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Feedbacks from viewers
Anastasiya was 06 june on Foreword to the novel "Theater of Despair"

Was on the play "Preface to the novel" on May 11. I was surprised and fascinated! Truly beautiful action. In it are thoughts and reasonings that do not age. Humor, a philosophical thread, with which the work is stitched, is everything here. It was this solo performance of Eugene that made the strongest impression. And, I would like to say, certainly, read the novel following the "preface": "Theater of despair or desperate theater"!

Ol`ga was 15 may on Foreword to the novel "Theater of Despair"

I'm impressed by this solo performance. Very pleased! Evgeny Grishkovets is a great talented writer, actor, sage, and now for me also a mime. For the first time I saw how he performs pantomime. It's great! Everyone who loves Grishkovets (yesterday these people were in the hall), this performance should be liked. I was hooked to tears. See on the screen 16-year-old Zhenya, a clean, beautiful kanapatogo boy and know that he will meet on, it's strong! Especially when there is a son of the same age. Thank you, dear Eugene, Zhenya, Zhenya!

Sergey was 15 may on Foreword to the novel "Theater of Despair"

The play, like Eugene is great !! 2 hours of peace of mind and peace, this is worth living for! Bravo Evgenie !!! Thanks for the autograph on your new novel !!!

Marina was 18 january on UNSOLVETORS

Stunningly talented, beautiful "Pisarevtsy." Despite the fact that this theatrical performance actors play as if they have centuries of experience behind their shoulders. I recommend to everyone, I am very impressed!

Oleg was 25 january on CHERRY GARDEN (Kolyada-Theater)

Best performance Kolyada along with "Masquerade"

Antonina was 25 january on CHERRY GARDEN (Kolyada-Theater)

It was grandiose!

Nadegda was 28 january on THE MARRIAGE (Kolyada-Theater)

Who are to blame? What can we do? Where are we rushing? Laughing and weeping along with the actors, we are looking through "our all" balalaika, matryoshka, Pushkin, spirituality, the Stanislavsky system, the great realistic Russian theater, to the music of G. Verdi (as without the Italian opera) . BRAVO Nikolai Kolyada and his delightful actors !!! Nikolay Gogol-BRAVO !!! And all this HOLIDAY of love and understanding in the cozy atmosphere of the Theater Center on Strastnoy lasted two weeks of the tour of the Kolyada Theater! THANK YOU! Until next time!

Nina was 28 january on THE MARRIAGE (Kolyada-Theater)

January 28, 2015. They have muffled. Servant Podkolesin, like an echo, repeats all the replies of his master, the words Podkolesin and Kochkarev can not be disassembled, just yelling, interrupting each other. No dancing or other gestures of heroes save the performance from boredom. I have before my eyes an unforgettable production of A.Efros with O.Yakovleva, M.Kazakov, N.Volkov, L.Broneyev, L.Durov. With difficulty I served the first act.

Mihail Habibulin was 25 january on CHERRY GARDEN (Kolyada-Theater)

Very much!

Evgeniya was 25 january on CHERRY GARDEN (Kolyada-Theater)

I do not recognize the modernized (modern) classics. However, the "Cherry Orchard" N. Kolyady liked. I watched 5 performances of these tours. Everyone liked it, despite some disadvantages. Something in the performances of this director is present, which attracts. Once again I want to say many thanks and a low bow to the talent of N. Kolyada.

Elena was 28 january on THE MARRIAGE (Kolyada-Theater)

Was at the last guest performance of the Kolyada-Theater on 01/28/2015. "Marriage" an excellent performance, a lot of jokes, zadumok (grooms with peacock tails, instead of hats - covers from samovars and all artists with a thick blush on their cheeks). What ease, what is the refinement of movements. I liked the play. I advise everyone to watch all the performances of the Kolyada-Theater. They awaken the soul, make the heart beat more often !!! Once again, thanks to Nikolai Vladimirovich and his glorious company for their dedication and real creativity, for a live theater! E. Troitskaya. PS They flew away, but promised to return, like my beloved Carlson.

