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Feedbacks from viewers
Svetlana was 27 february on NAME

Just from the theater. Mass impressions, liked the performance. In the first department laughed to tears, the second makes you think about human relationships ... Excellent actors, Yushkevich generally won, bravo. Excellent evening, I recommend!

Dar`ya was 20 february on Innkeeper

Easy, mischievous performance, without vulgarity. It cheers up! Thanks to talented actors, it looks with interest)

Boris was 21 february on Innkeeper

Very cheerful performance, with a slight flirtation between the actors. Innkeeper real!

Mariya was 23 january on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

The performance left an ambiguous impression. In the intermission I wanted to get up and leave. From vulgar jokes and actions on the stage, it was very uncomfortable at times, although the hall laughed. But the second action made an indelible impression. The dances of the actors were impressive !!! I liked the final scene of the performance, in which the actors communicated with the audience! Humor was great. Separate wish to the organizers of the performance. I watched it on the stage of the theater. Moscow City Council. To go to the theater by pin-code it took 25 minutes to stand in line to the administrator. The crowd blocked the entrance to the theater for spectators who bought tickets on paper. I offer terminals for ticket printing to give out to the ticket attendants at the entrance, as it is done in other theaters.

Dina was 05 january on NAME

We walked on January 2, 2018. The performance is super, lots of funny moments. This comedy with meaning, and the most important action takes place in the second act. Excellent game of actors, especially Yushkevich. I recommend, you will not regret.

Nataliya was 28 december on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Unfortunately, a huge disappointment! I've heard so much, the theater has become so diverse and interesting for 15 years that this performance is more like an amateur performance! There are a couple of points, but it's generally - it's not worth it, neither money nor time ....

Elina was 28 november on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Only yesterday I saw this sensational performance and I want to tell everyone who took part in this production - you are just SUPER !!! I was very afraid at the beginning of the play that I would leave with a feeling of vulgarity, rudeness, obscenity ... But maybe, because I myself saw a similar show in "Little Red Riding Hood", I can tell you all that YOU DID THEM !!! You showed both vulgarity and humiliation, and brought the hall, no worse than strippers, and gave us free will to laugh and laugh, and ended very proudly and masculinely, showing that real talents and men can do anything. Thank you for daring to do this! Wonderful performance !!!

Georgiy was 10 november on Innkeeper

Excellent spectal. Light and cheerful. Actors well done

Liudmila was 07 november on Innkeeper

The Bigbilet service works great. Thank you! About the play "Innkeeper" (director Viktor Shamirov) I can not say this. Actors of course work, but do not play ... Confuse the end of words, stumble on phrases, for some reason all the time they cry ... Alas! The hall was already half full, and after the first action a part of the audience left. We examined the play to the end, but unfortunately, I advise theater lovers to spend time on it, I can not.

Svetlana was 05 january on SCISSORS

One evening the first of April I spent at the Malaya Bronnaya Theater. A good comedy is the perfect background for April 1st. The play "Scissors" was shown at the Theater of NTP "Scissors". In the beauty salon there was a murder. Suspected four. Everyone has a motive for killing. The investigation is conducted by the police together with the audience. Starring Georgy Dronov, Marina Dyuzheva, Alexander Lobanov, Igor Kistol, Dmitry Malashenko, Ekaterina Molohovskaya. The game of actors at the highest level! Surprised by Dronov. For the first time I saw him in an image far from Sasha from "Sasha and Masha". And it was super! Lobanov in the role of Antoine just a bomb! Dyuzheva is good! I liked the way the actors interacted with the audience. The investigation was the funniest part of the play. Very pleasant performance. Perhaps the best of the NTP's performances I've seen.

Natal`ya was 12 november on SCISSORS

An interesting theater format for those who are not tuned to classical theater productions. Very unusual and exciting! Good mood - guaranteed! Actors - well done! Wonderful improvisations! - especially if there is a "lucky" and witty auditorium. Time will not be wasted if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle. I would recommend going to him after a working day at work (on the weekend the performance may be underestimated, because, having rested, we are tuned to things that are more serious for perception)

Viktoriya was 16 march on SCISSORS

Fun and unusual! The audience was so vividly involved in the investigation process! They burst out laughing heartily!

