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Feedbacks from viewers
Svetlana was 02 may on Uncle Gilyay or Moscow 100 years ago

I liked the event very much !!!

Elena was 12 january on Uncle Gilyay or Moscow 100 years ago

1. The guide is a good expert, but a bad storyteller (cf. Sergievskaya, completely the opposite). 2. The bus almost anywhere could not stop because of paid parking. 3. The topic is not fully disclosed, about Gilyarovsky - few, many distractions to other topics. In summary, it is preferable that the author conducts the tour, and not just an expert in Moscow, and it would be good if the author had the skills to work with the audience.

Alla was 13 december on Friday the 13th

Special thanks to IG. Sergievsky, as always great! But the windows at the bus should be clean, so that the guide and excursionists did not experience any discomfort !!!

Uliya was 24 january on Under the Masonic Cover

Excellent excursion !!! Many thanks to the guide for interesting facts and an exciting journey. It is important - to dress warmer in winter :) because the excursion is also on foot.

Aleksandr was 24 january on Secrets of Forgotten Manors

Very interesting and informative excursion to historical places of Moscow. Many historical facts, of which I did not know and did not guess, like such - on what ponds is now the zoo, the Khrunichev plant in the past was a factory of the German Junkers, the history of industrialists and patrons of Soldatenkov, Shelaputin, Solodovnikov and their contribution to the development of the city. Now everything is forgotten ... Too little time for such an excursion. And thank you very much Irina Irina Viktorovna for the endless stream of knowledge on the history of Moscow!

Natal`ya was 29 december on A fabulous journey through New Year's Moscow

Thank you. All is well. It's a pity that without Tver. We ourselves reached it.

Ella was 06 january on A fabulous journey through New Year's Moscow

Natalia Konstantinovna huge thanks for the Christmas mood!

Svetlana was 11 september on Rock and Mysticism of the Romanov family

I thank you for an interesting educational excursion, I liked everything very much, learned a lot of new things. Many thanks to the guide Irina, she is a master of her craft - she knows a lot and interestingly tells! Already signed up for another, I think no less interesting excursion on 24.09.

Nataliya was 31 may on MOSCOW - TREASURE CITY

I am delighted with the excursion and the guide. I will definitely go to the fascinating lectures of Irina Sergievskaya!)

Tat`yana was 09 august on Fatal Women

Very very much! We are not the first time on an excursion with Irina Sergievskaya, visited other excursions, with other hosts, in other agencies. With Irina, the very best, the most exciting! We will still visit her topics. Thank you!

Oksana was 14 june on Fortune For Favorites

Good afternoon! Excursion very much! Guide Irina Gennadievna is a high-level professional. We received not only a lot of interesting and useful information, but also a huge charge of positive energy! Thank you very much for your company and Irina Gennadievna for the pleasure we received from the excursion! Moskaleva Oksana

Natal`ya was 12 june on Phantoms of the past - mystical places of Moscow

I liked everything, exciting, interesting.

Elena was 28 june on Secrets of the Moscow Looking Glass

I really liked everything, I am delighted with Irina's guide, I would like to visit all her excursions. Many thanks)

Vladimir was 10 may on Secrets of the Maiden Field

Very interesting excursion! Thank you!

Elena was 20 april on Mysteries Wathed by the Waters of the Yauza

Excellent, competent, informative. Thank you. I'll go still

Alla was 13 april on Chertolsky Secrets

Many thanks! The excursion is very interesting and unusual! Alla

Marina was 17 june on Fatal Women

I liked the guide Irina Sergievskaya, you can immediately see that a person is very fond of his work, has learned a lot of new and simply interesting.

Dmitriy was 08 march on Fortune For Favorites

Good afternoon. A wonderful, very interesting excursion. Thank you. I plan to visit others.

Visitor was 07 january on Fortune For Favorites

Excursion is wonderful! Irina is a great raskazchik.Spasibo great.

Natal`ya was 11 january on Secrets of the Maiden Field

I liked the tour very much

Dmitriy was 30 november on Scary Dreams

Thank you, I liked everything, but there was not enough historical excursion

Svetlana was 08 december on On the Tushino Thief Lands

Thank you very informative

Irina was 13 october on Under the Masonic Cover

Very grateful, many thanks!

