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Feedbacks from viewers
Ekaterina was 24 december on Christmas tree for the little ones

Exactly what I was looking for! Few people, not overloaded with loud music, shouts and a lot of interactive. For a 2-year-old child - the most it! Thank you, the theater "Studio"!

Anastasiya was 13 september on Ideal husband

Excellent production, enjoyed a pleasant evening!

Elena was 18 september on Storm

Classical production. Small room. Young good actors.

Ekaterina was 01 jule on Antigone

A performance for those who prefer to reflect. Do not get an answer right here and now, but leave the play in meditation and then a few days to come back in thoughts, remember and try to find your answer. And for those who know, there is no definite answer. Everyone chooses by themselves. The performance is beautiful externally and deep inside. Stylish, thoughtful, with a clear picture, striking in its harmony. Interesting costumes and color solutions. Scenery that attracts your attention immediately, as soon as you enter the hall, arouse curiosity and interest in what will happen next. Fascinating and in the heart of this performance penetrates the music. It is good in itself, but in the play it is like a separate character, which, appearing at the right time, strengthens the depth of experience when the whole body is shivering and the throat contracts from pity and sadness. I really liked Alina Turavinina, who played Antigone. Honest, sincere, touching, strong, confused, always, the whole performance is very real, without hypocrisy. She has more interesting interesting roles. But all the other actors were also on top and worked in the ensemble, very harmoniously and accurately .. I wish everyone creative success and new projects!

Kirill was 08 june on Freken Jules

I adore these intellectual provocations in the theater, they are very tasty. I still did not understand if it was a dream, I even had a feeling that it was a dream in a dream. I recommend to staunch spectators who do not sleep at all at plays, because otherwise you will not understand anything at all)))

Kirill was 01 jule on Antigone

Definitely, the most powerful premiere in the last year. Probably, something very urgent and boiling for me. I think, for many too. And five evidences of the existence of God Thomas Aquinas are recalled. And remember the lines from Alice's song "Red on black": And the blood does not cake on the cross and the nails could not rust, And as an epilogue, all the same love, but as a prologue, all the same death. Maybe it's just my delirium, maybe life is not so good ... And the lines from the song BG "Songs of the unloved": Songs of the unloved. Songs thrown away. Buried without a name. Confused in the night. Songs of the crossed out. Songs dropped on the ice. The song is no longer necessary. It does not stop. And everything here is reminiscent of something like rock and roll. And I also want to say no, but not the fashionable "no" of the same crowd that says "yes", but reasonable, first of all, for themselves. The main thing to remember is life is happiness and fear of God! He does not teach everything badly and badly. Thanks to the theater for the performance!

Kirill was 12 june on Look back in anger

I want to thank you for the performance! He became a witness of a very secret. The White Hall and its seating were, of course, accompanied by this. Low bow to the actors! When there are spectators sitting on both sides, it must be very difficult to play, there is no "fourth wall". At first glance, the play is very cruel. But until you start to dig and understand it. You can call Jimmy cruel and "small" man, but he has the charm of a child, because he demands to himself absolute love without fear of appearing like a crazy rude. He can not reconcile with the character of Alison similar to his mother, who cared for a dying husband without whining. It is important for him to understand that his wife will weep when he lies on his deathbed; Will sleep on his grave and will love him after death until his death. One can only guess what they talked about with the dying father during the year, but this forever affirmed in him the demand for a woman and for her love. He, like a child, who demands love, will never be able to perceive another love ... What he says to his wife: "I can and doom, but I thought if you love me, it does not matter!"

Ravilka was 16 june on Shukshin: one day from rural life

Well done! Realistic. Have forced to think.

Lara was 19 june on Daughter

The play "Daughter" for me was about the unconditional love and loneliness of a small - a big man in a world where there seems to be not one, about life and a lack of understanding of how to live and why. And yet there is it, the light 💡 ..... Today I returned to my, small - a great time, that would carry out work on the errors

Ravilka was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

Very interesting performance! The atmosphere and format of the meeting are extremely convenient and give the mood an extraordinary ease. We had an amazing evening. Thank you very much!

Ol`ga was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

A very unusual format for the performance!) The evening turned out to be excellent, we were delighted with the atmosphere and the bright actors' play) thanks !!

Elena was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

As it was written in the announcement, the performance began very unexpectedly. At first I did not even understand that this is the beginning! Very cool idea! Thanks to the actors for the great game!

Nadya was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

Very stylish setting! Fun and truthful! It looks like Sex and the City). Only in our own way). I recommend!

Alena was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

Cool! The first time at a TAKOM event! The atmosphere is amazing! Everything is very stylish, fashionable, emotional, organized and even delicious!))

