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Nureeva El`vira Zakievna was 09 november on Old Khottabych

The performance is lively, colorful. I liked it very much. Thank you.

Mariya was 23 august on Lear King

Not that. A strange production. The actors play is good, the direction is questionable.

Aleksey was 19 april on Zoykina apartment

Very good performance. Thank you

Aleksandra was 27 january on Zoykina apartment

Good afternoon, dear spectators. We watched the performance 27.01.17. The play was 3 hours 55 minutes, which is completely justified by the plot and execution. The general background of the action is quite tense, appropriately diluted with a small amount of absurd humor, which corresponds to the spirit of the work. The performance leaves a tart aftertaste of the atmosphere of "Bulgakov's Moscow" and generates a whole galaxy of misunderstood thoughts and feelings. Artists are amazingly accustomed to the role, in every phrase and gesture there is doom and loss, covered by illusory and stormy activity. Characters seek the only way in their view of salvation, like moths to the light, initially guessing that they are doomed. Once again, thanks to the artists for the amazing game and the theater staff for the warm atmosphere

Irin was 20 january on Carlo-honest adventurer

Easy, funny, uncompromising comedy! After a week of work itself! I was pleased to visit this performance. The hall is small, cozy, the scene next to - actors as in the palm of your hand.

Svetlana was 02 january on Zoykina apartment

Excellent! The actors play is excellent! Well done!

Evgeniya was 13 february on My older sister

I'm not a critic and not even an avid theater-goer, I'm a simple spectator. Possible to say amateur. Using an order through the discount system I went to the play and invited my girlfriend ... For the first time in the theater I was sitting in the second row ... it's something ... as if you are on stage ... in the thick of things ... and the actors play ... It's been a long time, and remember even the phrases that they pronounced and the tone and voice ... The main character was just gorgeous! After visiting such productions, you understand why you want to return there and to visit again. Thank you so much for the soul you invest and give to the audience! And thanks to BigBilet for their work!

Naneta was 09 september on Zoykina apartment

I liked it very much! Good performance, the mood after watching SUPER!

Svetlana was 02 january on Zoykina apartment

M.Bulgakov is eternal! We watched with pleasure. It's a pity that in the beginning the action took place with "wringing" the hands and excessive shouting from the actresses including. And the main character. It was like a provincial theater. But by the end everything was normal. Male actors, thank you for playing. Very worthy!

Evgeniya was 12 october on Magician

Great performance! The evening went by in one breath

Ekaterina was 19 december on Lear King

In my opinion, this is the most positive "King Lear" I've ever seen. A terrific finale! DEATH IS NOT! So I want to retell everything. But - no, go and see! The only thing I say - the production is not very standard (maybe fans of the classics and not like it). The artists are wonderful! And what a fool there is - it's just "fly"! Thank you all for a wonderful evening and a huge charge of positive!

Anastasiya was 25 january on My older sister

Stunning performance of the actors, we got a lot of pleasure from the performance !!!!

Visitor was 17 january on Carlo-honest adventurer

Thank you so much. I went with my daughter. All is well.

Ol`ga was 19 february on Carlo-honest adventurer

The performance 19,02,2017 left only pleasant impressions! The actors are amazing! . An unusual form of presentation of the plot, an appropriate game with the audience, just great! I got full satisfaction from the performance! ... as in childhood, when mother reads a fairy tale, you wait for her ending, you wait and you receive answers to all the questions that arose during the reading. Good luck and prosperity! The theater itself is very old, dilapidated, but so nice and atmospheric.

Pavel was 08 january on Zoykina apartment

Thank you very much! Got a lot of positive emotions! A very worthy production of Bulgakov.

Anna was 20 december on My older sister

Very touching performance. Were the whole family at the play on 12/20/2013. Looks at one go. I really liked the actors' play, so heroes were portrayed so sincerely and vitally. They so conveyed the mood that we both laughed and shed tears, empathizing, sympathizing. Despite the fact that after the intermission a lot of people left the hall, we did not regret that we had come to this theater. After the play, the whole evening was discussed the plot and story of the play. Of course, before the campaign for this performance, I read reviews that were mixed. Everyone has the right to his opinion. But we were not just satisfied, delighted.

Natal`ya was 08 may on My older sister

I liked the performance

Anna was 02 november on My older sister

Just a wonderful performance, sincere, insightful play of actors. We got great pleasure from viewing. I recommend to everyone.

Anastasia was 16 january on My older sister

Very good theater, not the first time there were and still will go necessarily! Recall syvye and kind everything: the cashier, the ticket office, the wardrobe workers) the show really liked, the actors are beautiful, we laughed and laughed) only pleasant impressions. Thank you!

