "London Show" in the theater "Satyricon" I really liked. Everyone knows the story of the flower girl Elsa and the linguist is presented in a colorful and unordinary way. Charismatic actor's game will not leave anyone indifferent. Also staggered the stakes of "silent cinema", it was very cool. Thank you very much for positive emotions and a great time.

Tat`yana was 06 june on Taming

A stunning performance, a magnificent cast, an unusual production, everything in motion, music, plastic, actors' play, were not watching. Thank you! We recommend everyone an unforgettable sight.

Katerina was 06 june on Taming

05/02/2015 were at the Satirikon Theater "Taming". An interesting modernized production. Actors played from the heart, it seems you were one of the heroes. Thanks bigbilet for the opportunity to plunge into the world of art.

Natal`ya was 05 april on Taming

I liked the performance. I especially want to mention the excellent game of A. Steklovoy! Bravo!

Galina was 12 june on K. Raykin. Evening with Dostoevsky

Bravissimo! Raikin is incomparable! The play is perceived in one breath, it makes you think deeply ... and not for one day! Do not go to the play, if you are tuned for entertainment, but be sure to go, if you are a true theater-goer!

Margarita was 28 april on K. Raykin. Evening with Dostoevsky

Raikin is great, but the performance is hard to perceive, you need to be ready, that there will be "madness".

Ekaterina was 06 june on Taming

Visited this event on February 28, were satisfied, an excellent cast of actors, a wonderful game, thank you very much for the excellent impressions.

Irina was 27 june on London Show

Good performance! I liked very much how Artem Osipov and Grigory Siyatvind played.

Tat`yana was 05 february on Taming

Great performance! Got a huge charge and an excellent evening. Artists are super!

Vera was 24 february on Taming

I always enjoy visiting performances of the Satirikon Theater. Yesterday looked "Taming" and once again was happy for the actors and the production. So modern to tell such a long and well-known story you need to be able to. And most importantly - there is a measure in everything, so that both young and old were interested. Well done!

Mariya was 08 february on London Show

Were with my husband on February 7. A stunning performance! Very touching, "live" scenes! Humor is thin, the characters are multifaceted! Great text, the game! The actors are gorgeous! Yusupova - umnichka (with pleasure I will follow her creativity)! Nifontova is gorgeous! Osipov perfectly conveyed the character of the hero, and it is impossible to imagine more, although they expected to see Averin))) but Artem is good for one hundred percent! Siyatvinda - "sway" (in the best sense)! The atmosphere in the theater is spiritual! The scenery is thought out to the last detail, music, "silent cinema" ... - Bravo maestro, Konstantin Raikin! Grieved one thing: quickly left the actors, not giving the viewer how to properly give an ovation ... well, or what I do not understand)) You gave us a magical mood. This quivering feeling I will remember in memory for a long time! La la la la la la la ...

Andrey was 22 february on London Show

Great performance ... I advise everyone !!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET)

Angelika was 15 february on King Lear

Yesterday (15.02) were at the play King Lear. Remained delighted! A wonderful play of actors, especially the king (played by Constantine). In general, the performance impresses with its emotionality! There is 3 hours with a standard intermission, but time flies by unnoticed. Thank you very much to all the actors, I advise you to visit this performance.

Aleksandr was 15 february on King Lear

A wonderful statement of the classical play. For the first time I saw Raikin and Averin outside the TV screen. They did not disappoint. Modern scenery and costumes do not distract, emphasizing the emotions of actors. The composition is optimally selected. I advise you to visit.

Ekaterina was 29 june on King Lear

Another production of Shakespeare from Butusov. Heresy. I did not understand and could not look at all. I looked at Raikin in the theater - ticked it. She left with the second action.

Nataliya was 27 february on Taming

Performance "no". The modernized version was not impressed by anything: neither the actors' performance nor the plot. It can not be said that the performance is poorly performed, but it left no impressions. Just stayed time.

Marat was 06 june on Taming

When after the performance the audience clapped quite actively, I remembered the movie "Kin Dza Dza" - - "people like it" after the performance of the "masterpiece" "Mom, Mom, what will I do ...". And also came to mind a fairy tale about the naked king!

Aleksey was 12 june on K. Raykin. Evening with Dostoevsky

Raikin's gorgeous game, as always. A crazy change in the emotions of an actor who can alone hold the attention of a huge hall throughout the entire performance. Recommendation: be sure to go.

Masya was 01 february on London Show

Mastery, feedback and inexpressible emotions! The performance takes place in one breath, the actors are brilliant! All very, very much!

Elena was 13 february on Taming

Great! Liked! Cheer up! We want more!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Шереметьевская ул., 2
03 h 00 min

Each theater should grow to "Pygmalion", says Konstantin Raikin. "Satyricon" is growing.

The history of the city of Cinderella, in which the arrogance and selfishness are punished, and the one who was tamed has tamed the one who tamed. Konstantin Raikin chose an unusual style for his performance: he immersed the story about the sudden love of a scholar-philologist and his dirty student into an atmosphere of silent cinema.

Direct associations with Chaplin's masterpieces were fixed by music from black and white films and a flickering, inconsistent light in wordless episodes.

"A lady differs from a flower girl not by the way she keeps herself, but by the way she is held."
The play, more precisely, a musical show on the famous comedy of Bernard Shaw about the British Cinderella.
Professor of linguistics Higgings, a simple London flower girl Eliza, dirty and ignorant, turns into a secular lady. So the ancient Greek sculptor Pygmalion revived his marble statue with his love.
Two English gentlemen argued about whether it is possible to teach a simple girl to speak English and behave like an aristocrat. Higgins won the argument, but lost peace. He fell in love with Eliza.
Is it that the stale biscuit and the errant girl can be happy together?
The action of the play was postponed to the era of silent cinema. Melodies from the films of Charlie Chaplin. Black and white panorama of London 1920's.
Eliza plays the guitar and sings songs of those years. Sparkling show with bright and comical heroes, funny tricks and a lot of musical numbers.
"Did you meet men who would be decent in dealing with women?"


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