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Feedbacks from viewers
Marina was 10 march on Bacchante

Overall I liked it, although I can not say that I will immediately go to another production. This should be used in a small dosage. Difficult, intrusive, nervous - in a good way. Very hard physically, the actors play, you wonder how they do not fall off the fatigue on the bow. At such performances it is necessary to go to real fans of the theater, people who can "keep a nerve". For those who simply want "a good time to spend" it is better to look for an alternative.

Sergey was 15 january on Anna in the Tropics

Suddenly it turned out to be a very pleasant statement. The actors were able to create the right atmosphere. Despite the very complex scene, the performance turned out to be dynamic and exciting.

Filipp was 30 october on Bernard's House of Alba

Women, ah, these women! With difficulty I was led to this performance by my woman. Along the way, she told me a lot about this play and that the production of director Alisa Seletskaya will definitely be aimed at women! So, Women, this performance is very masculine! Incredible impression, amazing! Now I understand women much better!

Mariya was 30 october on Bernard's House of Alba

I really liked the combination of a serious female theme about power, love, morality and humor, some kind of ease. Another zombie - it was very funny))))))))))) Diana Rakhimova - incredible! Lyudmila Rozanova - powerful! Anya Dubova is a genius! All the girls are good! I finally understood what is called an ensemble) Director - bravo, collected some unreal team!

Oksana was 25 jule on Blue bird. Travel.

I liked the play, a wonderful play of actors. Be sure to go to the continuation in the new season.

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Тверская ул., 23
01 h 00 min

Musical-poetic readings dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War

Young artists of the Electrotheater came up with their personal project for the 70th anniversary of the Victory: a poetic and musical play in which through the lines of famous and nameless poems about the war the real outlines of those who left and did not return, those who waited, loved and believed in spite of everything. The jubilee passed, and the power of a poetic spell - such as that of Konstantin Simonov in the famous "Wait for me, and I'll return ...", addressed to actress Valentina Serova - stayed with us, forcing us to experience a high degree of emotion.

There are excerpts from S.Aleksievich's book "The war does not have a woman's face" and poetry by O. Berggolts, J. Drunina, S. Gudzenko, M. Kulchitsky, B. Okudzhava, B. Slutsky, K. Simonov and an unknown author.

Director: Roman Drobot

Artists: Julia Abdel-Fattah, Boris Dergachev, Olga Zhuravleva, Daria Kolpikova, Anton Kostochkin, Elena Morozova, Dmitry Myagky, Dmitry Chebotarev.


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