Svetlana was 02 april on Zoykina apartment

I watched the performance on April 2 ... 3 acts pass unnoticed. Heroes are very textured, saturated, imaginative .. I watched without looking up. Daria Belousova is an actress, I saw her once and will not forget) I caught every look, movement, smile, vibration of her voice. The play makes you think about many problems. Separate phrases are still pronouncing / scrolling in your head. Nothing changes. And the human essence including .. I join everyone who admires the game of the hero Ametistov. The actor brilliantly got used to and opened the image. The performance with a good, long aftertaste with a touch of sadness ... I think about once again on the same breath as I see it again) Thanks to the whole creative troupe for this splendor) Bravo !!!

Galina was 10 march on Zoykina apartment

March 10, 2017 were at the play "Zoykina apartment." Very good performance. We watched with pleasure! And the amazing game of Daria Belousova and Peter Kudryashov. Many thanks for the high professionalism and skill!

Uriy was 30 december on Magician

The performance plunges into the Soviet era in some miraculous way, because there are almost no attributes of that time, except that the Harlequin song, bills and labels on bottles of vodka. But the director and actors create the atmosphere of the 60-70s. The theme of freedom in personal space is always relevant, the hero (Magician) is experiencing it very acutely. This is interesting. The actor playing the Magician is simply brilliant, I see him in the title role in the Hermitage a second time. You can just walk on it. And on Ekaterina Tenetu. When they are both on stage, it's a holiday. Just do not understand why the "fairy tale for adults." Everything is quite real, quite.

Natal`ya was 15 february on Magician

Shulin Alexey - great! Sukharev is a lot of crooked and fake.

Elena was 24 august on Zoykina apartment

The troupe is played, talented, accurate. Love them! More than once I will come to have fun! Thank you for the art!

Tat`yana was 23 april on Glass of water

Beautiful performance! The actors play is gorgeous! Have received great pleasure!

Vladislav was 12 february on My older sister

An interesting performance. It is completely different from the old Soviet film. But there is one surprising feature - there is no "central character", all roles are equivalent and organically combined. The most memorable moment is the output of students entering the theater. The audience laughed heartily.

Natal`ya was 05 february on Glass of water

Actors - well done! Queen - VIVA!)) Beautiful production: very lively, entertaining, funny) It is a pity that you can not leave your feedback directly on the site of the Hermitage Theater.

Guzel` was 21 january on Lear King

Great production! This is exactly such a performance that leaves wonderful memories from the plot, the actors' play and the very idea. Immediately I will say that this is not an ordinary production of the work, and the ending will please you, as Shakespeare is more and more sad. After this performance, I wanted to go to the theater's production of the Hermitage.

Anastasiya was 03 october on My older sister

Thanks for the great performance! We really enjoyed. The actors were amazed by their play. The cost of tickets is very pleasing. But honestly, I believe that for such a professionalism of actors, it is necessary to raise the cost of tickets at least twice =)

Natal`ya was 12 october on Magician

Bomb!!!! I liked very much, the actors are great))))

Natal`ya was 15 february on Magician

Were with the whole family 15.02,2014 in the play "The Conjurer". The actors' game is amazing, not a single piece of hypocrisy (except, perhaps, the actor who plays the role of the author, there are too many unnecessary knocks for him). The performer of the main role, I do not remember the surname, is simply magnificent! Thank you all!

Ekaterina was 24 january on Carlo-honest adventurer

Unfortunately, the performance did not like. And we left at the intermission.

Ludmila was 23 august on Lear King

Thank you very much for the delivered pleasure

Boris was 21 november on My older sister

That's how our loved ones sacrifice themselves for us, but we do not notice.

Ludmila was 22 august on Lear King

I liked it very much! Fresh, modern. Wonderful artists. Bravo Levitin!

Tat`yana was 22 december on Lear King

Visited this wonderful play. The actors play just at the height, they literally live and fascinate with every minute ... Unusual manner of giving, touching Gertrude ... I'll be honest, most of all I'd like to see "Shura Karetny" - the husband is an ardent fan of his work))) The audience was delighted. There were a lot of young people in the audience who reacted vividly to what was happening, it was clear that they care, and it's so important, it seems to me .. In general, I recommend this amazing performance to everyone without exception !!

Sudakova Elena Yaroslavovna was 22 august on Lear King

Thank you, I liked the performance.