Marina was 16 march on SCISSORS

Thank you for the performance! It's like they visited "ELKE" for adults.

Anastasiya was 14 february on SCISSORS

A wonderful performance. Sparky humor. A little mate adds piquancy and peppercorns. The idea of ​​attracting the viewer to pose in the performance is interesting. I want to go again, because the ending is different every time.

Natalya was 16 march on SCISSORS

Thank you for the performance! the idea is very good, but the presentation is naive. I hoped for a more exciting action.

Margarita was 26 february on SCISSORS

The performance is magnificent! I really liked the effect of audience participation. Excellent mood the second day. Many thanks to all the actors!

Irina was 19 march on SCISSORS

we are going to run to this comedy. friends walked in a crowd, everyone laughed and was satisfied. I hope to visit and laugh with all my heart.

Elena was 28 jule on SCISSORS

Great performance. Dronov is magnificent. Marina Dyuzheva was happy to see, she also plays great. Yes, all the actors are great fellows. And the hall! Hall is well done :). It is so unusual when spectators take part in the play and throw their observations to the investigator. She did not laugh, but gagged at the Dyuzhev-Dronov remarks about the policeman-policeman. "I'm not a policeman !, I'm a policeman!" (And quietly: "Well, why, why renamed, so it was good-m-li-chi-o-ner"). " Only a small minus, subjective, - the hero of Alexander Lobanov overcomes the movements of mmm ... sexual intercourse, I will call it so, too often.

Galina was 05 january on SCISSORS

Easy unobtrusive performance. You can go, if you need to relax. It is interesting that the hall participates in the performance. Spectators influence the outcome of the production and choose the guilty themselves. The actors need the ability to improvise. Interestingly, before the performance and during the intermission the actors continue to be on stage. It is recommended for viewing if fatigue accumulated during the working week.

Nadegda was 30 jule on SCISSORS

I liked the unusual production with the participation of all the spectators ... I liked the actors' play and the scenery, in general I like all the performances of NTP

Anna was 05 january on SCISSORS

Were on January 7th, absolutely spontaneously! We laughed heartily, rested and fully immersed in the atmosphere! Performance for those who want to have a great time. Without parody, satire on our reality, which causes sincere laughter. Especially the game of Dronov is magnificent in this sense. Although the entire cast is beautiful! Detective was a success, interactive communication with the audience (and, incidentally, in moderation) only revives the action! Thank you very much!

Irina was 07 january on SCISSORS

Good afternoon. My husband and I really liked the production and playing of actors. Communication with spectators in the style of the New Year tree for children left a warm feeling - class! PS The only thing that marred the trip to the theater (but it probably does not depend on you) - the chairs in the aisles. Personally, we people sitting on them, covered half the stage. I'm not talking about the violation of fire safety! Sincerely, Irina.

Vera was 26 february on SCISSORS

All very much. T. To my husband sleeps the first part, but she repeated, even he looked at the whole play. Interactive game with the audience has revived the performance. Thank you for a good evening!

Svetlana was 19 march on SCISSORS

I really liked the play. Went with my husband on February 14. The husband was initially disapproved of going to the theater, but as a result he was satisfied. Laughed to tears. I liked that viewers can take part, and even decide what the ending will be)

