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Истребление тиранов

Истребление тиранов12+

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121069, Москва, Никитская Б. ул., 23 корп.9
01 h 40 min


Mark Rozovsky calls this performance "funny lessons of history", defining the genre as poetic, conventional - "Meyerhold's."

This is a historical mosaic, a vivid performance against despotism and tyranny in any of its manifestations. Mark Rozovsky brought together in one theatrical canvas the works of writers and playwrights from different classes who lived in different eras (between some of them there is a distance of more than two thousand years). The play contains poems, prose, fragments of plays.

Brilliant acting work of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Yuri Golubtsov, Vladimir Davidenko and Valery Tolkov. The wide range of images they create on the stage fully represents all the vices of any dictatorship.

Mark Rozovsky about the play:
"The Extermination of Tyrants" is the biting title of a story by Vladimir Nabokov. We made it the name of our show.
Agree, the topic is more relevant than ever. But we're not going to point the finger at anyone. On the contrary, we would like to present a generalized position of world culture, including the great Russian one, regarding despotism as a universal evil from ancient times to the present day. Hence our interest in the authors, who, like a mighty galaxy, settled down in the long history of mankind, to remind us, today, of the psychoses and insanities of all and every dictators, usurpers, caudillos, general secretaries and just scoundrels who stood at the helm of power.
"Tyrants of the world, tremble!" - said for centuries by Alexander Sergeevich. Our presentation is called upon to support these honest words to the best of our ability. "
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