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Alla was 20 august on The henpecked

Excellent work of actors. Every podradilos.Bolshy thanks.

Ekaterina was 16 june on The henpecked

Great performance! A wonderful production! A great game of actors! Many thanks for the wonderful evening and good mood! Special thanks to Alexei Maklakov!



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Москва, Профсоюзная ул., 61
02 h 20 min


Miro Gavran

Director: Nikita Grinshpun
Artist: Timofey Ryabushinsky
Producer: Leonid Roberman

Natalia Bochkareva
Boris Shcherbakov
Alexey Maklakov

The author of the play "Podkabluchniki" - Miro Gavran - Croatian prose writer and playwright. The author of more than 40 plays, popular not only in his homeland, but throughout the world. His works are translated into 25 languages, plays are performed in theaters of different countries - in Paris and Washington, in Rotterdam and Bombay, in Buenos Aires, Athens, Rio de Janeiro, Vienna, Bratislava, Krakow, Sofia ... Theater critics call him the most Productive and perfect Croatian writer.
Miro Gavran was awarded two dozen literary and theater awards in Croatia and abroad, among them CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME (1999), which is awarded for creative work to the best writers of central Europe, and EUROPSKI KRUG (2003), for the assertion of European values ​​in literary works. He is the only modern European writer, in honor of which the permanent theater festival - GAVRANFEST has been organized and since 2003 has been held in Slovakia, where performances are performed only on his plays. And, most surprisingly, the works of Gavran are included in an anthology and an anthology and studied in universities.

A man's habitual approach to a woman is to fight and win. A man is strong, persistent and therefore always right! If he does not fight and does not defend his right, then he is weak - Podkabluchnik. Is it so bad? He is compliant, unpretentious, straightforward, kind and, most importantly, capable of pure love and strong friendship.
Marco and Anna have just celebrated the first anniversary of the wedding. And the next day, Ivo, an ex-husband of Anna, who was released from prison, is in their apartment, and now they are forced to live together. Is it worth fighting in such a situation? To whom? With whom? Probably no. And suddenly everything will be decided by chance?
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Miro Gavran is a Croatian prose writer and playwright recognized in the world. His plays won the love of spectators from Paris to Washington, from Rotterdam to Buenos Aires. His books have been translated into many languages, and he himself became a laureate of many literary prizes.

What is it about plays that come from the pen of this remarkable writer, what makes people laugh heartily and wipe their tears?

Maybe the whole secret is that he writes about ordinary people. About those who sit next to us in the minibus in the morning, about those who ride next to the subway. About those who look flawless, but what happens behind closed doors in homes and souls?

But why wonder when you can just peek behind one such door? Moreover, the celebration was over just now, celebrating the anniversary of the wedding. The main thing is not to collide in the door with an unexpected guest! He was recently released and decided to visit his ex-wife ... However, she has a new husband, and in the apartment there is one for everyone ... how can one get on with it?

Yes, and can it live together two men, whose approach to women is so different? One believes that you just need to fight and win, because a man is always right! But if he does not defend his right - is he not henpecked? But is it really bad to be a "henpecked"?

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Alla was 20 august

Excellent work of actors. Every podradilos.Bolshy thanks.

Ekaterina was 16 june

Great performance! A wonderful production! A great game of actors! Many thanks for the wonderful evening and good mood! Special thanks to Alexei Maklakov!

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