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Theater "Sobytie"

Feedbacks from viewers
Sergey was 11 october on Jokes by A.P. Chekhov

Very good impressions! Young actors play openly with soul. Went out after the performance with a bright feeling. I was at the "Chic Wedding" and "Anton Chekhov's Jokes". Recommend. Feelings that the team is like a big family - they occupy and feel each other, forcing the audience to laugh sincerely.

Mihail was 26 october on Jokes by A.P. Chekhov

Actors play smartly, with the soul, as if "live" on the stage! I was at 5 performances, I liked everything, both in content and the play of actors. I do not know of such a theater in Moscow, so that there would be such a combination .. keep it up!

Aleksandr was 03 november on Jokes by A.P. Chekhov

Everyone who read Chekhov should like) The humor is conveyed very accurately, subtly, with the characteristic manner of narration characteristic of Anton Palych.

Igor` was 02 october on Lonely west

Has not hooked.

Maksim was 30 jule on Lonely west

The performance was simply incomparable, which you can not say, unfortunately about the theater itself. But for the sake of such a statement, the actors and moods should be played without hesitation)

Ol`ga was 21 november on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

Were 21.11.2014g.Ogromnoe thanks to the actors for the positive emotions of Ophelia-bravo !!!! Gildenkrants great!

Ol`ga was 15 november on Lonely west

Were 17.11.2014g.Steproekt very much! Serious work, excellent staging and a wonderful game of actors. Separate thanks to Sergei Lavrentiev for the role of Welsh! Bravo!!!

Natalya was 24 august on Lonely west

A great game of actors!

Visitor was 16 jule on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

I liked Hamlet and Ophelia. The rest are worse. Depressing the complete lack of scenery and costumes.

Dmitry was 17 august on Lonely west

They left without checking to the end. It seems that without a mate and scream, no normal performance can now be staged. The level of the KVN team of the institute, the first course, when one can express an emotion only by shouting curses from the stage.

Gleb was 17 august on Lonely west

Where spectators run, I liked it.

Visitor was 17 august on Lonely west

I liked the performance very much, the actors are just great, they really live the life of the character !!! Bravo!

Aleksec was 30 august on Lonely west

I liked very much, the actors played great

Evgeniya was 17 august on Lonely west

Thank you. All liked it.

Aleksandr was 17 august on Lonely west

I regretted that I spent the evening of Sunday on this absurdity. Upbringing was not allowed to get up and leave already in the 10th minute. I do not advise spending time and money on this event.

Elena was 16 jule on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

I was very impressed with the performance of the actors, in particular I liked the "HAMLET". It was as if I lived this night with them ... I thank you for the emotions that I received!

Anna was 26 may on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

Positive emotions: the actors' game is wonderful, from which "skin glands". We will come to you more than once!

Visitor was 06 april on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

Many thanks to the actors for the pleasure! Surprisingly, the director managed to manage minimal material costs and create a truly talented performance. Light, sound, interesting director's finds are all on top. Of course, the troupe deserves a better room ...

Dilya was 06 april on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

I liked the performance, and the heat was on the stage of explaining Hamlet with my mother - Gertrude ... I want to mention the actor who played the role of Hamlet - Vadim Chibisov, who, I understand, is also the producer of this performance ...

Ol`ga was 06 april on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

After the play "The Lonely West" there were doubts whether to go again to this theater. Especially on Hamlet! But now I am absolutely sure that this small team is very, very talented guys! The performance is very original, finds with light, chairs, costumes are beautiful. Time flew by unnoticed. Now I'm buying tickets, I want to see everything in the theater. Departure :-)

Mariya was 20 march on Lonely west

I liked everything very much! Actors are very talented. We will definitely come again.

Viktoriya was 20 march on Lonely west

Great performance !!! Excellent game of young and talented actors! Has received great pleasure and a positive charge of emotions! Many thanks!

Mariya was 24 june on Lonely west

Was at the play. Very pleased! Excellent work and submission. The game of actors is wonderful!

