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Повесть о том, как один мужик двух генералов прокормил

Повесть о том, как один мужик двух генералов прокормил12+

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M.E Saltykov-Shchedrin

The performance "A Tale of How One Man Manned the Two Generals" directed by Alexei Dubrovsky and artist Leonid Shulyakov continues the project of the Moscow Young People's Theater for the Support of Young Directors and Artists, started with the production of "The Nose" directed by Andrei Nedelkin and the artist Maria Krivtsova .

Remarkable artists of the older generation of MTYU easily master the fine conditional line between reality and fiction, mild irony and caustic humor, tenderness and banter, lyricism and comedy.

The White Hall of the Moscow Youth Theater will be transformed into a cozy room of retired generals with all its inherent attributes. Wall walkers, dining table, general portraits, gramophone ... But this cozy little world can instantly turn into an impassable jungle of an uninhabited island with the sea, deserted shore, heat and palm trees.

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"Who would have thought that human food flies in its original form, swims and grows on trees?"

So one retired general of the other asks, when they accidentally find themselves on a distant island.

It turns out that they are not adapted to life at all. One of them knows calligraphy, but he does not know how to find food.

With grief they almost ate each other. It's good that they came up with a simple peasant, a hard worker to look for.

That for them, and the fire quickly dissolved, and the apples from the tree plucked, and cooked lunch for two lazy people.

And they were at this time, they read all the newspapers, but shouted at the peasant. More than they do not know how to do anything, except how to command.

They did not even thank him. They got used to the fact that everyone obeys them.

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