Elena was 21 january on CHERRY GARDEN (Kolyada-Theater)

Nikolai Kolyada takes to the stage a grotesque crowd in embroidered felt boots: at all huge wooden crosses, shirts strewn with sequins, attached to the buttocks of the napkin and huge iridescent colored rings. Throughout the performance, everyone beats each other's eggs with their foreheads, they stop their gaping mouths and spit. Of course, they sing. They are baptized and drunk. All this is noisy, for all the absurdity is very organic and wildly funny. Kolyada "packs" Chekhov in folk songs, wittily "pierces" all the popular quotations. Heroes carry not only Chekhov from their bazaar, they carry everything that can be carried, that we carry every day - and this is the small razeye demoniacism, the national tragicomedy. If you ask: "Why?" - Kolyada will reply: "Theater is the same! Handsomely!". "Beautiful" is one of the main aesthetic laws recognized by the master over himself.

Tat`yana was 25 january on CHERRY GARDEN (Kolyada-Theater)

Terrific! Stunned! Kolyada-MASTER!

Ludowic was 25 january on CHERRY GARDEN (Kolyada-Theater)

Great performance!

Viktor was 26 january on THE MARRIAGE (Kolyada-Theater)

The setting pleased, one of the luck of Christmas carols

Tat`yana was 27 january on THE MARRIAGE (Kolyada-Theater)

I will share my impressions about the production of "The Marriage" (Kolyada-Theater). I have already seen this production on the stage of other theaters, but I should note that I liked the interpretation of the play "Marriage" (Kolyada-Theater). The spirit of the era is well conveyed, the actors play remarkably: very expressive and very bright. Very good costumes and interesting scenery. With great joy would look and other performances!

Elena was 26 january on THE MARRIAGE (Kolyada-Theater)

Just awful!!!! Ineptly! Fuck. Humor Gogol does not require additions, especially in the form of vulgar jokes and an inappropriate masquerade. We left the play.

Daniil was 17 january on MASKARAD (Kolyada-Theater)

A wonderful play, starting and unfolding as a farce, but turning into a tragedy. Lermontov's reading is deliberately modern: Max Raabe sounds from the stage, Arbenin goes on skis, and Prince Zvezdich flashes backwards. In the interval there was a mass exodus of old women. But this - this art. Kolyada thanks.

Ol`ga was 17 january on MASKARAD (Kolyada-Theater)

It's amazing! I want to see again!

Elena was 17 january on SKRIPKA, BUBEN and UTYUG (Kolyada-Theater)

Wonderful performance (was 17.01..16) !! The director's finds and the selfless play of the actors fill the hall with cheerfulness and fervor, with piercing sadness and empathy, they convey the whole spectrum of emotions from bacchanalia to sobering-up. Thank you!!

Viktor was 17 january on MASKARAD (Kolyada-Theater)

I was told that this is one of the best performances of Kolyada, and I fully agree with this. Of the productions that I saw, "Masquerade" is the strongest!

Elena was 20 january on TRAMWAY "DESIRE" (Kolyada-Theater)

I liked it very much

Lilia was 20 january on TRAMWAY "DESIRE" (Kolyada-Theater)

The performance was very much liked by its unusual genre, it also considers the history of love, passion and the history of human insanity. Actor's game is quite decent. In general, quite a good performance!

Andrey was 25 january on TRAMWAY "DESIRE" (Kolyada-Theater)

A vivid and unusual interpretation of the famous play. Ermolova in the role of Blanche and Yagodin in the role of Kowalski cause so strong emotions that they turn the viewer literally physically. As always the corporate style of Kolyada with unexpected accents. One of the best productions of the theater, guaranteed to punch on emotions.

Nadegda was 15 january on MASKARAD (Kolyada-Theater)

Magic magic "Kolyada-Theater"! BRAVO! The best review in the newspaper Le Monde: "This theater is like a bacchanalia." Wild, colorful, earthly, frivolous, but filled with meaning, vulgar in some aspects, but magnificent in its movement, it makes you stand on the edge of the chair, opening your mouth from surprise and silent happiness. " On January 17 I will go to the play "The Servant of Two Masters"!

Elena was 20 january on TRAMWAY "DESIRE" (Kolyada-Theater)

Thank you! I liked the play!

Elena was 27 january on Klaustrofobiya (Kolyada Theater)

Was on the play on 01/27/2015. The most powerful performance is for me personally. All the actors play excellently. For myself, I discovered Sergei Kolesov. Bravo! Sergey Fyodorov is persuasive! All the actors are great! Evgeny Chistyakov, Irina Plesnyaeva, Alexander Sysoev all perfectly play, skillfully immersing spectators in the life of the prison cell. The musical arrangement for the song "Affectionate Moya" (gesture song) of the group Chaif-the two softened the heavy theme of the play. The action of the play is like walking on the blade of a knife, a slightly careless movement and you can fall into the abyss of hypocrisy and vulgarity, but N.V. Kolyada knows all the subtleties, how not to cross the line, how to stay within the limits of what is permitted, not to fall into vulgarity and dirt. The performance is worked out filigree !!! Thanks for the fair play !!!

