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"The queens never get upset when they are sad, they just execute someone."

The performance of the play takes place in the beginning of the 14th century in France against the background of the decline of the Capetian dynasty. Paris and the whole country were under the rule of Margarita of Burgundy, driven by low-lying passions and vices. Secrets, crimes, love, passion and blood connected the lives of such different people as Queen Margarita, poet and mercenary Jean Buridan and young courtier Gaultier d'One.

The main theme of the play is the theme of a woman who has been given the opportunity to decide the fate of people. When passions are overwhelmed by a woman, their destructive power destroys everything in their path, whether they are close people or a state, by whose will she began to rule.

The transforming scenery takes viewers to the royal quarters of the Louvre, then to the Neva Tower, then to the taverns, then to the streets of Paris. The authors of the play tried to recreate the details of the life of medieval nobles, including the combat weapon of the XIV century. Stage fights were staged by professional stuntman Yuri Sysoev, and the plastic and dance numbers, authored by Daria Popova herself, represent a refined stylization of medieval dances. Costumes and ornaments were developed by the set designer and costume designer Svetlana Litvinova also taking into account their historical authenticity. The performance sounds authentic music of the Western European Middle Ages in combination with modern author compositions and arrangements.
Director, choreographer and author of the stage version - Daria Popova

Music - Darya Popova

Scenography and costumes - Svetlana Litvinova

Lighting Designer - Olga Shepeleva

Choreographer-tutor - Alla Beryozkina

Scene fight - Yuri Sysoev

Fencing - Victor Mazurenko
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