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Central Museum of Musical Culture of M.I.Glinka

Feedbacks from viewers
Maria was 27 april on Travel with string orchestra

Thank you for the concert. The soprano Polina was impressed. Elementary school musicians were ruthlessly fake, but children listened to it. Thank you and good luck!

Sidds was 27 april on Travel with string orchestra

The splendor of the classics at the junction of the older and younger generation of performers. A wonderful concert from the Orchestra of the St. Richter Children's Art School.

Sidds was 27 april on Travel with string orchestra

Great trip with the friendship of the old and new generation of the Richter school - is breathtaking and lets in sentimentality.

Inna was 05 february on Exhibition Sound And ...

Were at the exhibition with his son, 4 years. All tried, everything was interesting. And to blow pipes, and to play music on the violin, drums and synthesizer, and press on gas in the city))) The exhibition is super. Many thanks.

Elena was 02 jule on Exhibition Sound And ...

Were at the exhibition with an 11-year-old daughter, but we, adults, themselves as children in admiration tried everything !!! I'm 42 years old, but I'm into drums and on an electronic violin and found out my timbre, which I have a rumor and a bunch of all ... 1.5 hours was not enough to get around everything! Administration - very courtesy! VERY VERY SATISFIED !!!! THANK YOU "BIGBILET" for cooperation with such interesting projects.

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The collection of musical instruments of the Russian National Museum of Music is one of the largest and most significant in the world in terms of its scientific and historical value. It has more than 3,000 musical instruments and is constantly updated with new exhibits.

The exhibition presents about a thousand of the most interesting and culturally-historical exhibits. Here, instruments of different historical eras, countries and continents are combined in time and space: traditional instruments of the peoples of the world, professional instruments of the European tradition, musical instruments that are ubiquitous mainly in the amateur environment, mechanical and first electronic instruments, early samples of sound recording and reproducing devices.

The traditional musical instruments on display are the most characteristic of each country, but at the same time they have features characteristic of the musical culture of the whole region. Professional tools are represented by the most valuable, having great scientific and historical value instances. Their sequence allows us to trace the important stages in the development and improvement of a particular type of instrument. Many tools attract with the brightness and sophistication of decorative finishes, original forms or materials of manufacture.

The pride of the museum collection is memorial instruments, among which the balalaika of virtuoso performer, organizer and leader of the first orchestra of Russian folk instruments V.V. Andreeva; "Enharmonic grand piano" of the famous Russian writer, philosopher and musician Prince V.F. Odoevsky, harmonium S.V. Rachmaninov, violin D.F. Oistrakh, harp K.A. Airedale, pipe M.I. Tabakova, saxophones of the jazz musician G.A. Garanyan, the "giant drum kit" of the famous drummer R. Shafi.

The exposition "Musical Instruments of the World" is located in five rooms, each of which is made in a special color artistic design.

The first hall presents a collection of musical instruments of the peoples of Russia, which is one of the most extensive and historically valuable in the museum collection. It includes both Russian folk instruments and traditional instruments of the peoples of the Volga region, the North Caucasus, Siberia and the Far East. A collection of European musical instruments can be seen in the second room, which presents both traditional folk instruments and instruments that have become widespread in the musical life of many countries. Musical instruments of the peoples of Africa, Cuba and Latin America make up the exposition of the third hall. The fourth hall presents varieties of string, wind and percussion instruments that make up the opera, symphony and wind orchestras. The exposition of the fifth hall demonstrates various mechanical instruments - music boxes, boxes, a barrel organ, a piano with a mechanical device, as well as the first sound recording and reproducing devices.


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