Ol`ga was 20 january on TRAMWAY "DESIRE" (Kolyada-Theater)

Very good impressions.

Nataliya was 22 january on TRAMWAY "DESIRE" (Kolyada-Theater)

For a whole year I was impressed by the performance. N.V. Kolyada can cause a storm of emotions. I am impressed by Irina Ermolova's play, this is a wonderful actress and just a beauty

Artem was 20 january on TRAMWAY "DESIRE" (Kolyada-Theater)

A brilliant performance. The great success of the theater.

Uliya was 27 january on Baba Chanel

watched the same performance in the theater in the Southwest. Of course, there is no comparison and there can not be, there amateur professionals depict, but here on the contrary, but still it was fun in places, and sometimes a lump in the throat stuck, and still thanks to everyone. If you are, then it is someone you need

Ol`ga was 27 january on Baba Chanel

Especially we went on tour of this theater, we liked it!

Oksana was 17 january on MASKARAD (Kolyada-Theater)

The performance is excellent!

Ol`ga was 16 january on DEAD SOUL (Kolyada-Theater)

Stunning performance, a lot of music, fun mood and positive, positive, positive ... and what a tremendous aftertaste))) what a passionate desire to visit everything that makes Kolyada-theater ... Thank you all very much!

Elena was 22 january on SKRIPKA, BUBEN and UTYUG (Kolyada-Theater)

The performance really liked! Merry sketch of the second day of the wedding! What a toastmaster, what a bride and groom, but shocked, of course, the ensemble "Sexy Chocolate"! What physical preparation, so that it's easy for men to show a dance on their heels! Bravo! After a day's work, I did not notice how 2 hours passed! Has had a rest, a good mood! Thanks to Nicholas Kolyada for his work !!! My marathon continues)))) E. Troitskaya

Ekaterina was 22 january on TRAMWAY "DESIRE" (Kolyada-Theater)

What happiness, that there are such productions and such actors! Many thanks to Kolyada-the theater. In the Theater Center on Strastnoy was the first time. I liked the room very much. I want to come here again.

Larisa was 20 january on CONCENTRATORS (Kolyada-Theater)

A wonderful play, a talented direction. With pleasure we will follow the work of the new interesting theatrical director Alexander Vakhov. Brilliant Anton Makushin as the "wife"!

Ol`ga was 16 january on DEAD SOUL (Kolyada-Theater)

It was very interesting and bright, but in some places it seemed like a tightening and not everywhere the main actor was convincing.

Maria was 16 january on DEAD SOUL (Kolyada-Theater)

Favorite theater, great performance! One of the best troupes in the country.

Elena was 20 january on TRAMWAY "DESIRE" (Kolyada-Theater)

The performance was very much liked, however, like other performances of the Kolyada Theater, which they managed to see last year. I think that the repertoire of the theater is enough for a few more years of touring. Will wait!

Artur was 13 october on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Sumptuously! Extraordinary impressions, inexpressible emotions, Grishkovets handsome!

Evgeniya was 06 april on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Very pleased!

Mar`ya was 06 april on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Very grateful for the performance. Went with a friend, we are 25-27 years old. We are close and understandable about what and how tells Eugene Grishkovei. The mood is wonderful!)

An was 23 june on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

It is delightful !!!

Rudneva M.A. was 22 february on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

We are already the second time in the play. Again saw the excellent work of all TC services for the most comfortable viewing of E.Grishkovets's performances.

Elena was 06 april on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

All liked it. With pleasure we watched the play again, despite the fact that we know it by heart. Thank you

Visitor was 22 february on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

I liked it very much.

Mariya was 22 february on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

The performance of E. Grishkovets "How I ate a dog" - 2 hours of amazing time, during which there is an opportunity to return to the past, to think about the present and look forward to the future with hope. Time of sadness and joy alone with the author

Natal`ya was 06 april on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Very pleased!