Mariya was 17 june on Great Secrets of Russia of the XX Century

The organization is not very good. They gathered at the Sklifasovsky Institute, instead of the square and monument mentioned in the description. If they had not moved to the other side, then no one would have known about us, we would not have had an excursion. The bus is small and old, I do not even know which brand. The guide, it is necessary to give due, very literate and with interest about everything told. Thanks her. There is a lot of information, but there are not so many prisoners about as prisoners would like. Visit to the monasteries took 10 to 20 minutes. The most unexpected thing for me was that on arrival at the Novodevichy Convent, the bus left. We were transferred to the care of the monastery's guide and our guide also retired. No one took care of how people should get back. In general, the tour for 4 minus (only for the informative part). Thanks again to the guide.

Svetlana was 03 november on On the Tushino Thief Lands

Thank you, your services are on top. I liked that by mail for the day was reminded and sms-woke up. But I would like the bus driver to know the route a little better, and do not travel in circles where you can directly / about the exc. "On the ground.Tush.vora /

Inna was 13 october on Under the Masonic Cover

Excursion excursion. All liked it.

Tat`yana was 11 june on Moscow ambassadors and aristocrats

Were on this tour on April 9. Very interesting, had a wonderful time. Guide Irina Gennadievna - historian, author of numerous books about Moscow, about her secrets. So much new and interesting told us in these 4 hours. Time flew by unnoticed. And the weather did not fail. Organization at a high level, a comfortable bus, a good driver. We will also take excursions with Irina Gennadievna on fantasy wei! Thank you!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Садовая Б. ул., 14
04 h 00 min


Our trip will take place through historical, but undeservedly forgotten corners of Moscow from Presnya to Kuntsev. Now the Western direction is the most prestigious in the capital, during the years of Soviet power it was favored by party leaders and those close to them. But from ancient times these places attracted princes, voivod, kings and The noblest nobles, the richest merchants and patrons of art. The richest layer of the history of the multinational state of Russia keeps these places, which once belonged to the main heroes of the Kulikovo battle. You will find out where was the lake, which was considered by local residents a miraculous water basin with living water, where the prince, the local prince of Serpukhov, the grandson of Ivan Kalita Vladimir Andreevich the Brave Serpukhovskaya Don, drew his strength after many difficult campaigns and bloody battles, and where he built his princely palaces and Manor, on the lands of some hero of that great battle, built his beloved neighbor's dacha, Comrade Stalin. We will visit not the territory where the palace of the Georgian kings and the Armenian nobility stood, we will look into the corner of Georgia on Moscow land, miraculously preserved to our days - an unusual temple with completely unusual paintings for us in the national Georgian spirit, where you can hear the famous Georgian polyphony, in a bakery The temple to treat authentic Georgian dishes, and right on the street to get acquainted with the diversity of creativity of the most famous Moscow Georgian of our days - Zurab Tsereteli, who now lives on "generic Georgians Moscow area. We recall why these places were chosen by the Polish community, which erected here in the early 20th century one of the most beautiful and magnificent buildings of Moscow - the main cathedral of the Russian Catholics Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, and next to this beautiful corner of Europe we admire the magnificence of the ancient Russian architectural pattern, with Trembling love recreated by the collector and philanthropist Shchukin for his richest historical collection. We will find out where the famous exhibition hall of artists of the Soviet underground was located on the small Georgian and where was the last apartment of Vladimir Vysotsky. Let's recall where was the very first memorial in Moscow of the memory of the heroes of 1812 and the famous owners of the once splendid Studenetz manor where this sculptural memorial was located and where the heads of the Moscow governor-general AA Zakrevsky, the Moscow governor-general AA Zakrevsky, circled the heads of the great Russian poets and brilliant Moscow chevaliers Copper Venus "," Cleopatra of the Neva ", as AS called it. Pushkin. Let's visit The patrimonial patrimony of the boyars of Miloslavsk and Naryshkin, visit the unique baroque church of the Intercession in Fili, added by UNESCO to the list of "Treasures of the World" and immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of ancient Byzantium and early Christian symbols in the Manor of the Sign of the Mother of God in Kuntsevo. Let us recall the remarkable traditions of Russian philanthropy and the contribution to the Russian history and culture of the Morozovs, Shelaputin and Kozma Soldatenkov. The beginning at 11:00 Art. M. " Mayakovskaya " , st. Big Garden, 16 at the entrance to the garden "Aquarium".


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