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Children`s Musical Theater "Through the Looking Glass"

Feedbacks from viewers
Svetlana was 22 march on Crocodile

Humor of great taste! The performance is funnier funny! Thanks. Sveta K.

Vera was 01 march on Crocodile

All super were on the show twice, it is possible that we will come again

Elena was 01 november on Crocodile

The kids really enjoyed it. 2 girls of 7 years old were alone in the performances, and were satisfied. They said, however, that they didn’t understand anything :), but I liked it. The cutest theater. thanks

Anastasiya was 15 february on Crocodile

Many thanks! Wonderful performance, wonderful, very creative actors!

Olga_04_79@Mail.Ru was 22 march on Crocodile

Wonderful performance! My daughter and I really liked it!

Elena was 02 may on Crocodile

Thank you, dear "Through the Looking Glass", my grandson and I were very interesting and fun!

Tanya was 02 november on Crocodile

Wonderful performance !!!!! I went with the children from the theater studio !! I liked it very much !!! Thank you !!!

Elena was 01 june on Favorite toy

The performance really liked both the child and the mother) left a review on VKontakte (from Alena Kocheva) Thank you very much !! We will come to you again!

Tat`yana was 02 january on Snow fairy tale about the queen and the girl

I liked everything very much! Bravo! Santa Claus - super!

Elena was 28 december on Snow fairy tale about the queen and the girl

My daughter liked it! Thanks!

Ludmila was 01 june on Favorite toy

Thank you, the performance really liked me and the baby, left a lot of positive emotions! The only thing that confused, at the end, everyone was allowed to go on stage, and categorically forbidden to touch the toys, it’s better not to seduce the kids, if you can’t touch)

Alla was 01 march on Favorite toy

We were with my daughter (3 years) in this theater for the first time. My daughter did not like me, either. Although the performance itself is very funny, musical. But here's what I didn’t like: during the performance, children are encouraged to actively participate in the course of the action, dance, wave their arms, run, jump, march. All this action is not for my child. We came to see a fairy tale, listen to music, and not jump and jump. I'm not talking about the fact that all these jumping kids interfered with watching those who did not jump or wave their hands, and it’s good that no one got into each other’s eyes. In short, the directors did not think that the children could have been injured elementarily. This is my personal opinion, I do not want to offend anyone, but I do not want to pay attention to this. And yet, it seems to me that in theaters, in general, they don’t behave like that, there are other places for this.

Anna was 03 january on Snow fairy tale about the queen and the girl

I liked everything very much, thank you very much!

Aleksandra was 07 january on Snow fairy tale about the queen and the girl

Thank you for the wonderful performance !!! Children and adults are thrilled!

Uliya was 04 may on Kroshechka-Khavroshechka

I liked the performance both to me and to a 7 year old child. Thank you, come again

Nataliya was 20 april on Kroshechka-Khavroshechka

Good day! There were a husband with a grandson. I liked both the production and the music. Thank!

Elena was 04 november on Kroshechka-Khavroshechka

Great musical !!! I and my daughter (9 years old) really enjoyed it !!! Cheerful, fascinating and bright performance. Thank! Be sure to see something else from the repertoire of this theater.

Ravil` was 12 april on Kroshechka-Khavroshechka

I liked it a lot, thank you!

Yaroslav was 15 march on Italian in Algeria

A wonderful opera, a wonderful cast and his game! Pleasant, sincere, but slightly vulgar. Therefore, I do not recommend going to children with her.

Elena was 20 february on Italian in Algeria

Sumptuously!! Bravo! I listened and enjoyed listening. Opened your theater this year for yourself. And I can not tear myself away from happiness to attend your performances. "Italian" I was delighted with all the action - voices, witty and modern staging and the work of the artist! Everything is incredibly charming! Elena

Tat`yana was 29 november on Italian in Algeria

Good singing, humor, a game of actors create an unforgettable atmosphere in the hall. The impressions are very bright and joyful! Thank you! The theater ZAZERKALIE long love, the children grew up visiting him, now the grandson happily opens it for himself.

