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Feedbacks from viewers
El`vira was 14 february on Medea

I really liked the whole production. Soloists of the highest class!

Evgeniya was 05 december on The Tale of Tsar Saltan

Many thanks. very good performance

Uliya was 16 jule on Don Juan

The opera "Don Giovanni" was amazing by the urgency! Two years have passed since the century, and feelings and emotions do not change! Grapes of grapes and "piano-ladder" in the sky are brilliantly played. Beautiful voices, and the dramatic theater can envy acting skills!

Inessa was 23 june on Don Juan

With pleasure I looked, I got great pleasure from the performance. Very interesting was the decision with the piano, but without the book bought about the performance it was not clear the decision about grapes. The end is very effective. An unusual concept of classical opera. It looks easy without tension.

Elena was 16 jule on Don Juan

A magnificent performance

Veniamin was 21 may on Medea

Enjoy listening to the voice of Hibla Gerzmava. The daughter of Colchis was persuasive and truthful. Cherubini is a rare guest of our theaters. Therefore, I advise you to listen ...

Galina was 26 september on The Queen of Spades

September 15, 2017, listened to Pyotr Tchaikovsky's opera The Queen of Spades. I liked the production of A. Titel and A. Lazarev. The performance is heard in one breath, 3 actions of the composer are transformed into a performance with one intermission. Magnificent choir, soloists and, of course, children's group, organically woven "plastic" numbers in the canvas of the opera. Liked the performance of Stanislav Lee, Elena Zaremba, Alexei Shishlyaev. But Lisa was especially good in the performance of Elena Bezgodkova. Magnificent voice, excellent external data of the singer, naturalness in the performance of the role of Lisa. For Elena Bezgodkova - a great vocal future! Many thanks to all the participants for the wonderful performance!

Elena was 21 september on Lucia di Lammermoor

Hibla is divine! Opera very much.

Vera was 21 september on Lucia di Lammermoor

Wonderful composition, beautiful performance! Decorations and decoration did not like.

Lidiya was 18 june on Lucia di Lammermoor

Thank you!!! I liked it very much !!

Elena was 18 june on Lucia di Lammermoor

Actually they went to Hiblum Gerzmava. After listening to the opera in another performance, they decided to come to the theater again.

Ekaterina was 22 june on Giselle

Ballet chic, the beauty of costumes, lines, scenery unimaginable! Only ecstatic memories!

Anastasiya was 16 april on Tales of Hoffmann

Colorful costumes, gorgeous voices! Watch all connoisseurs of European operas. Everything was on top.

Irina was 25 june on TRAVIATE

The performance is worthy of attention, but I was shocked by the first scene in the second act. The action takes place in our time, but the girls - with bare chest in the opera performance is bust! After watching the performance of "La Traviata" at the Bolshoi Theater, the music was played for another week! After this performance, only good mood was left!

Alex was 07 december on TRAVIATE

Listened to the opera of La Traviata on 12/7/2014 at the Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater, Moscow. The production is "modern". I am not a supporter of the modernization of classical performances, but in the framework of modernization much has been done with talent (it seems to me that a small striptease dance is superfluous, it coarsens the music of traviata). The orchestra and performance were pleasant. In the role of Violetta sang Hilba. Verdi's traviate is my weak point. I listened to everything with tears, I was afraid that I was hindering my neighbors .... In this theater was not long ago - I met him with great joy. Hall, new luxurious armchairs, curtain, public, buzz of conversation before the performance, ladies, young beauties, charming couples, youth .... You leave after the performance in the evening Moscow, it's all in New Year's lights. How I love all this .... It's a blessing that there is still a theater and classics with overcrowded rooms. Did Nemirovich, Stanislavsky, Meyerhold once imagine that everything would develop so ... .All with the Coming New Year !! And Merry Christmas !!! And successful concerts !!!!

Lvv was 03 december on Tales of Hoffmann

Perfectly! Bright scenery, good voices, wonderful theater

Ol`ga was 22 june on Giselle

Stunning ballet, choreography. The ballerinas are just on top, not a single hitch, the best setting in the city. The only thing that confused - the flying jeep in the second part)) and so - amazing.

Mihail was 22 jule on Giselle

Beautiful production and wonderful dancing, very much.

Anna was 08 jule on Tales of Hoffmann

Magic action! The production is extraordinarily elegant: Offenbach's magnificent music fits perfectly with the contemporary scenography of Titel. On a weekday in the middle of summer, there was not a single free place in the hall!

Ol`ga was 22 jule on Giselle

I liked it very much.

Ol`ga was 10 may on TRAVIATE

Thanks, the grandmother very much was pleasant.

Viktor was 10 may on TRAVIATE

Beautiful setting, wonderful composition of artists, inimitable performance. Huge gratitude !!! ZVL

Svetlana was 25 june on TRAVIATE

Beautiful music, great voices! But listen better with your eyes closed. The scenery in the form of shop windows, the protagonist in the sweater stretched to the knees and the number of the strip show, all this greatly spoiled the performance. Is it worth spoiling classics with an insipid "modern" vision?

Elena was 10 may on TRAVIATE

Ochen 'ponravilas' postanovka! Smotreli tri deistviya na odnom dihanii-velikaya muzika i prekrasnie ispolniteli.

Oksana was 24 november on Carmen

Magnificent performance - looks at one go! Beautiful modern production, excellent voices - we have only the best impressions!

Ekaterina was 07 may on Carmen

On her birthday she made herself a gift - she went to the opera in Carmen in French, the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater. Chic was Carmen! Excellent actress played, it was unexpected to see Carmen as a blonde, but she played her role so harmoniously and proudly that I stopped noticing everything. The opera is excellent! There were also titles, but I was so carried away by what was happening on stage that I forgot about everything and did not read a line, nevertheless I understood everything without knowing the French :) some languages ​​are understandable to everyone, regardless of race or culture :) I recommend This performance! Beautiful opera!