Elena was 16 september on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Grishkovets was as always sincere. Strikes his instant and accurate reaction to the hall

Elena was 10 december on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

On Eugenia Grishkovtse I was the first time. I was advised by my young man, who served in the army and listened to Grishkovets' audio books constantly, knew the works by heart. It was one of the best mono-performances that I saw in my life. From the very beginning (a simple, sincere dialogue with viewers) until the last minute of the play, you will laugh (a lot and in the voice), empathize and recognize yourself in everything that the author tells. Everything is so vital, so funny and at the same time so deep that I want to meet my eyes, nod, as if to say, and I had it, that's it! The play has been going on for many years, and it is so relevant and relevant that everyone will find something in it for themselves. At the same time, there are no political implications or a return to Soviet times, there is only a kind history, after which one wants to just smile, well, to go back to the performance of Grishkovets again, and then again and again.

Aleksandr was 06 april on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

I'm totally ecstatic!

Vera was 22 february on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Great performance! Dreams should come true! The record is watched so much that I know every word, But to see on the stage It's inexpressible! Thank you very much!

Aleksandr was 22 february on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Grishkovets in his repertoire. True couple of sketches lowered: about the sailor trousers and the demoblical form. And the story of the sea battle could not be interrupted by a remark to the man in the hall (both he and this one did not ideally enter). But as a whole it is remarkable. Good luck to all!

Dmitry was 16 september on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Grishkovets as always on top! But it's too late for the play.

Ol`ga was 16 september on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Wonderful, wonderful and wonderful!

Sergey was 06 april on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Everything was very cool, thank you!

Elena was 30 april on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

I liked the performance very much. Grishkovets well done! BRAVO!!! Thank you!!!

Bayan was 16 september on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Super, as always!

Ol`ga was 23 june on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Thank you! First time I bought such a "stowaway" service. It was a little embarrassing, but it turned out to be all easy ... As for the event itself ... Grishkovets-he is Grishkovets! The sea of ​​charm, sense of humor and tact. I thank him! Eugene and the organizers for such a cozy and warm evening!

Aleksandra was 23 june on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Terrific! Only very uncomfortable armchairs ((

Vera was 23 june on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

The performance is beautiful! But at 21-00 it's late and in the hall it's bad with ventilation.

Irina was 06 april on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

She is in love with Grishkovets. Once again so much fun. I'll come back on June Farewell with paper) thanks to the huge!

Ol`ga was 23 june on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Good afternoon! Many thanks, I liked everything

Galina was 22 february on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

I liked everything, thank you!

Elena was 06 april on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

The performance is beautiful! But why E.Grishkovets removed, the Soviet Union, I do not understand, I was so waiting for his story about cartoon dolls ....

Elena was 22 february on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Very good performance! I look a second time!

Anna was 23 june on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Liked, but the last half hour is a little delayed.

Olesya was 06 april on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Many thanks, a lot of impressions and a good mood for the next few days !!!

Petr was 19 september on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

The performance with pleasure to snap at the quote! Evgeny Valerievich is a real talent!

Tatyana_Rotko@Mail.Ru was 13 october on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

She fell into childhood, and even clearly remembered the school years. During the whole performance they laughed. In the end, I even cried. That is, I got different emotions for 2 hours of excellent speklak. I advise everyone

Stanislav was 10 december on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Very satisfied! Eugene Valeryevich very beautifully, clearly and competently narrates about life as such. The performance really liked!

Galina was 16 september on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Grishkovets-handsome! I liked the performance very much. Thank you.

Ol`ga was 10 december on HOW I GOT A DOG (E.Grishkovets)

Thank you. everything was wonderful, although it was in December, we recall the performance constantly, I want to come again and again.

Elena was 24 november on UNSOLVETORS

Were at the play on November 23, 2017. I liked the performance. Very nice to watch the game of young actors. They play with passion, sincerely and enthusiastically.

Anastasiya was 16 november on UNSOLVETORS

Visited today, this performance and until this time I am delighted! There are performances that have looked and forgotten. This performance is to be reviewed again. All the actors are amazing. Decorations, light, play, word - everything is very interesting. They watched and listened without stopping. Thank you for a wonderful evening!))

Ganna was 03 november on SHORT-TERM

Were in November. I must say, I did not expect that Yevgeny Stychkin alone would draw this very difficult performance. For an hour and a half watched in one breath. At least the women squealed to tears. He agreed a couple of times in monologues, but this did not spoil a strong good impression. In general, I recommend.