Alina was 10 jule on Madame Butterfly

Thank you! The opera is wonderful! The voices are amazing! The scenery, staging, light and everything else - everything, as we love, is wonderful!

Ul`na was 10 jule on Madame Butterfly

Great performance! I'm totally delighted !! thank you very much for the art and service!

Mariya was 10 jule on Madame Butterfly

A wonderful performance. Beautiful voices. In the autumn I will go to the premiere.

Aleksey was 31 october on Madame Butterfly

Thank you for the pleasure you've received! Always your Alexei.

Irina was 10 jule on Madame Butterfly

Stylish scenery, beautiful costumes, amazing artists, voices touching the soul. The orchestra Bravo!

Irina was 22 february on Porgy and Bess

Pleased with the Igore crawl

Svetlana was 22 december on Christmas Mystery

Inspired performance. The spirit of Orthodoxy and Christmas was clearly felt. It's original. Thank you! I liked the child and the adults very much.

Liudmila was 22 december on Christmas Mystery

History for all time. We watched and listened with pleasure :-)

Aleksandra was 22 february on Porgy and Bess

Many thanks to the theater staff for the interesting production and wonderful performance.

Oxsi was 15 november on Porgy and Bess

Thank you!!! Such a wonderful sound of music, voices ... We watched the film and heard a lot from my grandmother about this musical movie. And here - a living incarnation! Why is not this musical in the poster for the coming months? We advise everyone, and not only the older generation ...

Anzhelika.R was 19 january on Thumbelina

I liked it very much. Beautiful and interesting! Son 7 years looked "in one go!"

Margo was 19 january on Thumbelina

Thank you so much! A wonderful performance is one of the most magical and fabulous performances ...

Natal`ya was 15 march on Thumbelina

Very pleased! Thank you

Ol`ga was 08 june on Thumbelina

Good day, we are simply delighted with the child! From everything-theater, actors, costumes, music! Thank you very much !!!

Larisa was 08 june on Thumbelina

Very professional for children and adults. Thank you for the pleasure.

Tatiana was 30 march on Finist the clear falcon

Many thanks for the wonderful performance. All are delighted, including the younger 7-year-old child. Wonderful music, brilliant decorations, favorite artists.

Ol`ga was 22 june on Love drink

A wonderful opera, beautiful voices. Has received huge pleasure, thanks!

Konstantin was 17 november on Robinson Crusoe

Children liked it, no adults. It would be better not to depart from the text and added all the pirates, and not a philosophical thought about Defoe. The announcement was from the age of 7.

Natal`ya was 30 january on Bohemia

Everything was very nice and wonderful, except for one-titles in the first section were some half-hearted. (30.01). With pleasure we will come to you again !!

Uliya was 20 september on Legend of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi in ​​nineteen songs

Thank you, everything was good

Nadegda was 24 march on Robinson Crusoe

The child was very pleased with 8 years (Robinson Crusoe read), though the subject overlaps with the biography of the author did not understand. Thank you very much. Son is a fan of your theater!

Ol`ga was 18 january on Bohemia

thank you very much, you are a real miracle, the conductor surprised

Ol`ga was 26 march on The Tale of Nightingale, Emperor and Death

Great performance! Looks at one go. Gorgeous costumes and artists.

Larisa was 27 march on Snow Maiden

The view is very remarkable. I really liked Lel in the performance of Anna Yevtushenko.

Uriy was 27 september on Snow Maiden

Thank you for the wonderful performance.

Ol`ga was 05 november on Robinson Crusoe

The child is happy with this most important thanks

Tat`yana was 09 november on The Tale of Nightingale, Emperor and Death

The child and mother liked the tale. Above all praise costumes, you get extra pleasure, looking at them.

Evgeniy was 30 march on Cinderella

Very satisfied, thank you

Ol`ga was 25 march on Legend of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi in ​​nineteen songs

Excellent! Children are delighted :) thanks

Koshina Elena Evgen`evna was 09 november on The Tale of Nightingale, Emperor and Death

The performance really liked! It is joyful that in our city there is a theater that, in its performances, raises deep moral and philosophical problems, thereby teaching children to see the surroundings through the prism of deep inner work. I thank the chief director and everyone who took part in the work on this performance.

