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Elizaveta was 23 january on Russian longing

Good afternoon. Somewhat unexpectedly, but not bad. Thank you.

Irina was 23 january on Russian longing

Pogrebnichko rules! :)

Tat`yana was 23 january on Russian longing

amazing! I'm now your devoted fan.

Russian longing

Russian longing16+

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Moskva, Voznesenskiy per., 9a
01 h 05 min


"Russian melancholy", played in the genre of "nostalgic cabaret" - is purely our invention. Pogrebnichko had long dreamed of a theater that would touch "beyond words and concepts, beyond the plot and the linkage of episodes." And he created it. Words - a minimum.

The music is in abundance: Pogrebnichko calls it "songs of composers for poems of poets" - famous city romances of 30-40 and other years, famous hits of Vertinsky, Leschenko, Isabella Yuryeva, no less famous hits of Soviet variety, folk songs and tears.

All this is woven into a story-accompaniment of our life, our eternal dissatisfaction and eternal longing of the spirit. The text and melodies with which our viewers, of course, are associated with their own associations, and become the protagonist of the play.

Sings - Natalia Rozhkova, a singer who has not just a great voice, but the art of performing stylization: old-fashioned, folk intonation, opera or operetta ... She is also an actress-clown, whose every director delivers as a dramatic miniature. The performance became the owner of the main prize "Fringe First" of the International Theater Festival in Edinburgh.
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"All the same, the year passes by turns, and the path becomes shorter than life. Is not it time for me to lie down and rest for a minute with an exhausted soul? "

The charming and gentle voice of Natalia Rozhkova attracts and fascinates ...

In a light dress with sleeves-lanterns, the actress is like a butterfly.

Stormy temperament and outstanding actor's talent combined with a penetrating voice allows Natalia Rozhkova to successfully play the most incredible roles, from lyrical to comic.

"I have a heart, but a secret in my heart. If you want, guess. "

She will perform twelve mini-performances, dedicated to our favorite songs of the most famous singers of the twentieth century.

We will hear wonderful romances, about black and Odessa chestnuts in blossom, and much more.

Her production partners play superbly on various musical instruments - from accordion to guitar and violin.

"All that was singing, everything that was pissing, all was long ago decayed. Only you, my guitar, are still good at ringing. "

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Elizaveta was 23 january

Good afternoon. Somewhat unexpectedly, but not bad. Thank you.

Irina was 23 january

Pogrebnichko rules! :)

Tat`yana was 23 january

amazing! I'm now your devoted fan.

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