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Feedbacks from viewers
Irina was 24 november on lost World

Many heard about the play "The Lost World" and, finally, today they came with a child on it. Bright, enchanting, exciting spectacle, original, but understandable story, catchy melodies. The performance is designed for a wide age audience, i.е. there are jokes that my four-year-old son did not understand, but the schoolchildren obviously overlooked them. Every word and every gesture of puppet characters is thought out, there is nothing superfluous - which, for example, I would not want to show my child. On the contrary, it seems to me that it is useful to watch the play for the development of a healthy sense of humor and, of course, feelings of justice and friendship. By the way, evil characters and their mutual relations are shown very tactfully, without superfluous forcing, so that the kids perceive them adequately enough. The theater is homely, everything is provided for the comfort of children and parents, the spectators greet people cordially, try to take into account all wishes. In general, we will now dream of the upcoming New Year's performance.

Polina was 22 february on lost World

February 22 went to the "Lost World" in the "Red Theater". I heard a lot, I decided to go. Class! I went along with my brother and parents. (They bought tickets on the spot with armor). I thought that the children's fairy tale would be "off topic." It turned out to be very interesting: both the plot (dinosaur, he crown prince, flies from space to the lost island), and music and dolls. The presentation itself is dynamic, colorful, like a musical: many songs. The great monster was especially pleased. I advise everyone: it will be interesting for adults and children. Two years old, probably early. A lot of jokes, which must be understood: it is better to go to the "Three Little Pigs", but we (I'm 14, my brother 3.5.) Really liked it. Many thanks to artists - interesting voices and move cool.

Only for children
Only adults
111625, Москва, Рудневка ул., 4
00 h 35 min


Three actresses in the images of wild flowers will sing and tell a classic story about a little girl, about her love, faithfulness and a hot heart that can warm a poor swallow and melt the ice of failures on the way to her dream. Duration 35 minutes. (Age 3+). Directed by Ksenia Bevzova, author Olesya Yemelyanova, artist Maria Shevchenko, doll masters Elena and Tatiana Dorokhovy. The artistic director of the project Roman Svetlov.


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