Dar`ya was 25 march on Legend of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi in ​​nineteen songs

My children really enjoyed it! Thank you so much!

Vladimir was 11 october on Cinderella

Delight. Beautiful voices, wonderful staging and a sea of ​​humor. We dream of new meetings.

Anna was 18 january on Bohemia

Wonderful performance! Particularly good were fishing and Lukyanenko :)

Mariya was 26 march on The Tale of Nightingale, Emperor and Death

We with the son (8 years) are delighted. Performance, costumes - everything is just great! Thank you.

Viktor was 30 november on So do all

A wonderful performance. They enjoyed the performance of actors, the performance of complex parts and the sound of music performed by the orchestra.

Vitaliy was 27 march on Snow Maiden

All perfectly! Thank you!

Tatiana was 22 june on Cinderella

I liked it a lot, thank you

Natasha was 30 march on Cinderella

Impression of the Cinderella performance, the most positive. Everything is wonderful, the orchestra, the work of the actors. The only thing that upsetted the lack of champagne in the theater buffet. Thank you

Elena was 01 march on The Tale of Nightingale, Emperor and Death

A wonderful performance! I liked both children and adults. Stunning work of the artist

Yury was 07 june on magical flute

Beautiful setting.

Elena was 14 june on The Bat

We really enjoyed! Thank you! We will come again

Mariya was 07 june on magical flute

Great performance! To the child 7 years in delight especially from performance of a role of Papageno and the Moor

Mariya was 06 february on The Bat

A wonderful performance! Wonderful music, beautiful voices. Thank you!

Tat`yana was 11 january on The Bat

I liked the artists great performance great. Your theater is always at its best, it's not the first time. A huge thanks to the leader of the conductor and the company!

Visitor was 25 march on magical flute

Thank you! 8-year-old granddaughter really enjoyed it. Said she would go again.

Nadezda was 25 march on magical flute

I liked it very much. Thank you.

Viktoriya was 20 september on magical flute

The worst performance of your repertoire! After the performance they listened to Mozart's houses in a different performance!

Ol`ga was 07 november on magical flute

Two adults and two children (9 and 12 years old) went to this production. Raised St. Petersburg children stayed until the end of 3 hours, as almost all in the hall. Mozart's music, performed by a "live" orchestra, covered also frivolous suits, and vulgar hints, and lewd gestures. From magic in the play there were only tricks. Boring, non-talented, immoral. The singing voices and the actor's efforts to the young guys (the predominant age in the hall of 9-10 years) showed 2 attempts at suicide, the cruelty and betrayal of the mother against the daughter (the mother threw knives into the daughter), almost rape and the "Moor" in the sadomasochistic outfit. Claims to the formulation of a lot: and inability to work with children's audience, and sometimes vulgar texts of arias, and explicitly calculated for an adult viewer replica. I regret that I reacted with mistrust to the only negative response about this opera on the site.

Uliya was 28 march on The Bat

March 28 were at the theater Through the Looking Glass at the operetta Bat! I made my mom a birthday present !! Everything went fine, starting with the purchase of tickets. Everything is fast and simple. You do not need to run to buy tickets. Electronic ticket is very convenient! Theater behind the looking glass is a children's theater, but I did not regret that I took the tickets. Cozy small theater! Everything is clean and beautiful! The hall is beautiful, the chairs are new, comfortable. We had good seats, 5th row. Everything is visible and audible !! ' The operetta itself is wonderful! Fun, beautiful, with humor. Beautiful costumes, gorgeous voices !!! there is an orchestra pit !!! Music is wonderful !! Operetta is three hours, but time passed unnoticed! Everything is wonderful! Mom is happy, birthday was wonderful! Thanks artists!

Nadegda was 02 march on magical flute

The ten-year-old boy really liked it. So much so that he did not want to leave the theater without tickets for the next play. I do not know how much he appreciated the vocals and music, for my taste, it was beautiful and professional, but the spectacle was exciting. Probably, clowning and special effects are now necessary for the young listener. But I was unpleasant a portion of vulgarity in the role of the Moor. But a couple of birders, also comic, are beyond praise. And special gratitude for the prince with the princess, such not fairy and such not modern, - they very touching and with magic voices. Bravo!

