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Theater "Na Basmannoy"

Feedbacks from viewers
Uliya was 10 october on The Magic Lamp of Aladdin

Good day! I went to the play with the boys of 9 and 12 years old! We looked at one breath and I and they !!! Beautiful voices, plastic, humor !!! I liked it very much !!! Thank you very much !!!

Larisa was 16 jule on Hello I'm your aunt!

Easy, cheerful performance. We watched with my husband in one breath. Irina Sukhanova, Dmitry Oparichev - incomparable! I recommend.

Rihter Mariya Valer`evna was 23 march on Bagatelle

A wonderful performance, beautiful, cheerful, takes place in one breath. Young artists are all like one, they are good.

Ekaterina was 26 december on Wedding foxtrot

Soul atmosphere, a wonderful find with a musical component. Actors with courage. A wonderful time spent. Thanks artists and organizers.

Uliya was 14 february on The man behind the door

Excellent actors and fun, from live music to a slightly naive comedy let you enjoy the magical atmosphere of the theater.

Elena was 15 february on Wedding foxtrot

A wonderful performance! Fun and witty! Chekhov AP + a game of actors "from the heart" = excellent mood!

Rihter Mariya Valer`evna was 27 december on The man behind the door

December 27 saw the performance of the Theater on Basmannaya. Unfortunately, there is no program, so we can not name the performers, but Syuzon and Rosita were a miracle as well, and Monsieur Martin is completely irresistible. The only drawback of the performance was that the orchestra played too loudly for such a small hall. But this is the fly in the ointment, which failed to spoil the barrel of honey. Thank you!

Aleksandr was 14 february on The man behind the door

Yesterday I watched this performance. First of all, it's a vaudeville. Secondly, I looked at Vysotsky's house. With a slightly weak start since the second third tightens. If there is no disgust for the operetta and musicals, I advise you to go.

Elizaveta was 27 october on The Magic Lamp of Aladdin

Thank you for the performance. I and the child 6 years have enjoyed. The impression was overshadowed by the fact that the youngest 3.5 years was very frightened of your Jafar. Next time we will come to something more simple.

Svetlana was 21 december on The Princess of the Circus

Interesting and bright performance. The action takes place in the circus and the costumes of the heroes are appropriate. Kalman's music and singing are incomparable, the main character is very good! What a strong, beautiful voice in the actress. And the script, thank God, is far from the standard operetta. The filmmakers write in the program that it's a detective, and really looked at one breath until the very end.

Irina was 27 october on How to live married

The combination of music, voices, performance is very harmonious, the author's drama is alive, the costumes are organic. I wanted to hear artists without microphones and see more emotion in the greed. Do you like m.gouro. Thank you for a pleasant evening.

Elena was 17 december on The Snow Maiden

I liked it very much. There were many children in the hall. And although Rimsky-Korsakov's music is not easy to understand, the wonderful play of actors draws Berendeyev into the fairy-tale world. Because it's not an opera, and the musical, even children of a younger school age, perceived the performance with a bang! Although the stage was full of children's passions.

Dar`ya was 05 jule on The Princess of the Circus

Complete hackwork, costumes and scenery are not allowed. Tickets were bought as a gift, the gift was spoiled. More to your theater will not come. The installers let them review the films.

Mihail was 27 october on The Magic Lamp of Aladdin

The performance is amazing. Only the terminal for e-tickets did not work and our counterparts were issued. Extra pains.

Elena was 01 jule on Violet of Montmartre

I went to the play with the feeling that I would not see anything new. But that shock that I experienced does not lend itself to any description. Huge gratitude to the art director, who found a new reading of the classical production. Sparky humor combined with beautiful voices and Kalman's music leave an indelible impression.

Anastasiya was 25 march on Cat in the Boots

A wonderful performance. I liked both adults and children 3 and 7 years. A cannibal is a very bright character. The princess is delicious. As always at the height of the theater!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Басманная Нов. ул., 37/1
01 h 50 min
Enter description KIT IN BOOTS Completely new fairy tale with a good end This musical performance for those who love adventure, really good poetry, quality singing and, of course, everyone who is not indifferent to cats. In front of you will appear the Ogre, who dreams of playing the violin, the Princess-under-princess, Jacques-simpleton, and, of course, the cat that we will not talk about yet. Come - see for yourself! Composer Yury Alyabov Script Sophia Prokofiev Poems by Henry Sapgir, Yuri Alyabov Stage Director Zhanna Terteryan


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