Tat`yana was 11 october on UNSOLVETORS

Madly liked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the actors filled the soul with light and energy !!!! Talented, young, funny ..... ...............Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aleksandr was 11 october on SALINGER

I watched this performance at the Shchukinsky Institute, when the guys were still studying in the fourth year. Stunning design and style, sending us in the 60s. Although I did not live there, but after this performance, you believe that it was exactly like that)) Live music, jazz !!! not only the actors who are laid out to the full, sing, dance, enjoy and are completely immersed in this era, the atmosphere with his head. There is a desire to run out to these young guys on stage, dance with them, talk and stay in this story. In general, a full range of emotions can be experienced by watching this performance. Here you can laugh and cry and think about life and about the relationships of people, families, men and women !!! Good inclusion and professionalism of young actors, future big stars, does not leave indifferent. I also want to mention the director's work of Valentin Stasyuk. He managed to combine many works into one big story, where there are works not only of Salinger himself, but also of Begbeder. Thank you so much!!! You are all great fellows !!! I wish a long life this performance! Come! It's worth seeing and sharing with me those emotions that I experienced!

Anastasiya was 11 october on SALINGER

This is an amazing performance! I've already walked two times! I advise everyone !!!!

Anastasiya was 07 september on UNSOLVETORS

Last year, during the festival "Your chance" visited this performance. A famously twisted Chekhov story, a love triangle, or maybe even a five-hexagon - what could be more interesting ?! An unparalleled game. Brilliant, talented, natural enough that you believe everyone!

Svetlana was 24 may on Brodsky. Poems. Birth

Poems of the great poet, sounded in the performance of young actors, were imbued with such love, understanding and sincerity that it was impossible to remain indifferent to the poetry of the poet. Thanks for the pleasure.

Elena was 03 march on FAREWELL WITH PAPER (E.Grishkovets)

Went with a girlfriend for this performance. I liked it very much. I recommend to all.

Elena was 22 june on HEART SHEPOT (E.Grishkovets)

Great performance! Grishkovets, as always, on top.

Margarita was 23 september on The Catcher in the Rye

Impressions are ambiguous. Something like it, and sometimes I missed. Quite a lot of ambiguous scenes of a sexual nature. If you come with a child, you can feel uncomfortable. From the positive: I pay tribute to the young artists - they tried very hard and did not overdo it at the same time. Especially the performer of the main role: literally the entire performance to be held on the stage and all the action on yourself to keep is not easy. I can not advise anyone to go. I did not get enough distinct emotions.

Aleksandra was 23 june on HEART SHEPOT (E.Grishkovets)

The performance is simply magnificent! For me it was the first experience of a solo performance, and Evgeny Grishkovets did not disappoint me for a second. The performance takes 2 hours, and these 2 hours were the most touching, sincere and kind hours for Saturday evening. Eugene very accurately and aptly talks about the essence of man, about his nature. I believe that such art should be more on our theatrical stage. The performance is mandatory for viewing both young people and a more mature generation.

Elena was 16 april on The Catcher in the Rye

I advise watching the play for everyone. The exact hit of the director in the performer of the main role of Holden. Dmitry Smirnov did not just play a role, he lived it. All the artists play wonderful. J. Salinger would be pleased! Bravo to the director and artists !!!

Anastasiya was 23 june on HEART SHEPOT (E.Grishkovets)

Two hours passed unnoticed. Made me think, laugh, and sorrow. On high!

Marina was 13 june on FAREWELL WITH PAPER (E.Grishkovets)

Like all performances of Grishkovets, this performance captivates the author's ability to express YOUR thoughts in the only true form by the only correct words. Nothing new, everything about you and me, but as if the author touched the contents of your head and eliminated unnecessary, unnecessary.

Natal`ya was 16 june on HEART SHEPOT (E.Grishkovets)

Many thanks to Evgeny Grishkovets for another wonderful performance. As always beautiful, soulful and healthy.

Svetlana was 19 june on The Catcher in the Rye

I consider myself a picky spectator. But this performance, despite such inexpensive tickets, unlike many others, deserves the warmest words. Very emotionally, in places like a stretched string, the ringing pain of youth, the tragedy of misunderstanding, the inability to find oneself, the suffering of a young man - all this is perfectly conveyed by the performer of the main role. Thank you. Special thanks also for the fact that they did not cross the line and did not descend to the level of interpretation of many works by modern directors for the benefit of a part of the public. You can look in 16-.

Tat`yana was 11 april on FAREWELL WITH PAPER (E.Grishkovets)

It was not the first time at Grishkovets' play in this center. I really like the hall. You can not even talk about the author's talent. With pleasure I'll go again.

Yanina was 15 may on The Catcher in the Rye

The performance caught much more than the original, which is rare. Emotions are the most positive! The actor who performs Holden's role is simply wonderful, you empathize with him at the prothesis of the whole action. And the connection with the hall is excellent. And I laughed very much, Ackley was inimitable)) Well, most importantly, why I love performances with young actors, this is a special energy that fills you, the viewer, and after all the evening you feel a spiritual lift) Thanks for the wonderful impressions!

