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Мифический муж и его собака

Мифический муж и его собака16+

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Москва, Тверской б-р., 22
02 h 00 min


The play "The Mythical Husband" was written by the oldest Moscow Art Theater director and actor Sergei Glebovich Desnitsky. He studied with such Moscow Artists as A. Karev, G. Gerasimov, V. Livanov, and for many years was an assistant and associate of Oleg Efremov. His drama and direction is a classic Moscow Art Theater. The tradition of the old school is visible even in the style of speech of the characters of the play "The Mythical Husband".
And this is no coincidence: before the viewer are the carriers of the purest Russian speech of the late 19th - early 20th centuries - the writer Anton Chekhov and the Moscow Art Theater actress Olga Knipper-Chekhova.
The viewer will have a chance to see the artistic directorial style of the purest test, since Sergei Desnitsky is a true follower of the Stanislavsky school.
Alexander Okun is also a man of the Moscow Art Theater, who devoted decades to him, a legend of theatrical scenography, a teacher in the composition of stage space. The viewer has a chance to see the Moscow Art Theater tradition in its authentic form: in the direction, in the scenography and in the “Moscow Art Theater” theme of the play itself.
The fate of Anton Pavlovich is well known, but in our production the playwright's creative cuisine is revealed through his relationship with his wife, only specialists know about this side of Chekhov's life.
The viewer is given the opportunity to look into this "creative kitchen", to learn how the world-famous plays were created, how the performances were received, how their author lived at that time. Chekhov's plays themselves will become much clearer - after all, their author has become the main character of the play.
Among the new additions to the repertoire of the Moscow Art Theater, "The Mythical Husband" will become a performance-study of the personality of the creator, the history of the relationship of gifted people, each of whom loves in his own way: one forgives and waits, the other is the wife of a great writer and artist, lives by passions, but "well brought up »And is attached to the spouse, affects his work. Is this enough to keep both happy? Can a happy person create?
The production is based on real correspondence between the characters. The oldest actor and director of the Moscow Art Theater, Sergei Desnitsky, will open the door to this difficult marriage, in which his wife asked her not to call her that.
The premiere will take place on March 18, 2021
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