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Yaroslav Ashikhmin. Everyone lives - and I will stay

Yaroslav Ashikhmin. Everyone lives - and I will stay12+

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123001, Moskva, Ermolaevskiy per., 25
02 h 00 min



For thousands of years, humanity has been looking for ways to prolong life. Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery have already met the demand for preserving youth. At least visually. But as far as longevity is concerned, everything is not so simple.

Today, a huge number of methods of life extension, various anti-age and well-being technologies have appeared. And on the one hand, there are people who literally trade in hope: they sell copyright techniques that have no evidence base. On the other hand, there are sprouts of a new science that will allow the next generations to live much longer, and possibly already for us. How to understand a topic full of charlatans?

Let's take a look at what reputable scientific journals and famous scientists have to say about longevity today. At the lecture of Yaroslav Ashikhmin, Candidate of Medical Sciences, therapist, we will discuss:

- What to do to live up to 100 years old and stay healthy at the same time? Can aging be healthy at all?

- What technologies and power systems have already been proven to be effective for prolonging life?

- Is there a chance that by 2050 we will have a couple of dozen more bonus years of life?

At the lecture, you will learn what biomarkers and indicators need to be monitored for people who want to preserve their youth.

Yaroslav Ashikhmin - candidate of medical sciences, therapist, cardiologist, advisor to the general director of the International Medical Cluster Foundation.
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