Denis was 15 may on The Catcher in the Rye

An excellent performance of young actors. In my opinion, this performance was everything: emotions, great game, feelings, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The play looks in one breath.

Yanina was 20 may on The Catcher in the Rye

The performance caught me much more than the original source, which happens rarely. Impressions are the most positive. First, Holden is just what you need, you can not tell on the drutzog. Communication with the hall is powerful. Secondly, I was very funny)) Ackley is inimitable) And the performances of young actors always have their own special energy, for which it is worth to come again and again. Thank you for a great evening!

Anna was 12 january on The Catcher in the Rye

An excellent performance with a very believable play of actors, the full feeling that they do not play, but "live", especially impressed by the fights! The hall is full of young people, many of them probably live the story of the protagonist at the moment, not all are whispering happily and laughing at jokes ... A very worthy production of a book that has become desktop for many maniacs of our time!

Natalya was 02 november on FAREWELL WITH PAPER (E.Grishkovets)

I liked it very much. A sea of ​​positive emotions. Excellent contact with the public. Probably, it was necessary to send a paper letter-feedback :)

Tat`yana was 21 november on The Catcher in the Rye

Well done, but you can have less than all "scenes"

Natal`ya was 13 june on FAREWELL WITH PAPER (E.Grishkovets)

Thank you very much for the warm and pleasant evening of November 1st. Wonderful performance!

Anton was 02 november on FAREWELL WITH PAPER (E.Grishkovets)

The performance was pleasant, but the work of the buffet after the end was not enough, many people were sitting at empty tables in anticipation of the wardrobe ...

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Страстной б-р., 8а
02 h 00 min


(based on the play “Balaganchik” by A. Blok)
Musical and vocal plastic composition

Following the great Meyerhold, the production of which saw its light just before 1907 — December 30 — young Moscow director, actor and playwright Daniil Romanov, together with the Stas Namin Theater, presents his version of Balaganchik by Alexander Blok to the public.

The premiere will be held December 18, 2018 on the stage of the Theater Center on Passionate.

Balaganchik is the looking-glass, into which both the spectators and the participants get, everything is illusory here, everything is not real. Reality is hidden (and is it there?) Behind symbols and decorations. Here Columbine is a ghost, blood is juice, a sword is cardboard, death is grimace.

The play of symbols and signs “Balaganchik” is a sad joke and at the same time a catastrophe for the life of the author and the world order, in which, as in the equation, an error was made somewhere before, and, no matter how you decide, do not come to the correct result. In this deep symbolism of Blok, the authors of the statement found a passionate desire for beauty and love, despite the impossibility of comprehending the divine plan.

Directed by Daniel Romanov, who created almost all the performances in the theater “Room 4 ″, became known for the productions“ Meek ”,“ The Gospel of the Executioner ”,“ Psevdorusskaya profits ”and others.

The production designer Alexander Karpeykina managed to take part in projects such as The Red Line of the Metropolis, under the direction of Kirill Serebrennikov, Stairway to the Sky by Igor Zolotovitsky and Sergey Zemtsov, Fear and Poverty in the Third Empire, by the Moscow Theater of Oleg Tabakov.

The name of choreographer Ekaterina Goryacheva is also known outside of Russia - she created choreography for the reconstruction of the avant-garde opera of 1913 “Victory over the Sun” (by Mikhail Matyushin, Alexey Kruchenykh, Kazimir Malevich and Velimir Khlebnikov), which was represented by the Stas Namin Theater on the most iconic European the venues are in Basel (Switzerland), Paris (France), Ravenna (Italy), Thessaloniki (Greece), and others. Other works by Catherine in the theater of music and drama of Stas Namin are “Resident of the Peaks” and “S-Quark”, as well as dance numbers for all others theater performances.

The musical arrangement of the play - an interpretation of the original music by the composer Nikita Bogoslovsky and illustrative sketches-clusters of his own composition - was created by the composer and musician Vadim Kaverin. Vadim is the author of the music for the films “Wings” (laureate of the “Saint Anna” award) and “This evening the angels wept” and the performances “Viy” (Center for Dramaturgy and Directing named after A. Kazantsev and M. R. Roshchin), “Public Reading "(The project" Open Stage ") and" Suicide "(Theater. M. N. Ermolova).


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