Ekaterina was 05 january on SCISSORS

The main word of this performance is funny. If you've ever watched "Evening Urgant," then you know what I mean. A set of easy, unpretentious jokes, mostly decent, roughly divided between the characters of this production. In the rest all with a prefix as though. It's like a play, with a detective story, it's as if it's interactive, the actors seem to play, the audience seems to be funny. The first action finds the viewer in the hairdresser's beauty salon. Inside live two employees - Antoine (a funny bluish young man) and Christina (she has a bust and legs). There are several visitors - Michael (a rustic man from Khimki in a carrot suit), Eduard (a gentleman older with a tablet and a portfolio) and Victoria Lvovna (a well-groomed lady of Zabalzak's age). A little later, one of them will be an investigator, and another - a murderer. The investigation process will begin at the end of the first action and will fully occupy the second, but with the active participation of the hall. Do you remember children's Christmas trees? Well, there usually Santa Claus asked the children: - Guys, but where did Baba-Yaga run? "Tudaaaaaa," the happy kids shouted, pointing their fingers at the backstage. "And who stole my staff?" Hare? - Noooooo !!! This is foxaaaaa, "continued the same friendly chorus of children's voices. Here is about the same style is the investigation and the murder. Well, in the end, in the best traditions of children's matinees (and corporate parties), applause is voted for by the killer. In general, it turned out to be very easy, generally positive, sometimes ridiculous (I would say, occasionally, although a couple of people behind me just bent over laughing during a good 70% of the time of action) and quite a restful play from the series "turn off the brain at the end of the working weeks ".

Veronika was 05 january on SCISSORS

WERE ON NOVEMBER 19. To be honest, the attitude is ambiguous, there remains some incomprehensible feeling, but I can not say that I liked it very much. There is a feeling that the actors are already tired of playing this performance. We sat on the 7th row and the audibility was not very good despite the hanging microphones. The speech diction of some actors in general leaves much to be desired, although I can say that I reviewed all the performances of an independent project and everyone was always happy, but this one ... rather did not like. In addition, they bought tickets for the 7th row, the hall was half empty and by the beginning of the performance everyone began to be lowered from the top and about 20 minutes after the start people went there and interfered.

Elena was 24 october on SCISSORS

This performance is definitely worth a visit. All the actors play wonderful, the audience laughed the whole play. Despite the late start (20:00), we left the hall in an upbeat and cheerful mood. 3 hours passed unnoticed!

Tat`yana was 16 march on SCISSORS

I liked it very much. Unusually. All the actors are on top

Mariya was 30 jule on SCISSORS

Thank you for a good evening, played in the Scissors performance! We had a pleasant time, the actors played. Bravo! Well done! We will recommend the play to friends.

Evgeniy was 04 june on SCISSORS

Good easy funny performance thank you

Ekaterina was 01 february on Boeing-Boeing

Insanely funny and positive! Actors are great! Thank you!

Svetlana was 01 february on Boeing-Boeing

Fasten your seat belts and bring the seat backs upright. Our flight will be at an altitude of thousands of joke-meters. If you want to get a lot of positive and laughter without a deep understanding, then you just need to visit the play "Boeing Boeing". In no case should you be confused with the "dumb" American humor in the film. From the very beginning, the story is uncomplicated about how Parisian Lavelins accepts stewardesses (American, French, and German) in her apartment in turn, yet everyone thinks that she is the only one with whom he is engaged and each has KEYS from the apartment . How does he manage it? Yes, it's just that he has a schedule - they fly on different planes. But not everything is so simple. The plot unfolds on the "full", when they all are transplanted to one plane and all at the same time find themselves in the apartment of their fiancé. How did you manage to stay happy? A riddle that can be solved only after visiting this interesting and exciting performance (especially after the intermission). Especially liked the heroine - the German stewardess. "I, the main glitch ... you look at the multi-remote ... I'm in the house ... my nezhdanchik ... sit down on the sofa." I think if it were not for her and not the hero of a friend of Lavelas (George Dronov from the series "Sasha and Masha" on TNT), it would not be interesting.

Anna was 01 february on Boeing-Boeing

We got great pleasure and just rested at the play.

Aleksandr was 05 march on Boeing-Boeing

I liked the first part, from the second part I was waiting for the same, but it was weaker, but overall I liked it very much! Well done and a special thanks to George!)

Nataliya was 01 february on Boeing-Boeing

from the heart they laughed and rested at this performance! I love Ekaterina Klimova - what a wonderful actress and beautiful woman!

Irina was 20 march on Boeing-Boeing

A very funny comedy, easy and laid-back. The company was with the parents and everyone was satisfied. It was not bored. Dronov is great !!

Tat`yana was 01 february on Boeing-Boeing

Easy, easy performance. My friend and I were delighted! All the actors tried their best)

Mariya was 19 june on Boeing-Boeing

Very low level of service at the ticket office when issuing tickets.

