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Circus of Dancing Fountains "Aquamarine"

Feedbacks from viewers
Mariya was 21 june on The Secret of the Dream Museum

A wonderful, vivid presentation. Were with the children, had a great time.

Alla was 29 january on The Secret of the Dream Museum

awful representation. Very expensive tickets.

Irina was 31 october on The Secret of the Dream Museum

For the third time I was at the wonderful performance of the theater Aquamarine (28.10.17). Each time a new show, a unique, wonderful, bright show !!! Most of all I liked clowns, acrobats, skaters! Live music, great! Thanks to the organizers!

Mariya was 02 jule on Circus show "Astrolabe"

Descended with a tribe in Aquamarine. In fact, nothing special was expected, but the performance was very pleasantly surprised! The quality of the show is absolutely on the western level. Ice ballet, jugglers, humor - wonderful. Seals are still pretty. Madly liked the room with a butterfly. The whole performance takes place against the background of dancing fountains, the spectacle is fascinating. The Plemish is still under the impression, we will definitely return to Aquamarine again.

Anna was 02 jule on Circus show "Astrolabe"

I write at the request of my daughter. She is 6 years old. Last Sunday, we were the whole family at the premiere of the show "Astrolabe" in the circus of dancing Fountains "Aquamarine". We are delighted! I want to say a big thank you to everyone, everyone-everyone who put his hands to this fairy tale: the scenery is fantastic, the animators in the foyer are classy, ​​and the actors on the stage are just no words. My daughter is delighted with the clown of Boris Nikishkin - asks me to bring her again to Astrolabe, so that she can take his autograph. I really liked that for children give free comfortable pads on the chairs - and the kids all the hay is visible, as in the palm of your hand. It's always nice when you think about the audience. And in "Aquamarine" they are thought of - it can be seen. To be honest, I rarely go to the circus, but I'll definitely go to "Aquamarine" - we really enjoyed it. Thank you "Astrolabe" for positive emotions! Now I also believe in a miracle! Anna Tayzer, 30 years old, Podolsk.

Ekaterina was 26 november on Circus show "Astrolabe"

The performance is not bad! There are not many animals for me, but I liked the child very much. He spent the entire performance, taking into account that the child is very active, it's hard to sit for a long time. Fountains perfectly added numbers, beautifully.

Mariya was 02 jule on Circus show "Astrolabe"

Yes, I agree with the previous review, you are experiencing ecstasy. So all is unusual! An interesting story, professional artists, everything looks in one breath, it was a great pleasure together with the children. The circus of dancing Fountains is really for everyone. I recommend to all. Maria Andreeva, 35 years old, Moscow

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We run forward all the time ... and sometime the moment will come and we will have to stop, look back. Our life is a set of pictures that make up an album of memories. Each of us carries his album deep in the heart, hiding it from prying eyes. What kind of happiness it is to have a person next to whom you can open it and show it without cuts, especially if it is a big part of this album. This moment is timeless, the moment of discovery of the most expensive and personal ...

Out of time - what does that mean to you? Maybe this happiness, love, memory, and maybe silence, peace ... The theater-circus show “Out of Time” is the story of an elderly couple who have not lost their taste for life, happy and remembering the past with joy. Crouching on a bench in the park, they look at a photo album, which falls and falls into the hands of little Satir, for whom happiness is alien, and he decides to rewrite their history. But just as white cannot be without black, so our Satyr could not exist without opposition. The most wonderful feeling is always under the reliable protection of Cupid. With his appearance the struggle of good and bad, good and evil, black and white, begins. The main prize of which becomes human destiny. The eternal struggle of good and evil is precisely what is beyond time.

The memories of our heroes are transformed in the course of a dispute between two characters, and no one knows what this will lead to. Will our heroes still be happy, will they be able to keep an album of their memories, or will everything change drastically?


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