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Бабий бунт в нашем колхозе

Бабий бунт в нашем колхозе6+

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Москва, Олимпийский пр-кт., 14
02 h 00 min


Musical paintings based on works by Mikhail Sholokhov

  • Staging - Nina Chusova
  • Directed by Nina Chusova
  • Assistant director - Alina Lobakova
  • Scenography - Pavel Kaplevich
  • Composer - Mikhail Bronner
  • Choreographer - Nikolay Androsov

People's Artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina, Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Kolesnikov, People's Artist of Russia Olga Volkova, Ivan Zamotaev, Mikhail Polizeymako, Alexander Varnaev, Yuri Kataev, artists of the ensemble "Russian Song" by N. Babkina, ballet "Living Planet", ensemble Dance "Russian Seasons", the group "After 11"

The 20s of the last century - the time when revolutionary ideals slowly get to the most remote corners of our country, the development of Soviet power is in full swing. Don Cossacks progressive thoughts also do not bypass - they are in the image of "balamutki" and rebel Nastya, a fighter for gender equality.

Under her leadership, the women gathered today and made a riot to prove to their peasants that they are also people: they have the rights and respects are worthy. The collision was twisted and twisted, the quiet farm life on it was over. Women threw their peasants into arbitrariness and issued ultimatums. Of course, there is!

The story began here, the crown of which is unity and agreement for the sake of peaceful life in its native land ...

The staging of the play "Babi Riot" is based on the story "About Kolchak, Krapiv and others," as well as pages of other works by Mikhail Alexandrovich Sholokhov, a Soviet writer and Nobel Prize winner.

The works of Sholokhov, filled with vital humor and genuinely popular in form and spirit, have a special linguistic poetry. They combine realism and deep philosophy, tragedy and comedy. In the play "Babi Riot", Sholokhov's prose was enriched by the multicolored song and dance Cossack folklore, picturesque pictures of the original way of life of the post-revolutionary farm and citations from modern reality. Thanks to the brilliant play of the actors, Sholokhov heroes come alive, endowed with truly popular characters - broad and simple-hearted.

Only after visiting the play, the audience will be able to know what will end the confrontation between the peasants and women? Will they find a common language? Will the village find rest and harmony?

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