Veronika was 07 may on Carmen

Staging with modern costumes, quite bright and colorful. Liked. Excellent performance Veronika

Vera was 04 may on Carmen

Beautiful production, beautiful voices, many thanks to the theater

Lubov` was 06 february on Sylphide. J.Schneitzhoffer

A wonderful ballet. I really liked the Sylphide performed by Erika Mikirticheva! It affects the plasticity and ease of execution. A real fairy of air!

Anastasiya was 11 june on Eugene Onegin. P.I. Chaikovsky

Magnificent opera and the production itself. For true connoisseurs of art! The best theatrical performance among theaters.

Alena was 23 june on Yearning. G. Puccini

Was on the July Tosca Muradymova-Erokhin-Shishlyaev. I got by accident - I liked it extraordinarily. Voices are wonderful, artists live on stage with their heroes, from the first to the last note you look, you listen with bated breath. To all actors of bravi!

Ol`ga was 20 may on Swan Lake

A little sham setting, but overall I liked it. Of course, when people learn the most popular moments - for example, the dance of small swans, some inner tension begins, as the artists know what is expected of them. Done at a very good level.

Anna was 12 october on Eugene Onegin. P.I. Chaikovsky

My husband and I are delighted with the performance! Beautiful actors, music, scenery, light. We will definitely come again!

Ol`ga was 14 jule on Sylphide. J.Schneitzhoffer

Thank you, we really enjoyed it.

Goulnara was 14 jule on Sylphide. J.Schneitzhoffer

The production was very pleasant, especially as Celfida, Anna Ol, moved and danced.

Tat`yana was 12 jule on Eugene Onegin. P.I. Chaikovsky

Great performance! We received great pleasure from both the performance and the atmosphere of the theater!

Artem was 10 jule on Yearning. G. Puccini

I really liked the organization - electronic tickets (although our seats were sold twice, but then we picked up similar ones), and a spacious buffet hall. Honest 5! On execution, not that disappointed, I knew that I was not going to Pavarotti or Lemesheva, but ... I would like to hear the greater depth of performance, the synchronicity of Tosca, Kavaradossi and the orchestra, well apart they were (played, not lived) !!! Aria Scarpia - 5 of 5!

Topta was 28 jule on Eugene Onegin. P.I. Chaikovsky

Thank you for the wonderful performance, the splendid game and the singing of the actors and the original production!

Elizaveta was 14 jule on Sylphide. J.Schneitzhoffer

Good afternoon! A wonderful performance, the divine Eric with magic hands, an excellent premier in the title role and a very good, synchronized corps de ballet! The troupe of your theater is our favorite, we always go with pleasure to your performances with three generations of ballet dancers. We wish all artists and the theater as a whole prosperity and new creative victories for the joy of us, the audience. With respect, admiration and gratitude L. Kogan, E. Kogan, E. Volovik, L. Volovik.

Irina was 14 jule on Sylphide. J.Schneitzhoffer

Thank you, I liked it very much!

Ol`ga was 10 jule on Yearning. G. Puccini

Thank you for the pleasure. Everything was great!

Irina was 25 may on Madame Butterfly

Hello! Were on Madame Butterfly yesterday, for the first time in your theater. Puccini - excellent: very tender music, in which Japanese motifs and American anthem are intertwined. I liked the production, laconic scenery, which, nevertheless, allowed to convey the spirit of the country and the plot twists and, of course, the skill of the performers! From the voice of Irina Vashchenko crawl crawl ... Be sure to come again :-)

Lubov` was 01 jule on Sylphide. J.Schneitzhoffer

A stunningly beautiful ballet, a beautiful production, a great game of artists - everything left an unforgettable impression! With pleasure we go to this ballet once again!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Дмитровка Б. ул., 17
03 h 10 min

"What is the" Queen of Spades "? Is this opera a story of love? In part, like any opera, two men loved one girl, one is beautiful, successful, from a good family, for whom all the ways are open, and the other is poor , An unknown, evil loser, but the girl loves the second, which happens quite often.

Is this opera a story about the game? I think no. Although the game takes a very important place in it. You can even say that this is the story of two card games with a difference of 50 years. One - once in Versailles au jeu de la Reine. And the second half a century later in St. Petersburg. Everything else is between.

This is a story about the terrible contradictions in the lives of people living in the city of tragic greatness - Petersburg. He is also one of the protagonists of the opera - a ghost town, a city of phenomenal beauty, built in 200 years with an extraordinary and unprecedented scale; A ruinous city, because it is built on bones drowned in a swamp, absolutely European in architecture, and at the same time populated by Russian people. The city, which periodically floods, and which became the birthplace of both the Golden and the Silver Age in Russian art ... "

Alexander Titel

World premiere: December 19, 1890

Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg

The first production at the State Opera House. K.S. Stanislavsky: February 26, 1930

The first production at the Moscow Academic Musical Theater. K.S. Stanislavsky and Vl.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko: December 25, 1976

The history of excitement that led to the death, the story of a young man, greedy for wealth, composed by A.S. Pushkin, in the opera P.I. Tchaikovsky takes on an even more intense, tragic sound.

Herman in the soul - a passionate player, but from the game he abstained: he saved his modest earnings. But one day he heard about the existence of a special combination of cards. Three treasured cards can provide a win to someone who knows them. What are these maps?

The old Countess owns the secret, but she, of course, does not want to disclose it. Herman is trying to get to the card secret ... What happens if a young man finds out which three cards promise an inevitable success?

Did Herman put too much on the map?


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