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Меня нет дома

Меня нет дома16+

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Москва, Новый Арбат ул., 11
02 h 50 min


The most important performance for the theater - both from a historical and from a modern point of view. The play concludes the trilogy that began in 1982 with the production of Mikhail Levitin “Harms! Charms! Shardam! or School of Clowns ”, in which Lyubov Polishchuk, Roman Kartsev, Evgeny Gerchakov, Yuri Chernov, Alexander Pozharov and others shone. The artist was Boris Messerer, People's Artist of the Russian Federation. It was from this performance that a new page in the history of the Hermitage Theater began, and the works of Daniil Kharms came to life on stage for the first time in the history of the world theater.

The second performance of Mikhail Levitin by Harms - "The White Sheep" was staged at the turn of the century and millennia in 2000 - almost 19 years later. The performance is a spell in which a new generation of the Hermitage was playing: Yuri Belyaev, Irina Bogdanova, Daria Belousova, Ekaterina Teneta, Gennady Khrapunkov, Sergey Oleksyak, Stanislav Sukharev and others. The artist of the play is David Borovsky. And that was another Harms, lyrical and loving.

In 2019, another 19 years later, the Moscow Hermitage Theater celebrates its sixtieth birthday and concludes the trilogy with the production of "I am not at home." Today, literally every year, the enthusiasm for Harms' works is growing not only in our country, but throughout the world - it seems harder and harder to put Harms. And the Hermitage as a theater, which opened the work of the great Oberiut to everyone, has a special responsibility. But what perspective is there to get back to Harms today?

Such an angle was found and it was based on the impression of the book of the great literary critic Vladimir Glotser “Marina Durnovo. My husband is Daniel Harms. " This book is based on the oral recollections of the widow of the writer Marina Vladimirovna Malich, the author found her in Venezuela and wrote down the memoirs. This book tells the absolute truth about the last years of Harms until his arrest. According to her, one can also trace the fate of Marina Vladimirovna herself, who bore the imprint of Harms fate.

Nevertheless, despite the dramatic outline, despite the wanderings of Marina Malich around the world, from a German concentration camp to a French camp, then to Paris, then to Venezuela ... Despite this line, the Hermitage Theater does not part with the work of Harms himself. And inside the play there are many amazing and completely new (not only for the viewer, but also for the theater itself) works of Harms. It was they who brought to the play an amazing and unique humor that lived in this person until the last terrible day. Several generations of actors take part in the performance at once, and the artist of the performance is Sergei Barkhin, People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

“I am not at home” is a performance-mirror, which reflects the influence of Harms on people who came into contact with him, the influence of Harms on us today, the influence of Harms on the worldview of any person. All this is a search in the world for something truly funny. Something that the Moscow Hermitage Theater and Mikhail Levitin’s own theater have been occupying for two times every 19 years.
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