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Mytishchi Puppet Theater "Ognivo"

Feedbacks from viewers
Margarita was 13 april on Umka

We're late, we're crying for the second day.

Tat`yana was 13 april on Umka

The performance "Umka" really liked, the son (4years) in full delight, I recommend to everyone)

Larisa was 25 january on Umka

We visit the theater with the child for a whole season. I want to express my great thanks to both the leader and the whole miracle staff: cashier, ticket dealer, cloakroom attendant, barmaid thanks to such people the proverb "the theater starts with a hanger" can be pronounced with pride! "Everything is very comfortable! Separate Thanks to the actors! I really like the cartoon about Umka .Actors are playing at 5! The scenery for the performance is amazing! Krasiv Umka .His friend is a boy. Everything is thought out. And most importantly for children to like! They are interested! Parents lead children to performances will not regret the child will be satisfied!

Vladislav was 25 january on Umka

All liked it! Clearly time-honored and beautifully submitted performance. Thank you so much!

Evgeniy was 12 october on Umka

Good day, I liked both the child and the adult

Natasha was 23 november on Umka

We went for the first time with my daughter for 4 years. Very pleased!

Aleksandr was 13 april on Umka

The whole family is delighted! We thank the actors for their love and awe for their characters, which is passed on to the audience. Family of Rusanovs.

Natal`ya was 09 november on Umka

"Umka" is an excellent performance, and the child and mother really liked it, a wonderful production !!!

Hamsane was 25 january on Umka

Good afternoon! Went with granddaughters to play Umka 25.01.14. All very much! We will come again not once. Thanks!

Maksim was 25 january on Umka

My daughter is in ecstasy (4 years). Tomorrow we will go to "By the Pike's Command."

Tat`yana was 12 october on Umka

Great performance! Thank you! A big request to the theater-if exhibits exhibited in the foyer can not be touched by hands-maybe they should be taken away for the glass?

Ekaterina was 23 november on Umka

Thank you for the pleasant emotions. The presentation is bright and emotional. The child is delighted and asks to go again for the same. Actors well done

Al`bert was 03 may on Umka

A wonderful performance, a pity a little short in time

Vera was 23 february on Flint

Wonderful theater! Great acting! Were with my son twice, went to Teremok and Winter's tale, both liked each in his own way. The tree is very cheerful, positive, the actors are like rays))) Winter fairy tale is a bit gloomy, but very instructive, the son has long been under the impression))) I recommend everything from the heart!

Ol`ga was 24 february on Flint

Many thanks to the whole staff of the children's theater, for a very careful and kind attitude to the small audience. They came for the first time, they were simply bewitched by the atmosphere and the situation. High professionalism of employees is amazing. The actors are amazing, the play "The Harmful Hare" is just what is needed for kids. Once again, thank you very much for the holiday, we will be your constant fans.

Ol`ga was 01 april on Flint

December 7 daughter (5 years) went to the play "UMKA", was very pleased, all day the story was told to everyone. The theater left a pleasant impression, the child is not put on the bought tickets, and by age and height - it's very convenient. On the second floor there is a cafe with excellent coffee and cockerels, so 40 minutes for mom flew by unnoticed.

Irina was 01 april on Flint

1.02.14 We went to the "Gray neck". Very sad presentation. The daughter of 5,5 years almost did not cry, constantly asking whether the Gray neck will die. And in the end it was very sad when she left Zaichik's friend, flying away with her parents. I would have known that such a sad production would not lead a child.

Alina was 23 february on Flint

We went to the puppet theater Ognivo, to Veselya Repka! My daughter 3.6 very much and we liked her husband too)

Anna was 01 february on Gray neck

Great performance! Shows the mother's experience for her child. He teaches friendship and mutual assistance. Thank you.

Marina was 02 may on Terem-Teremok

Thanks, I liked it!

Tat`yana was 07 november on Harmful Hare

Hello! Performance interactive, the child and I really liked. My boy is almost 4 years old, looked with interest and laughed a lot. It seemed to me that everything was kind and modern. When people were invited to the stage, the children crawled over and over, ran out with the hope to participate, but not everyone was lucky. With pleasure we will go to other performances, as the theater and the atmosphere in it really liked.

Natal`ya was 02 may on Terem-Teremok

Were with my son for 3 years at the play Terem-Teremok in the theater "Ognivo". Terrific! The child and mother are very satisfied with the performance! My son's first time at the theater. From the stage he did not take his eyes off throughout the whole performance. A vivid impression left from the play of actors, the atmosphere of the theater, music. Well done!

Mariya was 06 october on Terem-Teremok

The child is delighted! Mom too)

Alisa was 04 may on Three Bears

The play really liked, with humor, it's interesting to watch and adult. Many thanks!

Vyacheslav was 17 may on Little Red Riding Hood

Thank you very much, very much. The only request is to make an intermission a little more, so that everyone can buy water for children and a caramel cockerel.

Alina was 10 march on Fairy tales of my grandmother

The performance is wonderful. My daughter was delighted! I liked everything very much !!!

Daniya was 11 may on Little Red Riding Hood

A wonderful performance. Thank you, we will come again more than once!

Natal`ya was 08 november on Miracles in the sieve

Thank you for the spectacular performance.

Ela was 21 february on Terem-Teremok

Terrific! We are delighted with the child! Thank you!!

Lubov` was 01 november on Terem-Teremok

A wonderful performance. I liked everything, and me and the baby. Actors are amazing. Very much like you to go to the performances. Thank you for what you are doing!

Andrey was 07 february on Terem-Teremok

A beautiful performance and a beautiful theater. Come again. Thank you.

Mariya was 06 october on Terem-Teremok

The play really liked the child, thank you very much!

Sergey was 23 february on Little Red Riding Hood

The performance is simply a miracle, the child (4 years old) was delighted with the original play of actors and dolls. I can also advise parents - go to the play necessarily with the children, it will be very interesting. And of course the atmosphere of the theater itself is impressive.

Galina was 04 november on Merry turnip

Good performance for kids! And my grandmother looked, opening her mouth:

Galina was 18 may on Miracles in the sieve

They went to this play on May 18, 2014 with two granddaughters. True, they are only 3.5 years old. But, as it turned out, the action seized them from the very beginning. Unusual artists, atmosphere, and how wonderful different musical instruments sounded. We all liked adults as much as we do! We will definitely come to "Fireside" in the autumn, when the theatrical season will begin. Thanks to all: artists, administration and all employees of the theater for this fabulous atmosphere and attention to the kids. Up to new meetings "Fires" !!!!!

Elena was 02 may on Terem-Teremok

Thank you very much for the work for the kids! Come to you yet.

Ekaterina was 06 april on Three Bears

A wonderful merry play for children! The child is delighted!

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