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Feedbacks from viewers
Elena was 17 december on Timur and his team

He is alive and glows. I perceive performances as different substances. Quite often as drinks. After one, the soul is cheerful and tickles in the nose, like champagne. From the other, the head becomes heavy, since the bust with the strength, breathes with the consistency of an oak barrel. The third, like a petrol puddle: entertaining drawings that can be looked at with interest, but cannot be consumed inside. Here is the VGIK graduation performance “Timur and his team. Stories about that "based on the story of Arkady Gaidar, for me I felt fresh water from a pump on a sultry summer evening. With water, which you wash off the dust adhering to your face and, folding your hands in a ladle, you try to get drunk. You take one, two, three sips, and the thirst seems to slowly recede. But you drink everything because the water is so delicious! I am very glad that I saw this miracle. I would like to invite all my friends and friends of friends. How well the guys conveyed the atmosphere of that almost calm pre-war summer. And then the story began, or rather stories. The story of how Zhenya and Olya were going to the dacha. The story of how Olya came to the dacha, and Zhenya stayed in the city to finish household chores and send a telegram to dad. The story of how Zhenya did not send a telegram in the city, but tried to find a post office in the village. And there are many, many different stories that fill the entire space of the performance with bright pictures. Gaidar talked about the boys and girls who lived in his time. It is possible that he came up with a lot, but his dreams became a reference point for young people. I would like the current younger generation to have similar examples to follow. The performance is both nostalgia for those ingenuous times and a compass showing the correct direction of movement. Such performances cannot be lost. Great takeoff. I would like to wish you a long flight.

Tat`yana was 28 february on an old house

For the first time, we visited the theater of the Central Department of the Arts, on the recommendation of a friend chose the play “Old House”. The performance left a complex impression. On the one hand, the brilliant Elena Yakovleva, the wonderful game of all the actors without exception, live music that accompanies the entire performance, an interesting solution to the stage space, the simultaneous presence of heroes on the stage at different ages. From what was not pleasant: the performance was too delayed, often the music did not allow to hear the speech of the actors at the other end of the scene. For some reason, they did not feel shrill nostalgia for a bygone youth, for old Moscow. I thought about the movie "Pokrovskie Gate". A play by L. Zorin "The Pokrovskie Gates" on the same topic as the "Old House", but the impression is different, there is no sense of hopelessness from the clumsy fates of the residents of the communal "Old House"

Natal`ya was 12 december on A sultry night

Very strong non-classical performance, where there is no logic at all, but it is very fascinating. I advise those who want to "change their clothes" to recharge

Anna was 08 october on Save the super protein

I liked the performance. I and my daughter (10 years old) were delighted. About unconditional love, about loneliness, about true friendship and how insignificant words for adults can hurt the soul of children. In short, the play is about everything that may worry teenagers. The feed is awesome. The children sat holding their breath. The optimal age for viewing 10+

Irina was 24 september on an old house

A beautiful, very lyrical musical performance. Bravo to the director!

Mariya was 13 september on Osip Mandelstam: The Dark Word Tree

The duration of this event is not an hour as stated, we left at the interval after the start has already passed 1:40, so that in total it takes about 3 hours. I absolutely did not like Mandelstam's verses trying to sing, with almost one motive. And it's even hard to call a song, continuous howls, at times words were not even intelligible. In my subjective opinion this is a disgusting sight and it is not worth the time spent on it.

Only for children
Only adults
125284, Москва, Беговая ул., 5
03 h 00 min


Performer: Natalia Gandzyuk
Composer Natalia Gandzyuk
Lighting Designers: Victor Solomin, Alexander Trubnikov
Space idea: Andrey Vipulis, KLIM
Coaches: KLIM, Andrey Vipulis, Pyotr Kulikov


The playing man - the Magic World and the Divine Environment "



Duration: 3 hours with intermission
Performance - Concert, Concert - Performance
if you ask us
only seriously
of course God forbid
but if
if we
had to choose
whom to send to the slaughter
of thousands of professions
existing on earth
which is the most pointless
no no
not retroactively
turning around
for centuries that have sunk into oblivion
and billions
our predecessors
burnt out
in the dense layers of the atmosphere
when trying to fly
heavenly grains
to a certain land of promised souls
where will they sprout
and bloom
bright and not
and bear fruit
and now
for us
is there something
well, it's completely pointless
without which
definitely possible
get along today
which in the past
a dime a dozen
is there such a profession
without which we will definitely not be lost
of course
let all flowers bloom
but they ask to remove
only one
who owns it
because he can choose another
it's better
more useful
better paid
and will be happier
believe me
nothing bad will happen
when is this profession
will be named
it can happen
what something
screams inside you
and what about me
do not worry
this is Soul
your soul
it happens to her
and of course
Pride will respond
how could you
about me
think so
poetry is very important
for the soul
we will not name who she is
definitely don't listen
or rather listen
and do the opposite
for she
this poetry
only pretends to be harmless
and in fact
she's a snake
who strives
your unique me
so and
and behind this AND
so many things
if she will crawl into your soul
in the mind
and even more so
will plant the fields of your memory
and other strange flowers
and will shake over everyone
in general, it's not too late
this reptile
from the lists
permitted professions
especially since the resolution
it only hurts
so don't hesitate
cross out
and seeing any hint
for the presence
this very poetry
run away
how the hell
from incense
be afraid of her
like the evil spirit of garlic
because the meaning
in recognizing
by our Soul
our language
poetry for us in recognition
by our Soul
unspeakable in our language
and the Word
are in secret
and it's not just incest
but incest
between unicellular
brother and sister
that is, the consequences are not predictable
like hell
so to heaven
they know
secret passage
and secret code
prayer password
and all is well
in other words
they do so
what hell and heaven
like two chambers of our heart
this poetry
changes the composition of our blood
in the honey of paradise
adds hell
spoils paradise
they say don't forget about Hell
and in hell
like lightning
cuts the night of our eyes
with its
beyond the darkness of the night of hell
there is a morning paradise
Soul and Flesh are connected
Soul Flesh Word
and Soul Spirit of the Word
A life
attempt at a treaty
between Eternity
and Impermanent
forms are not eternal
the laws of their origin are eternal
we are not given
choose times
storks bring us
and the worms are waiting
or they
or flame
they say do not get you to anyone
but we are given
prepare yourself and your Soul
to the Coming
by Tomorrow
remembering about yesterday
it is given to us to learn to distinguish
despite the external dissimilarity
The essence of those
or other times
who walk
along the mysterious spiral maze
aspiring to paradise
and heaven to hell
this is the Mobius loop
for where is one
begins to move into another
a life
living maze
womb of death
and every poetic word
and every prayer
between life and death
Guardian angel
is she listening
our songs
poet prophet
that is, he is about Rock
and if the poet
not hostage of Rock
does not write under his dictation
is he a poet
and poetry whether
all that he is
for poetry
always about love
how about death
and about death
how about love

The premiere took place on November 25, 2016.


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