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The winners of the BlackBox 19/20 Residence create a construction show that changes from show to show and never repeats. This is a healthy relationship with the theater, within which there is instability and self-development: there will be diseases of the system and its immune reactions, points of disruption and change. Each show is like a kaleidoscope shake-up, thanks to which new optics are created.

Roland Barthes wrote something similar about love: the subject stating it is like an Argonaut who renews a ship over time, but does not change its designation; parts of Argo can be changed, but it's still Argo. Despite all the changes, the play is still Argo.

If you use mathematics as a metaphor for this process, the composition of a natural number is easily represented as the sum of its terms. For example, the seven can be expressed in sixty-four compositions, each of which reassembles the relationships of the parts, highlights the strong and the weak, becomes a kind of story: 7 is 7, 4 + 3, 4 + 2 + 1, and so on. However, there is also a general formula for the composition of this number: 2 ^ (n-1), where the object of analysis exists in parallel in several states, like friendship, conflict and everything in our life.

And the text underlying the performance, and the music written for it, and in general all the means were created from scratch. They are from different times, spaces and genres, because this performance is a constructor, and all of them are just fragments of reality, which are assembled anew each time. The composition of a performance is knowledge; knowing not only that everything is connected with everything, but that even connections are always connected with each other.

Work in progress of the play "Rockets Take Off and Crash Scatter in the Air" will be shown at the NONAME-2020 festival.
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