Marina was 06 june on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

An unusual vision of the great work of Shakespeare. I liked that I managed to preserve the thread of the plot, not to deviate from the beauty and emotionality of the dialogues. However, in some places modern remarks seemed superfluous. But in general - everything is fine!

Nadegda was 24 june on Lonely west

On the one hand, the play is full of black humor. On the other hand, there is something to think about ...

Tat`yana was 27 february on Lonely west

I liked it a lot, thank you:-)

Sergey was 24 june on Lonely west

Visited the play! It's great! A wonderful game of actors, intonations, feelings, experiences - everything that happens on the stage, as if happening to you! In general, 9 points out of 10!

Anastasiya was 08 february on Lonely west

It did not leave a feeling that the performance was student - and the hall was tiny, and the actors were young and unfamiliar still. It turned out well, sincerely and touchingly. Thank you!

Danila was 09 february on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

Sorry for my French, but a rare muck !!!

Sergey was 24 june on Lonely west

It's just a miracle !, A miracle that surprises and captivates the viewer!

Maksim was 24 january on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

All very much, guys well done! Maxim & Lera

Venera was 10 january on Lonely west

Were with the family, very much, success!

Ol`ga was 29 november on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

Thanks, I did not expect so much

Mariya was 29 november on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

Thanks for the pre-game actors. Everything was great.

Tat`yana was 06 june on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

Amazing staging. How can I highlight the main thing in a half-hour delivery and that everything is important. Hamlet really liked it.

Visitor was 17 november on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

We are fascinated by young artists. 1,5 hours passed unnoticed. A very delicate reading of Shakespeare for the present.

Tat`yana was 19 october on Lonely west

The performance is very much) impressive!

Elena was 17 november on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

Many thanks for the performance! Received intellectual pleasure

Ol`ga was 05 october on Lonely west

The performance was incredible - perhaps, it is possible to say without exaggeration that only after it I appreciated the "Lonely West" for its worth.) Many thanks for the pleasure.))

Natal`ya was 05 october on Lonely west

Especially redhead :))

Natal`ya was 05 october on Lonely west

All liked it!

Svetlana was 20 december on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

Thank you for your creativity! The performance is stunning! Impressed the game actors, very sensual and dramatic, touches the soul, makes you think!

Dmitriy was 09 june on Lonely west

Very good! A lot of action, drive. And the lyrics. Full emotional involvement in action. Thank you very much, guys, they enjoyed it very much1

Aleksey was 09 march on Lonely west

super!!! Very much. And not just a performance with a storm of emotions and lethal humor, but the hall itself. Sensations, as if you yourself are involved in all this Irish mash ...

Aleksandr was 09 june on Lonely west

Catharsis, guys! Sooo perfect, honest! Actors megonyashki! Thank you! Long wanted to finally see the revived play

Aleksandr was 06 june on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

Thank you very much for the storm of emotions! Very unusual and unforgettable! I had you for the first time, now I even regret that I did not know about you before! Acting is awesome! Thanks again, I'm waiting for a new play, I'll sign up for your regular audience!

Mariyajuliya was 06 june on HAMLET. Chronicle of one night

From this performance, my acquaintance with the cozy theater "Event" began ... and continues to this day. "Hamlet. The Chronicle of One Night" in your performance is a bright, soul-sinking spectacle that makes you respond to every gesture and phrase of the actor! Looks in one breath ... no, even sometimes you want to not breathe, but to turn all the feelings on the stage !!! Thank you very much for such genuine enthusiasm! What you are doing is REAL CREATIVITY ... sincere ... talented Effectively, dynamically and very uncommonly - words that perfectly describe this production of Vadim Chibisov. Good luck and success! ^^

Mariyajuliya was 09 june on Lonely west

Thin, harmonious performance, with virtuosic (I'm not afraid of this word)) interaction of characters. Who would have thought that purely "Western" humor - from irony to sarcasm - would sound so sincere and heartfelt on this stage. It can be seen that you play with great pleasure. It is transmitted to the audience. Connor's brothers are beespodobny. Three times URA "To the Lonely West" and all of you !!! = D

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