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Mariya was 28 june on Wii

We bought tickets and did not regret it! "Viy" in rock processing is very cool!



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Москва, Земляной Вал ул., 76/21
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October 16, 2016 at 19:00 on the main stage of the Moscow Theater on Taganka will premiere of the play "Viy" (director-Alexander Barkar)

"Wii" is a play based on the story of the same name by N.V. Gogol and modern musical and poetic texts of the rock bard Veni D'rkina (Alexander Litvinov).
"Viy" is a spectacular, bright, very expressive production, where everything is there: an excellent adaptation of the classical text, a mystical plot, incredibly beautiful music in stunning acting.
This is a play about feelings, about love, and at the same time, it is a story of great temptation. The temptation that can be trapped by each of us and that can not be succumbed, but it is impossible to resist. Temptations, where the temptress herself is a victim.
"Viy" is a rock & drama, where the songs of the tragically deceased author and rock musician Veni D'rkina are woven into Gogol's text, in a new way revealing the depths of the characters of his characters. Homa Brut, Pannochka, three Cossack witches, not only lead their own musical parties, but also create a sound series of the play: the actors engaged in the play are also his musicians.
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Was it because Hama Bruta was gone, that he was afraid? Or because he was tempted?

The student of the theological seminary could not stand, could not stand the test with witch charms.

He sang the humble pantochka humbly, recited the prayers regularly, and even circled the circle around himself to protect himself from demonic forces. And all the same, he was overcome by a witch.

Three nights fought Homa with temptation. The first survived, the second survived, and the third broke. What prevented him from remaining faithful to the light? Why did he succumb to demonic charms?

In an enchanted world in which it is dangerous to go beyond the circle, losing is not necessarily a loss, and victory is not always a victory. Homa Brutus fought, and his struggle became the expression of his bold soul. Fight: a philosopher - with loneliness, a seminarian - with temptation, a poet - with death, - is destined from the beginning. And there is no end to this struggle.

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Mariya was 28 june

We bought tickets and did not regret it! "Viy" in rock processing is very cool!

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