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Feedbacks from viewers
Aleksey was 10 december on Hedgehog and night stars

I liked it very much and it was sad and funny and joyful and diverse. The guys did not immediately play out, but when they did, their emotions were charged. An interesting statement, great made musical parts of the play. Recommended! Fun for both child and parent!

Viktoriya was 03 november on Hero of our time

Did you ever leave the play? Participate in the absurd show? Here to me, for example, yes. And all thanks to the clownery "heroes of our time." Constant Scream, Zemfira's chamber song, a mug on a rope, a splash of water, groans for a piano. By the way, was there a ball in which a girl I did not know touched me for earlobs wtf!?! In general, I do not understand, well, why take the guests on stage and play bad toastmaster. Have you decided to notice the intermission and keep the guests?) From the advantages of all this madness, one can distinguish the voice of the princess, the supply of the pears. The actors' play is really good, but I did not understand the idea myself, I sat for more than an hour and a half with wide eyes. Summary of all this: think well, what to choose a classical setting that you will feel or cultural shock

Ol`ga was 06 april on Records of Koviakin

"Kovyakin's Records" is a solo performance by Sergei Zagrebnev based on the novel by Leonid Leonov, it is amazing, first of all, how the whole world lays a filigree for a short period of time (just over an hour). Ludicrous and beautiful in its confusion, the very "little man" - Kovyakin - is so close and dear to everyone. His phantasmagoric, and at the same time very cozy Gogulev, which inevitably reminds something, and however, the genius of Leonov's text is that in Gogulev there are features of absolutely any provincial Russian city. The uneasy questions that the protagonist asks himself and the people around him are not modern, but at the same time they are very understandable to the viewer. As Dmitry Bykov correctly said, "Leonov attracts and - more than that - attracts those who are not satisfied with the matrix, those who are trying to understand how everything is really arranged." And after the performance you understand, even a little. "Director and performer Sergei Zagrebnev Spoke after the premiere about the long, difficult search for the text, I think that the choice was a success, Zagrebnev so organically assumed this role, that I do not lose the feeling of "perfection" of what I saw. "The problem of the" non-loneliness "of the actor in Scene interestingly solved with Portraits created by the artist Yevgenia Malakhova.This is indeed a solo performance where you forget that there is one actor on the stage, and the scenography is both laconic and rich: a whole huge world made of talent, ink, and cardboard.It is an ideal version of a tragicomedy for me - when the spectator, absorbed in the play, laughs, cries, ponders, at last - calms down and dissolves in a very strong final, and never leaves the room the same.

Ol`ga was 31 march on Is it true that we will always be?

A wonderful unusual production! About friendship and the fact that we often do not notice who is next to us and what's around us. Young actors play with the soul, It's hard to single out someone. Each of them was able to show the characteristics of his character. Musical, emotional, with a sense of humor! Until now, on April 1, there has been some painful feeling, as it is good that we are and will be! Many thanks for the talents! Sincerely Olga Anatolyevna

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Арбат ул., 35
01 h 30 min

PREMIERE. "SOUNDTRACK". Musical-eccentric fantasy, played on nails, knives and enemas.

The author of the idea and the director is Andrey Shchukin

Workshop of the theatrical crafts of Andrey Shchukin

You, of course, know how the rain sounds. Under this sound it is nice to sit, think about life, fantasize. Especially poetic nature even calls this sound "music of rain".

What about nail music ?! Or the music of a chair, a vacuum cleaner, a fan? Hard to imagine?

But when all these and many other most common objects become real musical instruments in the hands of virtuosic artists of the performance "Soundtrack", a small miracle occurs.

Believe me, you will go home by other people.


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