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Как важно быть серьезным

Как важно быть серьезным16+

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121069, Москва, Никитская Б. ул., 19/13
02 h 00 min


The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
Director Anatoly Shulev
Artist Marius Jacovskis
Costumes Maria Danilova
Composer Polina Shuleva
Light Alexander Mustonen

Distribution of roles for the site:
John Worthing,
landowner, honorary magistrate
Ivan Vybornov
Algernon Moncrief
Ilya Nikulin
Lady Bracknell
Svetlana Nemolyaeva

Gwendolen Fairfax,
her daughter
Polina Lazareva

His Rev. Canon Chasuble,
Doctor of Divinity
Igor Marychev

Cecily Cardew
Anastasia Dyachuk
Miss Prism,
her governess
Zoya Kaidanovskaya
Two British gentlemen of the Victorian era, in order to please their chosen ones, start a risky and unpredictable game, calling themselves the fictitious name "Ernest". This name in English is consonant with the adjective "serious".
For some reason, both of their lovers hammered into their heads not only to themselves,
but also to their admirers that their suitors cannot be called otherwise than Ernest, that is, "a serious man." However, the desire of young ladies is understandable: the reputation of a serious man was in honor of the ladies not only at the end of the nineteenth century.
The play of secular youths in pseudonyms violently wraps up developing events. But what the seemingly quite innocent trick of young gentlemen led to, see in the performance of the Mayakovsky Theater.
The play was created by director Anatoly Shulyev in collaboration with the artist Marius Jacovskis based on the famous comedy by Oscar Wilde "The Importance of Being Earnest", which was first played on February 14, 1895. It was on this day, 126 years later, the Theater. Vl. Mayakovsky and presents to the viewer this masterpiece by O. Wilde, who from the first performance had an incredibly successful stage destiny and was immediately highly appreciated both by the viewer and by many outstanding contemporaries of the author.

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