Ol`ga was 09 march on Carlo-honest adventurer

Expect more. In general, nothing, but there are certain primitive moments that spoil the impression.

Valentina was 07 may on Zoykina apartment

A wonderful performance! We looked at one breath.

Anastasiya was 26 january on Magician

In general, the performance really liked. Although, to admit, the first act did not touch much, and it seemed that in some places the actors were overacting. But in the second they already watched what was happening, holding their breath, there was fun, sadness, hopelessness, and hope. Just superbly played the second half! Even to the game mentioned in other reviews, not the most flattering words of the narrator are used, and he began to evoke sympathy. The actors' play made them truly empathize, they came out of the audience with a great mood. I will also note an interesting find of the director with the involvement of spectators in the game. Thanks to the actors and the director for the wonderful production! Perhaps, somehow I would go again.

Andrey was 23 december on Glass of water

Went with my wife. We were very pleased with the purchase of tickets (thanks to the site for caring) and the actors' play. Very good value for money. Due to a small hall, the effect of participation in the play is created. Yes, and the actors themselves are not averse to working with the audience. Although the performance was going on for a long time, we were not tired. Actors well done !!!! I recommend!

Visitor was 25 january on My older sister

I liked everything very much for a pleasant evening

Uriy was 27 may on Zoykina apartment

A magnificent performance. Vladimir Shulga in the role of Ametistov is simply incomparable. Actors play great. Three and a half hours passed like one minute. Oleksyak's monologue in the role of Goose is heartfelt. My opinion of the play should be looked at. Excellent setting.

Larisa was 30 september on Lear King

We watched in September ... Very ambiguous impressions :-( Before the intermission could not get rid of the thought that "this is not Shakespeare at all" (a fairy tale in a new way), after the intermission she already inspired herself "THIS IS NOT SHAKESPEARE", which allowed to watch the performance without I need to pay tribute to Alexei Shulin, Alexander Pozharov and, of course, Mikhail Filippov, who kept me in the hall and thanked them immensely for their work.

Ol`ga was 08 march on Carlo-honest adventurer

Thank you! The performance really liked!

Viktoriya was 02 january on Zoykina apartment

Many thanks for the pleasure

Mira was 02 january on Zoykina apartment

Yesterday I finally saw this play! A staggering production, about which I was told by my acquaintances. I admit, I'm impressed. A powerful charge received positive emotions and saw the realities of life. How subtly the director presented the story of one apartment! I really liked it! Thank you!

Alena was 20 october on Magician

Unfortunately, we could not go, the children got sick, but they gave tickets to friends. Their review of the play: Thank you! Full of delight! Hooked ... And their review of the theater: As if he came to visit his old friend to drink tea ...

Irina was 21 august on My older sister

Hello! Very much it is pleasant service Bigbilrt, always qualitatively and without overlays! The performance was liked, although at first I wanted to wait for the intermission and leave ... I strained the aimless running around the stage, the tramp and exaggerated gestures and shouting, as I thought the replay. But then I was so carried away by the game of sisters that it was impossible to take my eyes off of something else!) Thank you very much! An interesting performance, a deep meaning, I recommend!)

Vasiliy was 23 december on Glass of water

We got a great pleasure visiting the theater "The Hermitage" staging "Glass of Water". A wonderful work of the cast. Thank you "big ticket".

Igor` was 02 january on Zoykina apartment

Were on the show 02/01/2015. The play of actors is beyond praise. However, the play itself seemed very long and tedious. Already, the outline seems to be understandable, and the composition and characters of the characters, and just about to move the cart of the story through the stone and - to the culmination, en, no - well, intermission! Two intervals for the performance of 3 hours 30 minutes completely destroy its dynamism. Although, mb in this is Bulgakov. Or the author's vision of his director ...

Inna was 30 november on My older sister

A wonderful performance, a strong performance of actors, thank you!

Anna was 25 august on Zoykina apartment

The performance from 25.08 - the general impression - POSITIVE! Male composition at height; Some "actresses" from time to time irritated with their shouting, running around the stage and wringing their hands, as in provincial theaters. The vulgarity can not be overlooked. But the staging is beautiful, the plot captivates, the urgency of Bulgakov is eternal! Three hours fly unnoticed, the evening was a success

Elena was 07 may on Zoykina apartment

Very pleased, though the first half of the first act is boring, but then everything is fine.

Evgeniya was 27 august on Lear King

Super. Only the end of the play is necessary in Shakespeare, and not in its own way.

Ol`ga was 05 april on My older sister

It's quite a good performance. The actors' game is touching. The destinies of the characters are imbued.