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Мертвые души

Санкт-Петербург. Мертвые души16+

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Санкт-Петербург, Владимирский пр-кт., 12
02 h 00 min



Director and author of the stage design idea - Roman Kocherzhevsky
Costume Designer - Sergey Illarionov
Lighting Designer - Gidal Shugaev

In the performance are: Anna Kovalchuk, Olga Muravitskaya, Laura Pitskhelauri, Rimma Sargsyan,
Natalia Shamina, Nikita Volkov, Vitaly Kulikov, Alexander Novikov, Sergey Peregudov,
Fedor Wheat, Oleg Fedorov
The performance is performed by Julia Smelkina
The performance comes with one intermission.

Performance-investigation. The desire to shake off a layer of dust from a textbook Russian poem, with the help of a great text to answer the questions of today's life.
“What a parable, in fact, what a parable are these dead souls? There is no logic in the dead souls; how to buy dead souls? Where is such a fool to take? and what blind money will he buy them? and at what end, to what cause can these dead souls be stuck? ... What kind of nonsense, in fact, smashed around the city? Well, what's the direction is that you don’t have time to turn around, and here they will release the story, and at least some meaning would be ... However, did they spread it, so there was some reason? What is the cause of dead souls? there is even no reason. It turns out simply: Androny go, nonsense, rubbish, soft-boiled boots! it's just damn it! .. ”

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