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Low budget movie in one act directed by Konstantin Raikin

The premiere will be held February 6, 2019
Emotions took over the mind! I experienced catharsis!
The live game, the emotions of the actors, the dynamically changing scenery, the dubbing behind the scenes are combined into one whole - it was unforgettable! Everything looked in one breath. And laughter, and tears ... This is a performance that one wants to literally “take apart into quotations”.
- Viewer reviews

Delight!!! Everybody go, no run !! Konstantin Arkadevich - Master !!! The guys game is very strong !!! Finale to tears !!!! Thanks to everyone !!!!
- Viewers reviews

Yes ... spectacular performance!
The feeling that watched an exciting movie! Constantly changing the scenery, as if the stills from the movie were fascinating and fascinating ... The guys played perfectly, and what a fantastic ending! Goosebumps ran through the skin ... the final simply blew up the hall, the audience was stunned by the director's idea! Delight! Delight and applause is a must see!) Surprised, so surprised!
- Viewers reviews

The performance was staged by Konstantin Raikin based on the play of the modern playwright and scriptwriter Victoria Nikolskaya and came up with an action in the genre of filming. A film studio was built on the stage where the work is in full swing: extras change the scenery, the props move around the venue, artists make doubles.

At the heart of the plot - a love triangle. And it seems to be an easy geometric task: with whom "she" will leave? However, the sides of the triangle do not grow together. Due to the unique means of scenography, which is not accessible to every theater, in the open finale, artists in front of the auditorium leave the stage and enter the space of the megalopolis, astounding passers-by.

The director's decision to invite to the main roles in the production of non-professional artists is the Raikin experiment. All three are part-time students of the Higher School of Performing Arts, 30-year-old adults already, who have been studying craftsmanship for about three years. Their success demonstrates that the secret of a good drama game is not a diploma.

Victoria Nikolskaya: “In my opinion, the performance is beautiful, because everything in it - from giving a reply to the crackling of a“ detached ”scenery - works on the genre of tragicomedy, on the perception of life through a joke and a bare nerve. And this is the merit of Konstantin Arkadyevich, the actors and the team of people who have invested talent, strength, time, desire, and myself. ”

The play involves: Sergey Alexandrov, Svetlana Androsova, Ivan Eryshev, Anton Kalygin, Pavel Minkin, Margarita Sinyukova, Nelli Cherkaeva, Andrey Shcherbakov.
The play sounds Waltz Anthony Hopkins
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