Parosova@Mail.Ru was 20 march on Boeing-Boeing

Visited this performance on 12/24/2014. Actors are great fellows. Classical comedy, the plot is interesting. But, unfortunately, my husband and I are not big fans of this genre. The second time we will not go.

Elena was 19 june on Boeing-Boeing

Thanks, I liked it

Natal`ya was 01 february on Boeing-Boeing

Stunning and very funny comedy. Modern, interesting. An unforgettable game of actors! Petr Krasilov, George Dronov, Ekaterina Klimova, Marina Dyuzheva, Elena Biryukova and the perfect artistry of Elena Morozova !!! Visit the project Boeing-Boeing - you are in no way disappointed!

Elena was 22 may on Boeing-Boeing

Great, we really enjoyed it. Thank you so much.

Marina was 25 february on Boeing-Boeing

Very pleased!

Irina was 01 april on Boeing-Boeing

Thank you so much! I enjoyed the performance.

Svetlana was 13 may on Boeing-Boeing

Went to the play Boeing-Boeing 14.05.2015. Beautiful production, great acting. I got a lot of positive emotions, I came home in a great mood. Laughed to tears. Thank you very much to the actors, guys fellows. George Dronov and Ekaterina Morozova are simply magnificent. Also irresistible Ekaterina Klimova. I advise everyone! Get a lot of positive emotions! still remember all the phrases and it becomes ridiculous.)))) All on Boeing !!!

Anna was 22 may on Boeing-Boeing

Spectal liked, humor is certainly vulgar, but up to those people go laughing heartily, I advise you to go))) laughed to tears! Thank you very much for the great actors and the sea of ​​positive emotions!

Uliya was 05 september on Innkeeper

The play is super! We were delighted. Ardova and Polizeymako charm. Thanks for the pleasure.

Elena was 31 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

I liked the performance very much. Many thanks to the actors. Slightly heavy and longish prilyudiya ... But the show and the distortion of the second act is above praise. Especially good was Konstantin Yushkevich

Mariya was 01 march on NAME

BRAVO! Perfectly delivered, perfectly played. Respect translator / author of the Russian version. Witty, without vulgarity, without empty mise-en-scenes. In the "Theater" an excellent room, comfortable chairs, everywhere you can clearly see, from Dobryninskaya go leisurely for about 12-15 minutes. Konstantin Yushkevich - a miracle as good

Oksana was 23 may on NAME

We walked on May 30, 2016, I liked very much, I would say very very much! The actors' game at the height is BRAVO! And they laughed, and saddened, and laughed again! So go, do not regret it.

Pavel was 23 may on NAME

Good performance. There is where to laugh, but also makes you think. The cast is pleasant, the roles are appropriately chosen. The questions raised in the play arise in every family, the problems are the same for everyone. At the same time, everything ends on a positive note, which means that any conflict can be resolved. Magically, pleasantly and warmly. I advise you to look

Elena was 23 may on NAME

Worthy performance with a brilliant game of actors! Modern, fascinating, dynamic. Makes you think about some moments of our life, feel sad and, at the same time, have a good laugh. The performance will not leave anyone indifferent - everyone will find something in it. Pleasantly surprised by the magnificent game of Constantine Yushkevich! And the monologue of the incomparable Maria Kulikova simply shocked to the depths of her soul !!! I would also like to note the wonderful game of George Dronov! Yes, there to say, all just GOOD FELLOWS !!! BRAVO to the whole team!

Ol`ga was 23 may on NAME

The play is worth watching! Each viewer will find something to admire) Someone - a virtuoso game shining in it, Konstantin Yushkevich, someone with lyrics and romanticism of some moments, someone - with a heart of laughs, and someone seriously thinks ... Wishing to sink this opportunity, too Will be provided) For me, the opening on the stage was George Dronov - a very worthy artist! He and K. Yushkevich - the support of the play) And the final scenes with the beautiful Maria Kulikova (who, incidentally, returned to theatrical stage with this performance) will not leave anyone indifferent, definitely !!! I want to say to all the artists - BRAVO !!!

