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Пикник с Алисой

Санкт-Петербург. Пикник с Алисой1+

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Санкт-Петербург, Владимирский пр-кт., 12
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The story compiled by the authors of the play unfolds in Hyde Park, where the charming Miss invites us, the spectators, to a picnic after a tiring tour of London. The guide speaks the purest English, periodically flaunting the carefully spoken Russian words. But as soon as the story begins about the "national treasure" of England - a fairy tale about Alice and her magical adventures - the Russian language becomes for the charming Englishwoman as if native. The dubiousness of Carroll's fairy tale and the bilingualism of the mona-production of actress Alena Barkova, thus, artistically rhyme. Amazing metamorphosis takes place in front of the viewer - a prissy English miss turns into a brisk Alice, after a few moments on the stage the Rabbit is already rushing around, the Cheshire cat is waving, the Hookah smokes the Caterpillar, the March hare jumps ... The heroes of the fairy tale are talking, arguing, the plot flows casually and mischievously, virtuously Played by the actress with the help of sharpened plastic and excellent knowledge of language culture. The spectator at the play learns a lot about English culture, English humor, in general will feel what kind of phenomenon is the Englishman. At no age is it too late to find a happy childhood - the theater convinces us with its performance. Addressed to both the children's and adult viewers.

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How to get acquainted with the good old England, with a cozy London? Someone prefers to learn historical facts, someone considers local sights, and others are ready to set off on a wonderful journey together with the girl Alice - in pure English, though magical, journey ...

So, we are waiting for a traditional picnic not quite the usual format: here, tea treats Alice strange creatures who have their own special view of everything, even how to pour half a cup of tea! Here the Cheshire Cat dances, smiling, and the Caterpillar guides the way ... And they do not get to this country by train or plane, but through a rabbit hole!

Such outlandish adventures - only for the bravest!

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