Anastasiya was 06 february on The Bat

After a two-year hiatus, they again visited the Looking Glass. Charming operetta, delightful voices of actors. I liked it very much, three hours passed unnoticed. Thank you for the Bat)

Svetlana was 25 march on The Adventures of Neznaika

I liked very much both my daughter and I 9let. Colorful outfits

Oksana was 09 jule on Carmen

Were on Carmen in the Looking Glass, twice - with different compositions. All are good! Energy, expression, erotica and - not a drop of vulgarity. Learn, seekers of modern forms. Two masters - Petrov and Bubelnikov - put this performance as if on a dispute, that they can "make" all status with their million budgets and bourgeois outlook. Bravo!

Tat`yana was 08 march on Sleeping Beauty

We really enjoyed! Thank you

Dar`ya was 11 january on Sleeping Beauty

I really liked the performance for me and my daughter. Thank you very much, we will definitely come again.

Ekaterina was 21 december on Sleeping Beauty

Thank you! I liked both children (4 years) and parents. Fun, witty, dynamic, great music, dancing, design, of course actors, very good design and implementation. 'What did not like: from the name the children were expecting the classical plot to the end and more clarity (we know the tale by heart), there are not enough seats in the first rows (they were far away and not very comfortable), but were especially upset because there were not enough candy , While they were getting from the back rows (it is necessary to provide for this). Thank you!

Only for children
Only adults
Санкт-Петербург, Рубинштейна ул., 13
03 h 00 min
Johann Strauss. Operetta in two acts
Libretto R. Zhenet

In this best operetta of the "king of waltzes" of extraordinary beauty, the melodies merged with the incendiary rhythms of the dance. This joyful hymn of life intoxicates like champagne!

In Russia they have known for a long time and love the enchanting funny story about how at the masquerade the frivolous Eisenstein starts courting the stranger in the costume of the Bat, who turns out to be ... his own wife! The comedy, full of merry misunderstandings, tricks with disguises and witty dialogues, always had a triumphant success.

"Bat" in "Through the Looking Glass" is a talent, skill and contagious temperament of young soloists, a real feast for the theater and its spectators!

Russian dialogues by N. Erdman and M. Volpin
Directed by Irina Cherkasova
Musical director and conductor of people. Art. Russian Federation Pavel Bubelnikov
Costume Designer Irina Dolgova
Choreographer Irina Novik
Choirmaster Anatoly Rybalko
Artists in the world Svetlana Nikolaenko, Elena Maksimova
Sound engineer Viktor Lazarev
Artistic director of the production of nar. Art. Russian Federation Alexander Petrov

Characters and performers:
Henry Eisenstein: Sergey Ermolaev
Rosalind, his wife: Maria Rubinstein, Violetta Lukyanenko, Alyona Resanina
Adele, their maid: Elena Zastavnaya, Nadezhda Antyufeeva, Elena Popel, Anna Kuznetsova
Falk, theater director: laureate of Int. Competitions Dmitry Nelasov, Pavel Grigoriev, Alexander Chursin, Nikolay Pogorelov
Alfred, a fan of Rosalind: zasl. Art. RF Andrey Matveev, Igor Krol
Frank, director of the prison: Alexei Sazonov, Sergei Rumyantsev
Prince Orlovsky: Anna Snegova, Evgenia Ispavskaya, Anna Smirnova, Daria Rositskaya
Forester: zasl. Art. Yury Davidenko, Yegor Prokopyev
On duty in prison: Kirill Kostromin, zasl. Art. RF Andrey Matveev, Vyacheslav Dusenko
Assistant on duty: Kirill Kostromin, Nikolay Pogorelov
Blind, Aisenstein's lawyer: Leonid Nechaev, Andrei Konyukh
Unknown: Kirill Kostromin, Nikolai Pogorelov
Guests at the ball: artists of the theater


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