Oksana was 23 may on NAME

Visited the gala premiere on January 31 stunning performance !! A sea of ​​impressions! Gorgeous actors game! Modern plot! And funny, and sad, and instructive! Stunning choreographic tricks! In general, guys, I advise everything !! THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the project !!!

Elena was 17 april on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Wonderful, enchanting staging !!! I liked it very much, especially the cast! !!!! Bravo!

Elena was 10 november on GAME IN THE TRUTH

I will respond in order: 1) thanks for the wonderful service, there is nothing better than all online pre-order, and then just come to the theater and enjoy the action; 2) THANKS for the return opportunity to ENJOY ACTION! A wonderful play of actors, each individually and collectively, a fine director's decision, a wonderful scripted treatment of the original source for our today's reality. We went with my husband just to see the comedy, but we enjoyed all of the above and as a bonus - the opportunity to once again think about the eternal: love, friendship, truth. Being completely different in perception people, after the performance, both were full of impressions and a desire to recommend the play to friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, now it is not often. The pursuit of cheap populism in many theaters and plays emasculates the very essence of the theater - Art. Thanks again! 3) Thank you for the wonderful, comfortable auditorium of the Russian Song Theater of Nadezhda Babkina, when designing it you thought about the convenience of the viewer and the opportunity to see everything and hear everything from anywhere

Artur was 21 june on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

I watched for a long time. Gosha Kutsenko, Dmitry Maryanov, Euclid Kurdzidis - work well, talented, in my opinion. The final erotic show is just an insertable number, not integrated into the style of the play itself. However, a good number - with taste.

Valeriya was 21 june on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Was 3 years ago. And now I plan to attend this performance. The performance is excellent. Actors are great in their roles. Very plausibly constructed dialogues that take place to be in everyday life! . And as for jokes, flat for those who completely lack a sense of humor. A joke is just what they need!

Elena was 05 january on GAME IN THE TRUTH

Went to the play 05.01.16. Just delighted with the performance, from the actors' play, Thanks to the great actors.

Anna was 21 june on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

I wanted to visit this performance for a long time, but I still could not do it. The performance is only on weekdays, and we live far enough from Moscow, and it's hard to get to work in the morning. At last they chose the day, they decided to use the last electric train. Unfortunately, the performance was delayed for an hour, but we received a huge number of apologies. During the whole performance, they laughed, not stopping, although it was necessary to give credit to the jokes were sometimes even vulgar. The actors played beautifully. And although there was no Polizeiomaco, who is all very praised, the pleasure was also gained by playing other actors: Goshi Kutsenko, Petra Krasilov, Konstantin Yushkevich. I read that earlier Lyudmila Artemieva played the role of Glenda. I can imagine how good she was in this role, because Ekaterina Durova did not impress. Because of the delay in the performance, the train had to run at the speed of light, but we did not regret for a moment that we saw this enchanting action. It's a pity that we did not see the bow of the artists (for the first time in their lives they left the play, during the applause).

Katerina was 21 june on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Incredible cast !!!!!!!!! The performance will have a tour?)))

Elena was 14 december on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Spetacle bright, ripening. A lot of vulgar jokes. Actors play very cool! To raise your spirits, do not regret it.

Elena was 20 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

The performance is wonderful, fun and dynamic. Such a topic, very much afraid that it will go, but the acting irony smoothed everything! Thank you for being so pleased with us with this sparkling performance. Well, the cast is just the highest class, as if they were "doing it from six years")))) Maybe I'll go again if the play is still in the repertoire !!!

Elena was 21 june on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN. Very specific performance. Be ready for trivial jokes. Men do not take it, not sure that they will be pleased to look at the naked male dances

Anna was 29 november on GAME IN THE TRUTH

A very cheerful and easy performance, despite the fact that the plot is, in fact, dramatic.

Aleksandra was 13 jule on GAME IN THE TRUTH

Light, cheerful, slightly vulgar, but not over the edge, a performance in the format "What Men Talk About." It remains a positive impression. Thank you for the evening)

Svetlana was 20 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Yesterday we were at this performance. The impression is excellent. Although this performance has been going on for many years, the guys-actors are still lads: they played cheerfully, slightly hooliganized, gambling, fun, fun !! Bravo!!!!! For a long time so did not rest. Thank you very much !!!!!!!

