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Feedbacks from viewers
Mari was 06 november on Gossip

The best comedy in the last 3 years that we visited with my family !!! A rich, funny and subtle plot with such a brilliant cast !!! Got a lot of positive emotions in one evening, enjoyed the game of artists!) There would be more such performances in our cultural capital ..)). I recommend to everyone who has not been !! Impressions, in my opinion, are for December. I want to order tickets to my friends as a gift to NG))

Lilya was 06 november on Comedy Free Love

Let's go for the second time in December! The first time we saw with Feklenko, did not end up on the Hunchback. We look forward to December :)) The duet is chic with both the first actress and Maria. Keep it up!

Mari was 06 november on Island of lost souls

On October 10, it turned out to be an accidental pleasure to attend the premiere of this performance. This performance is full not only of unique humor, but also of deep meaning. The wonderful cast of actors gave us a lot of positives, they laughed heartily!) I recommend going to Woody Allen fans and more! another show, if I'm not mistaken on New Year's Eve)

Mari was 06 november on Comedy Free Love

Wonderful performance! The plot of two completely unfamiliar people, filled with funny moments and deep meaning. The genre is difficult to determine unambiguously .. This is not the first production of Vadim Dubrovitsky, which we watched. I advise all fans of Dmitry Dyuzhev to go. Gather the most unforgettable emotions .. My husband and daughter were completely delighted with this performance of the play ..)

Irina was 16 november on Gossip

11/16/2015 looked with her husband this statement. A whole cascade of famous actors. It was evident that they enjoy their own game and the reaction of the audience, in the form of laughter. Of the shortcomings can be noted that the performance is slightly tightened and the decorations here and there could be "patched up"))) But, in general, the evening was good and the feeling of "money thrown into the wind" was not there. I recommend.

Ol`ga was 21 september on Gossip

Accidentally got to this play. Has received a lot of positive emotions, for a long time so did not laugh. Actors, as for selection. GOOD FELLOWS !!!

Marina was 19 october on Gossip

The entire spetkle laughed. I liked it very much. All the actors are great! I recommend.

Sergey was 15 february on Comedy Lyuboff

There are protracted moments, but overall it is excellent. Anna Dubrovskaya was simply amazingly playing her part. Incredible overpayment. The rest of the actors are also 5-ku. Even the homeless people looming on the stage and, apparently, not affecting what is happening on the straight, created an extraordinary atmosphere. Great music. And the light! The light is so harmoniously matched to the scenery. And of course the production itself. Directed a special thank you. This is not visible to the little man who created this superiority on the stage. Well done!

Tatyana was 22 may on Comedy Lyuboff

Was December 1 at the premiere. What I want to say. Thank you! For non-standard reading of the play Shizgal, for the great actors' play, for the unusual scenery. And the moon! Yes, I'm ready again to buy a ticket for the show for the sake of this moon! Of course, it's a joke. But the moon is really beautiful! Like everything that happens on stage. And happens on the stage ... love. Three main characters - three unhappy people, disappointed in family life, who are alone ... How familiar is that, is not it? I will not retell the story. It is better to go and see. Because any retelling will be dim, compared to what is happening on stage. And the music! How well the instruments and voice perfectly master three homeless people on stage! After all, they create a unique atmosphere, decorating the brilliant play of actors. Anna Dubrovskaya, Vladimir Kapustin and Dmitry Ulyanov. Thanks again! Honestly, I did not expect.

Natal`ya was 22 may on Comedy Lyuboff

I liked very much, thank you guys for the wonderful evening, thank you for the songs, what beautiful and strong voices! They played so naturally that you seemed to be there with them in the 70s. I plunged into the world of memories. GOOD FELLOWS !!

Tatyana was 22 may on Comedy Lyuboff

My opinion is a worthy production of a worthy work! Undoubtedly, the play Lyuboff - something that goes far beyond the ordinary theatrical activities. Music, reprises, scenes ... The actors play - bravo! The game of musicians is brave! Bravo to the director and artists! Such an action should not pass by a spectator who values ​​his time and spends it exclusively for the benefit!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Тверской б-р., 23
02 h 00 min
Men and women, husbands and wives. The eternal problem of marital infidelity becomes even more acute when the banal love triangle turns into a strange, tragic and very funny figure.

The husband of the main character cheats with her best friend, the husband of the girlfriend is completely ignorant of what is happening, and while the women share the man, it becomes clear that he is leaving for the third. Heroes lie and get out to the last, and when lying is pointless, they go on the attack. To clarify the relationship, even the oldest trophy gun is useful!

Central Park West is one of Woody Allen's latest and most famous plays, as always, very funny, and, as always, with a laugh - a deep meaning; The premiere took place in New York in 2003 and was a huge success.

The comedy of lies and revelations in the editorial office of “La Theater” retains its unique humor and acquires new colors, it will make you not only laugh, but, just in case, take a closer look at your wife, your husband, friends and neighbors. Julia Menshova, Evgeny Dyatlov, Olga Prokofieva, Andrey Ilyin, Olga Bogomazova - brilliant cast - “Island of lost souls”


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