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Dedicated to Andrei Goncharov

In April, the Mayakovsky Theater will present the comedy “Savage” written by Alexander Ostrovsky in collaboration with Nikolai Soloviev on the Stage on Sretenka. The comedy about the new time, eternal values and inner freedom is directed by Yuri Ioffe.

The action takes place in a noble estate of the XIX century, where everything speaks of the former greatness of the owners: a once luxurious house, the front door of which is already beginning to overgrow with grass. The elderly heir of the Ashmetievs family, Alexander, comes here from Paris. He arrives with the intention of soon returning to Europe, having obtained the necessary funds for a fun and carefree life away from the rustic Russian boredom. But his humble wife, in order to keep her husband to herself, does not find anything better than to fall in love with his young, freedom-loving beautiful neighbor - in the "savage" Varenka. This dubious intrigue takes a serious turn. The imposing old womanizer did not only turn the girl's head around, but also seriously carried away with her. What will be the denouement?

A beautiful comedy in every sense about the debunking of the ideals that have survived their time. Here, against the backdrop of a love story, the theme of the changes beginning in Russia, the loss by the nobility of their positions, the emergence of a new intellectual elite, powerfully sounds. In the play by Ostrovsky and Solovyov, written a quarter of a century earlier in The Cherry Orchard, the processes of Russian reality described by A.P. Chekhov at the beginning of the 20th century.
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