Maksim was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

Not a fan of going to theaters, but this performance was watched twice! Actual history is put in an easy form, catches for the living. Pleased atmosphere and venue. I'll call friends.

Evgeniya was 16 june on Shukshin: one day from rural life

The performance really liked! Storm of emotions! And laughed heartily and shed tears) Thank you very much!

Aleksandr was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

Bright work of the director, very vital, style, bright and colorful! I recommend to everyone! I wish the guys the same bright work and on!

Elena was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

You look and in some moments you recognize yourself and your friends. So much everything is vital and natural! Well done, good luck to you guys!

Roman was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

A wonderful performance, a wonderful evening! Thank you, bravo!

Ol`ga was 16 june on Shukshin: one day from rural life

The performance is life and sad. Takes over the soul. Laughter through tears. The actors play professional! Many directing allegories. The play is thought out to the details. Thank you for the evening!

Kirill was 16 june on Shukshin: one day from rural life

A performance for those with a claim to life and seeking answers related to questions about being, about the mystery of the soul. Shukshin's stories in general are difficult to put in the theater. But the director succeeded! At the beginning of the performance, the voice announced that the participants of the performance went to the homeland of Vasily Makarovich. I think that this also played a significant role in the production! The actors played with excitement! Well, on a bow, it turned out that the director is also a terrific actor! Bravo!

Kristina was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

Supeeerrrrr !!!! Thanks for the evening to this theater! I have not received so many emotions for a long time! I went to this play with my friends. And they ate and laughed, and cried. And then for a long time they shared stories from life, which the play reminded of. The stories from the play fall into the soul, everything is very recognizable. The situation is very stupid, but it's all so vitally important! The young guys are playing with excitement! Thanks again! I'm waiting for new productions of this kind!

Kristina was 08 june on Freken Jules

Uhh, wrapped the director! Confused)) But this brings great pleasure! Thank you!

Roman was 16 june on Shukshin: one day from rural life

This is the evening! Thank you for your emotions, bravo!

Lara was 10 june on Alexander Galin. Stars in the morning sky

It was interesting to watch your attitude towards the destinies of such different people. I will not lie if I say that I have felt with all my heart to everyone, living this time with them, experiencing their joys and sorrows as their own. Why do I love this theater and actors? - for the walls that have become native, for live performances, like scenarios from my own life, for the excitement and joy that I feel every time and for "realness." Bravo!

Elena was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

Very cool! You can paint for a long time, but it's better to go by yourself and see everything with your own eyes! 5+!

Nadya was 16 june on Shukshin: one day from rural life

Were yesterday - just bombaaa! Laughed, could not stop, thank you very much!

Elena was 08 june on Freken Jules

Extravagant, stylish, magical. You managed to create a dream in reality ... After the performance, I tried to figure it out for a long time, but whose sleep was it, if it was ...? Very unusual! Absolute blurring of reality!

Karina was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

Cool! You can paint the production for a very long time, but it's better to go by yourself and see everything with your own eyes! 5+!

Roman was 10 june on Alexander Galin. Stars in the morning sky

The play makes you think about modern problems of society and about your life ... The actors play is magnificent, completely immerses in the world of heroes, you involuntarily begin to empathize with them ... I recommend to go as well as to the generation that did not find those times, "Merry" 90's ...

Karina was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

You look and very often in some moments you recognize yourself and your friends. So much everything is vital and natural! Well done, good luck to you guys!

Karina was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

Yesterday we visited "LOFT: Passions on Red October". The production won me over! Both the format and the play of the actors. Very unusual evening and fine mood after! Time passed by unnoticed and it was a pity that it was all over. Thank you!

Karina was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

This production is something unusual. Life, as it is, is from the scene. Everything is so close and familiar, recognizable! And how actors play! And all this is wrapped in an appetizing wrapper wrapper. Very "delicious" staging! Well done!

Karina was 01 june on LOFT: Passions on Red October

"LOFT: food, wine and passion" - the name speaks for itself. There was everything. Especially the passions! Many thanks for this actor! Guys - you are professionals in their field! I'm glad that I went.

Only for children
Only adults
109028, Москва, Подколокольный пер., 8/2
01 h 30 min


"The Seagull on Khitrovka" is an adapted version of the project "SEAGULL CHAIKA", already known to Moscow theater theater, from "Red October". This is a modern performative concert based on Chekhov's "The Seagull", which is filled with female beauty, luxurious outfits from the fashionable Moscow designer Alena Negi, music, passion, anguish, jealousy, and, of course, love.
Only a few shows of this bright project will be held in the cultural center "Khitrovka" in the authentic Moscow cellars of the XVIII century. Hurry for the tickets!


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