Renata was 30 june on GAME IN THE TRUTH

The first action is rather boring, but after the intermission, they laughed without interruption. In general, the impression is good, the artists are super professionals.

Elena was 02 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

I was pleased to see the performance "LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN" (July 2 on the platform of the Variety Theater) .It was pleased that despite the fact that since the premiere of the performance, enough time had passed, the actors are good in their work, Above the other.

Sof`ya was 21 june on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Spectal did not like. Down, low, boring. They laughed only at the beginning of the first act, but when it turned out that the entire spectrum behind such a face, it was not funny. Especially did not like the game Kutsenko - especially in the second act, he did not want to dance and it was clear that the actor simply "serves a number." Apparently, for so many years, the drive has disappeared somewhere.

Oleg was 29 june on GAME IN THE TRUTH

I really liked the performance, an excellent performance of actors. Children under 16 have nothing to do there, and the play will be more interesting for their parents.

Parosova@Mail.Ru was 29 june on GAME IN THE TRUTH

We went to the Game in truth on 03.12.2014. The play left an indelible impression. I liked it very much. And laugh, and cry, and think is over what. I advise everyone to go. When such professionals play, you just get a great pleasure, rest. I would go for the second time.

Anna was 28 january on GAME IN THE TRUTH

A modern performance about the daily ... The husband said something like "series from the series," although we do not watch them at all. There are many funny moments, but there is something to think about. At all I do not recommend to teenagers, is more younger 16 years (the theme of sex, etc. goes a red line)))

Alina was 21 june on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

A wonderful, unusual, obscene, original and very funny performance that partly helps to feel like a real Woman and get the right amount of male attention right from the scene. I recommend to everyone!

Larisa was 24 february on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

I watched the performance 4 years ago. I decided to update my impressions. Went in January 2015. Enchanting action. Superb, fun, relevant. The performance looks just as good. A fine mood is guaranteed))).

Ekaterina was 29 june on GAME IN THE TRUTH

Entreprise with the participation of Kutsenko, Maryanov and Apeksimova. Recently, according to the play, another film was shot. Feel free to watch the house at home - one in one play.

Aleksandra was 21 june on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

And we did not like it, I wanted to go to this show for 2 years, as a result, I was completely disappointed. Swearing on the stage, dumb trivial jokes and uninteresting play of actors. The show is just awful! It would be something to look at, rather weakly.

Olesya was 21 june on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

The play did not like. Flat jokes, it is not clear what the hall laughed at. There was a desire only to leave the play

Zinaida was 29 june on GAME IN THE TRUTH

Were with her husband at the play on January 8. To say honestly - did not like. And I do not understand people who write rave reviews about this performance. There are three men to drink and talk. And about what? That's right, about women - who, with whom and where ... And this is high art? I was not pleased with the trivial jokes of the characters, the game was inexpressive, after the first action they left (and we were not alone). I do not impose my opinion on anyone, I have not seen a more untalented performance.

Irina was 30 january on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

An excellent hooligan performance! Funny, in an amusing way! The whole show. It is better to take tickets to the orchestra and not to spare money.

Alena was 21 june on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

We went to the play, there were a lot of good reviews, and besides the actors were saying that it would not be boring. And how much we were disappointed. The first part is tightened, the actors do not involve in the situation and do not cause empathy to the heroes. Some moments are not just on the verge, but much beyond it. And although it was initially clear that this is not a classical production and that jokes will be of an intimate nature, in fact it turned out that everything is in the area of ​​a sinking. It went, vulgar, tasteless. But this is in our opinion. Ahead of the sitting ladies literally jumped with pleasure, so apparently everyone has his own. And yes, the final part, about which everyone is talking about - the performance was staged more than 10 years ago, and it can be seen. Show level 10 years ago.

Alina was 29 june on GAME IN THE TRUTH

I watched the Movie Actor Theater, the composition of Apeksimova, Yushkevich, Maryanov, Kutsenko. Simply delight! There was laughter throughout the whole performance, and sadness, sometimes there is something to think about! The actors play is excellent. The evening was a success. Good mood for a long time! I advise everyone. Went a big company with colleagues of different ages.

