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Theater project "Nika"

Feedbacks from viewers
Oleg was 30 october on Warsaw melody

Thanks for the wonderful performance! Julia Khlynina shocked me, did not expect such a talent from a young actress in our time. I was familiar with the work of Yegor Beroev before, I really like his work. Light and bright. Aesthetically very beautiful: decorations and lighting and video projections. There are many good emotions. Well done! Thanks!

Natal`ya was 06 april on Once on an ice floe

Were at the play on March 21! Very pleased! Recommended!

Natal`ya was 06 april on Once on an ice floe

I want to say more about the scenery! Very natural and realistic. It looks great on the stage. Thank you, have received great pleasure!

Elena was 05 april on Once on an ice floe

Sumptuously! Just a masterpiece ... We were in March at the premiere, we were given tickets by acquaintances. And they are very grateful that they were on such a strong performance. Today we bought tickets and wait until the 29th. The second time we want to feel all the power of meaning and philosophy. To all the actors and everyone who created the Spectral-RESPECT ...

Eva was 05 april on Once on an ice floe

VERY STRONG AND DEEPLY POSITION !! not a comedy! There were moments when the tear was dipping, and somewhere the smile itself was stretched. Strong monologues and the fact that some words of the actors were forced to see some of the words of the actors in themselves ... an unusual format of the performance and brilliant (not played, it is the live performance of the actors). Yasulovich is incomparable. In general, in such performances it is very interesting to watch the actors play, listen to every word. and what unique director's discoveries !!! We were at the premiere of the speacle at the Yermolova Theater went with friends with two family paramy) and remained in uttermost rapture. very glad that among the usual empty and stupid commercial music there are such magnificent performances like this !!! More than a week passed, and we still remember with shivers !!! It was STRONG !!!! Bravo!!!

Elena was 30 march on Once on an ice floe

Interesting and bright performance. Unexpected combination of dolls and actors in a dramatic performance. Despite the fact that the action takes place in the American outback, the story is very close and understandable to us. Perfect Igor Nikolaevich Yasulovich you believe every word of it, every look, every pause, filled with great meaning - Bravo!

Konstantin was 22 march on Once on an ice floe

It's even strange that such respected actors play in this action. I can not call it a work or a play. I thought that, as a fisherman, it would be interesting for me to listen to reflections on the meaning of life on an ice floe. Wrong. The plot is zero.

Elena was 22 march on Once on an ice floe

It was unfortunate to be today on the notorious "masterpiece" What to say? For a long time, I did not get so much negativity, leaving the theater. No humor, no bewitching game, no more than something reminiscent of the plot-it was nothing. The main reaction of the hall was a coughing then here and there and lonely laughs, most likely, those who began to join the beautiful already in the buffet, before the start of the play. To say that I'm disappointed, do not say anything. One good thing is this action at 21.40, giving us the opportunity to take advantage of enough not late time and a program yatsya tsentru.Pozor by the director, who did not hesitate to put such mediocrity!

Elena was 17 jule on Warsaw melody

Great performance! Looks at one go. Causes a storm of emotions - and joy, and romantic hopes, and sadness, and bitterness ... Nonna Grishaeva and Yegor Beroev play selflessly, their heroes are real! Everything is thought out and done very beautifully - and the music, and unobtrusive scenery, and costumes - are all atmospheric and imbued with the spirit of the time in question. Bravo!

Only for children
Only adults
107140, Москва, Комсомольская пл., 4
02 h 30 min
"Mysterious Variations" of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt - a play with an unpredictable luring plot. Philosophy and love. Earthly love and irrational.
Two opposite views of love, devotion, betrayal ...
The fundamental idea of this many-sided play is the impossibility to fully understand another, even a loved one. His soul - as "Mysterious variations".
The subtle and accurate psychological development of the characters of the wonderful cast (Gosha Kutsenko, Grigory Siyatvinda, Olga Lomonosov), the “audacity” of the stage decision of director Vladimir Mirzoyev will interest those who love a sharp plot, and those who respect good literature.


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Mysterious Variations
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Mysterious Variations
Purchased earlier: 61
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