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Feedbacks from viewers
Karina was 07 august on Valery Syutkin & Light Jazz

Soulful and warm concert. Great songs and great entertainers. Narrator Syutkin is wonderful! :)

Uliya was 07 august on Valery Syutkin & Light Jazz

besides admiration and delight there is nothing to say, BRAVO, received a positive charge for a long time

Mihail was 08 jule on Lonely mocking

I liked it. I recommend to look.

Elena was 15 january on Stas Namin's group "FLOWERS"

We were very pleased with the concert. Buying tickets through BigBicket is very convenient. Hall in the CHA liked, small and cozy, with comfortable seating. The musicians of the group "Flowers" worked the concert for all 100! We created an unforgettable holiday feeling, it was the best New Year's Eve in my life. Thank!

Elena was 09 january on Lonely mocking

A wonderful performance, the actors play excellent. Bravo!

Elena was 18 december on Stas Namin's group "FLOWERS"

Great concert! The purchase of tickets is very simple: after payment, tickets are tied to the BigBilet card, which you must enter at the entrance and receive printed tickets. All VIA concerts in the CHA are a good, very cozy room.

Elena was 09 november on Sergey Zakharov


Vladlena was 08 january on Sergey Zakharov

Thank you! Parents liked the concert!

El`vira was 09 november on Sergey Zakharov

Everything was wonderful, and the performances of artists (AG Kogan conquered the whole audience), and the organization of the event. Thank you.

Victoria was 09 november on Sergey Zakharov


Dmitry was 02 january on Group "SAMOTSVETY" n / a Yuri Malikov

I liked it very much. All perfectly. Thank you.

Larisa was 06 january on False mirror

Concert wonderful, enjoyed! I would like to buy ticket tickets for a disco-90 for April

Valeriy was 23 february on False mirror

Many thanks for the pleasure!

Svetlana was 02 january on False mirror

This is not a crooked mirror, but just artists and cheating on time, I paid for 2 hours, and they at 1 hour 40 minutes shalturili.

Emma was 15 november on False mirror

Good time, they were at a concert on November 15, 2014, they did not cause any special impressions, rather they should go to those who shoot for air. The theater works interesting, funny. But if you want to surprise the guests, then as before, and wrote only for the shooting.

Yana was 29 march on False mirror

March 29, 2014 in the CHA, we visited the unique theater Crooked Mirror. We were very pleased, we all liked it very much: artists, hall, atmosphere. Thank you very much.

Anna was 23 february on False mirror

Well, sometimes jokes are vulgar.

Rimma was 02 january on False mirror

Thank you very much, I really enjoyed it

Zoya was 26 march on False mirror

I liked the performance very much. Went a big company. The jokes were not stupid or vulgar. There was only a great impression!

Tat`yana was 23 february on False mirror

Thank you all very much!

Nataliya was 04 january on False mirror

In general, I liked it. Did not like: the duration of 1.5 hours instead of the announced 2 hours. A greater number of participants was expected.

Svetlana was 08 march on False mirror

Had a great time, fun, easy and healthy! )))

Elena was 03 january on False mirror

Good humor. A small hall, everything is perfectly visible. It's a pity that there are so few actors left. It's very convenient to go anywhere either on an electronic ticket. I liked everything with my husband.

Svetlana was 28 march on False mirror

Thank you for the evening. We liked everything) It's nice to see artists live, not on TV.

Svetlana was 15 november on False mirror

Were at the play on November 15 in the Central House of Representatives did not like the presentation. The permanent participants of the "Crooked Mirror" -GOLD PARODY on the Crooked Mirror !!! I do not advise. For this money it's better to go to the concert-shooting of the Curve mirror. It's a pity for the money and time spent !!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Барклая ул., 9
02 h 00 min


Comedy drama in two parts

... Unique, not invented by the authors, but the true humor of Faina Ranevskaya, her brightest images, the most ridiculous of her anecdotes, her aphorisms most apt, her most tragicomic moments.

The time of action is the last year of the life of the great actress and man.

The scene of action is her Moscow apartment.

You will have fun, but ...


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