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Russian Spiritual Theater "GLAS"

Feedbacks from viewers
Nataly was 27 september on The fairy-tale world of K.Chukovsky

Were at the play "The Fairy World of K. Chukovsky." I liked it very much. Fun, musical and funny. And I liked the small room.

Ol`ga was 12 february on We will live - we will not die!

As always, brilliantly.We are with you!

Only for children
Only adults
115184, Москва, Татарская Б. ул., 29
02 h 00 min

Based on the works of V.М. Shukshin

Duration of the performance - 2 hours (no intermission)

At the heart of the performance are Shukshin's stories "Mother's Dreams", "The Wife of her husband went to Paris", "In the cemetery" and other journalism, notes from his notebooks and diaries. They organically intertwined with stories from the collection "Orthodox wonders of the XX century." Sound wonderful Russian folk songs in the treatment of Sergei Zhukov, rattling ditties, born on the famous Shukshin land - Altai.

Theatrical version: zasl. dejat. claim. RF N. Astakhov, hon. art. RF T. Belevich

Directed by: zasl. dejat. claim. RF Nikita Astakhov

The composer: засл. dejat. claim. The Russian Federation. S. Zhukov

Scenography and costumes - zasl. thin. RF N. Gaponova, T. Petrova-Latysheva

We are not insane. The world around us is crazy.

You do not have to laugh at patients. They need to be diagnosed.

Or diagnose yourself. And the whole society.

And we all just moved with the mind. We are all absolutely crazy. On how to look better, how much to earn, on what car to go, what restaurants to go to. If you walk at all ...

We all play by somebody's rules. We accept everything as it is. And completely forget how it should be in reality.

We forget about the Russian land, about our country, our roots. That upset your soul.

Enough to be guests in your own country. Shake off the soul hangover nonsense .. And today I'll come back to you, my nelaskaya Russia.

The purer a person, the stronger he is attached to his native land.

But there is always someone who knows the truth.

Listen, listen. He will tell you the whole truth.


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