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The prose of Evgeny Vodolazkin is a literary sensation of the last decade. Doctor of Philology, a specialist in the Russian Middle Ages, Vodolazkin is a real writer-philosopher, whose books are devoted to the comprehension of the most complex philosophical categories, first of all, the category of time. Vodolazkin's prose contains the deepest spiritual and ethical meanings. He opposes morality and spirituality to the fashionable postmodern cynicism today - but without any edification and pathos. Vodolazkin is ironic, his texts are full of humor, his heroes are living recognizable people even when they live in Ancient Russia. In the ranking of the best Russian writers published by Russia Beyond the Headlines, Evgeny Vodolazkin took first place among living authors.
The novel "Aviator" was written in 2016. The performance was created by the ShSP theater with the participation of Anton Tkachenko and Mikhail Arslanyan. The production of the School of the Modern Play will be the first embodiment of this work on the theater stage.
"Aviator" is a reflection on the relationship between man and history. The hero of the production, Innokenty Platonov, wakes up one day in a hospital bed, and realizes that he does not remember anything about himself. He slowly remembers his past.
Memories of a century ago do not come to him linearly, but in fragments from different periods of his life. This is a collage in which St. Petersburg at the beginning of the 20th century, dacha childhood in Alushta, gymnasium and first love, the revolution of 1917, love for aviation are mixed. Moments of happiness are intertwined with unbearable suffering, love with an ugly life, friendship with betrayal, retribution with fall. The simultaneous coexistence of diametrically opposite events and feelings on the “map” of one human life creates a sense of the unreality of what is happening.
This vision of the past is similar to the view of an aviator observing a landscape from a bird's eye view. He is both a detached observer and a participant in the process. Platonov painfully comprehends his place and role in the events of the past and, through memories, tries to understand himself in the present.
The performance was prepared by a team of young directors - director Alina Kushim, a recent graduate of the workshop of Joseph Reichelgauz and set designer Alexandra Dashevskaya, a graduate of the workshop of Dmitry Krymov.
Alina Kushim, director: “The protagonist of the play is a metaphor for modern Russian society and each individual person in it. We all, like Platonov, try to comprehend the events of the history of our country and understand our attitude towards them. After all, without this we cannot understand ourselves and see the path along which we need to go forward. "
Alexandra Dashevskaya, artist: “The spatial solution of the performance is dictated by the historical appearance of the Hermitage hall of the ShSP theater. We decided to integrate the scenery into the old interiors so that the viewer could completely immerse himself in the atmosphere of the hero's memories, in the era of the beginning of the 20th century, in which he lived before falling into a fantastic long-term lethargic sleep. "
The environment created by the artist Alexandra Dashevskaya is not static. It transforms from scattered, indistinct, unsteady scraps that do not fold into a single whole at first, and comes to the harmony and brilliance of the reality that he has lost.
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