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Любовь и голуби

Любовь и голуби16+

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121069, Москва, Никитская Б. ул., 23/14
02 h 00 min


Lyrical musical comedy V. Gurkin

Lovely comedies from the distant past are needed by people in our time. And it is right. When around so much sad, gray, ordinary, sometimes it is vital to plunge into the timelessness for an hour and a half, where love conquers fleeting passions. That's why we offer dear conversation to the dear audience in the musical comedy "Love and the Doves" by Vasily Kuzyakin, Raisa Zakharovna, Hope, Uncle Mitya and Shura's women on the stage of the Theater "At the Nikitsky Gate". Vladimir Gurkin has made us an invaluable gift! His characters teach to live with love, without resorting to moralizing and notation, with the help of simple, village people. Through a smile we become strong learning to protect our loved ones, through a smile learn to forgive the most painful betrayals, through a smile to believe - love is waiting for everyone. This comedy brought up our parents, ourselves, now she is waiting for our children ...

The plot is known to everyone, but not everyone knows that the beautiful poet Larisa Rubalskaya put into the mouth of our favorite characters and the poetic melody of her new poems. It is not necessary to disclose all the secrets, but the song, a special higher stage of expression of feelings, escapes from us only in special moments of life. When the forces do not have a word to say, the soul gives birth to music.

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"... And I'm with my own in a counter. She's there, and I'm here. She's there, and I'm here. Let him do the pomara. "

He was a good man and a thorough man, he was appreciated in the timber industry. So they have allocated a ticket to the south, we must at least improve our health sometimes.

His wife and three children stayed at home. The farm is large, and even pigeons must be fed.

And my husband has learned this! Acquainted on the sea in the hot sun with a city lady, she lured him into their networks. It would be fine still young was. And this slut simply swore, here he lost his head.

I did not return home. He began to live with a sweetheart. Only I missed very much without children and pigeons.

Somehow two of his women had to meet. Noise, din, cries, tears!

Will the spoiled spouse return to his faithful wife and harassed the children?

A touching comedy about tender feelings.

"But what fate? Drunk twirled and you will not get out. "

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