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Khondzinsky Nikolay Pavlovich

Feedbacks from viewers
Irina was 07 september on New Year with Antonio Vivaldi

Lovely room. Very beautiful, majestic. Great acoustics. Unfortunately, the concert itself did not disappoint. Expected an easy festive aftertaste from this concert. Alas. The program was not happy enough. Yes, and the well-known "Seasons" Vivaldi sounded unsettled, with a violation of the pace. Bach sounded a little better. We will never go to this collective again.

Galina was 05 january on New Year and Christmas with Vivaldi

Unfortunately, I did not like the concert. Hall: very beautiful, but ... The musicians are sitting at the same level as the audience, not on the dais. This means that sitting next to the third row is not visible. And we sat on the 16th))) Acoustics: does not sound, there is no volume. completeness of sound. Execution: the impression is that the training, and not the concert orchestra, plays. Something with pace, sometimes there is no ensemble. Perhaps, the collective had few rehearsals in this hall with its specific acoustic characteristics. In short, the festive mood (and this is the "New Year with Vivaldi"!), We did not receive.

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Mozart’s requiem is not just one of the greatest peaks in the history of world music. This is living evidence of the divine origin of the Mozart genius. Moreover, it is living evidence of the divine origin of music in general. After all, it is with certainty that we can say with confidence that it is capable of working miracles, is capable of transforming souls. Experiencing it, you experience the deep tragedy of life - a life in which suffering, separation, death are inevitable. But experiencing it, and dying, you seem to be born again - because suddenly you find hope that no one will ever be able to take away.
What is the source of hope? It's a secret. There are many secrets in the history of the creation of the Requiem itself. The “Black Man”, stolen authorship, loss and gaining ... Now Requiem has a special place - both in world music history and in every heart that, once touched, is forever saved in it as a mysterious personal treasure.
November 27 at 19.00 Mozart's Requiem - FOR THE FIRST TIME! - will sound in the revived Cathedral Chamber, under the historical arches of the Moscow Hall with its unique atmosphere. A musical event that will become part of your personal story.
Chamber chapel Russian Conservatory, artistic director and conductor Nikolai Khondzinsky


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A. Vivaldi "The Seasons"
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A. Vivaldi "The Seasons"
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