Parosova@Mail.Ru was 29 june on GAME IN THE TRUTH

Were at the play on 03.12.2014. Liked very much! When such professionals play, you experience everything that happens on the stage. And they laughed and saddened. The plot is excellent. The actors play is excellent. Have fun. I advise.

Galina was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

A wonderful performance. At first it seemed a bit vulgar, but it was only at first. The final dance is super. Thanks a lot, everyone.

Ol`ga was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Thank you for the pleasure of the performance. Delight!

Dar`ya was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

A chic performance, bewitching and funny. I am delighted! I will come more than once!

Elena was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Very funny. I recommend to my colleagues, they are all ladies.

Natal`ya was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Great performance! Everything is possible in life :)

Irina was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Performance for those who want to relax from everyday worries, to relax after hard work, to remove emotional tension.

Alsu was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Enchanting work! Even if the first act is slightly delayed, the second will compensate with the torus! Read in the reviews that people leave after the first act, do not do so for anything! Since you chose this production (and you chose it !?), feel the drama of the situation when the hands are already falling, and the time comes when "either the pan or disappeared" ... And only violent faith combined with all efforts, both physical , And moral, leads to triumph!

Tat`yana was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

The performance is bad, the show is interesting. It was hard to hear what the artists were saying. Very stuffy in the hall. It's a pity that all the jokes are below the belt.

Ekaterina was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

In general, I liked the performance: it's easy, with humor, the actors play well. I am very pleased that I visited.

Ol`ga was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Hello. We really enjoyed the event.

Viktoriya was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Thank you for the performance

Mariya was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Many thanks! The play is super !!!!!

Elena was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Beautiful and courageous production! In our screwed-up reality there is not enough of this fresh look. This time, the grown daughter led the play.

Irina was 21 june on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Bored? Alone? Unpromising? Then - this is the play. Fun, with improvisation (despite the 12-year experience of the performance) and optimism! You leave the theater with the certainty that in every unemployed steelmaker you can see such a stripper .... the main thing you want ... And after such a performance you want. Definitely!

Uliya was 29 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Everything is fine! Thank you!!!

Anna was 28 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Thank you, from Ladies Night my friend and I are delighted! We will definitely go again!

Tat`yana was 28 jule on LADIES NIGHT. ONLY FOR WOMEN

Very torn.

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Бронная М. ул., 4
02 h 00 min



Director - Dainius Kazlauskas

Cast: Ekaterina Klimova, Gosha Kutsenko

"LOVE LETTERS" ("Love Letters") - a play about love, it is clear from the title. There are two, He and She. They write letters to each other. Write them all my life.

Living life in words. The story is the answer to the story. Frankness to frankness. The story of two destinies, a love story. They are not together, and not by someone else's fault, it happened. Everyone has his own path. The life of a woman and the life of a man. Women are talented, passionate, bright, men purposeful, honest, intelligent. The result of love is a box of letters.

Each story in the letter - an occasion to touch your loved one, tell an episode of your life, in order to get a few more words in response. Words of love.

No, letters do not start with "love" and do not end with another confession. The letter itself is a testament to love.

To live, knowing that there is one or the one to whom you can tell your life in all its nuances, is already a great happiness.

"LoveLetters" is a love story from its origins, the first steps, funny and ridiculous, with its joy and discoveries, misunderstandings and resentments, passions and regrets. Life is a feeling.

The play, written in the middle of the last century, today began to resemble the time in a new way. Heroes of history wrote letters and did not risk "love in words" to turn into "love of the earth." The distance from the ideal to reality was insurmountable. Today such a story would be called a "virtual novel".

The story, written thinly and cleverly, easily and elegantly, has long become a classic of the 20th century. It was played and played by the best actors of the world stage.

We have been looking for a duet for a long time, one in which passionate femininity and uncompromising masculinity will meet. Also have found.

Production designer - Indre Pachesayte

Lighting designer Dairus Malinauskas,

Composer - Ignace Yuzokas


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