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Moscow Art Theater of A.P.Chekhov

Feedbacks from viewers
Irina was 16 january on The Sleeping Prince

Already our whole family has seen this wonderful performance! And everyone is delighted!

Alevtina was 16 january on Divas

Light, incendiary performance. Good acting. Beautiful costumes. Mix of the Comedy Club and the musical. Looked, came out with a smile and forgot. There is no deep thought of the performance.

Irina was 15 january on Divas

The performance is beautiful, I watch it not the first time. I advise everyone: easy. humorous, artists are great. But here are the places .... I bought the left side of the mezzanine 3 row 7 place (there were simply no other places), half the stage was not visible at all, even if stretched and bent in all conceivable and unimaginable ways. Asked neighbors (1 and 2 series), they have the same situation. had to watch the play in the aisle on the steps, under the puzzled looks of others, but really wanted to see, and not just hear. Be careful when choosing places. The directors, knowing the peculiarities of the spectator seats, could try to build smaller scenes in the corners of the stage, and at this performance a lot of great episodes are in the left corner of the stage. In my opinion. 1500 rubles per view of the performance on the steps of the passage is too expensive.

Ekaterina was 12 january on Fools village

Unfortunately, the performance frankly disappointed. Natalia Klyuchareva's book "The Village of Fools", which includes a tale with this title and a series of small essays, is amazing, extraordinary, wonderful, bright, as well as other books by Natalia Klyuchareva. We did not see all this in the play. This is not actually a performance, but a reading from the scene of excerpts from the story, accompanied by a curse of the participants in the play. There is no soul in the play, the participants of the performance did not let it through. It's bitter and insulting, because we live in the same country at the same time as the heroes of the book, and so it turns out to be far from the real troubles of our homeland. One consolation is that, at least in this form, a wonderful book will reach its reader. For sure, many will want after the play to read the books of Natalia Klyuchareva.

Elena was 09 january on Ideal husband. Comedy

Not the first time I went to this play. Great directing and acting! Bravo! Of course, the performance is not for everyone, but it was this one that wanted to see the second time from a large number of performances by the Moscow Art Theater and other theaters.

Irina was 09 january on Husbands and wives

I liked the play very much. Interesting and relevant plotz.Prekrasnye artists.Ochen liked spekkle, I recommend.

Ludmila was 09 january on Libra

I really love the work of E. Grishkovets, I could not buy tickets for this performance for a long time. The performance is wonderful, kind, easy, with good humor peculiar to E. Grishkovets, And there is something to think about and to sink. Acting is beyond praise! Many thanks to the AUTHOR AND THE ACTORS for the pleasure delivered!

Anna was 09 january on Ideal husband. Comedy

Strong, courageous, talented! Actors and director BRAVO! I agree with the recall of Natalia - hard thrash! Do not expect the classic O. Wilde - from the stage "scream" about the trampled eternal values, God grant that this cry would somehow miraculously reach those who are addressed (((

Natal`ya was 09 january on Contrabass

Performance 07.12.2017: K. Khabensky, as always, did not disappoint. A very talented artist, an interesting person. Watch his game on stage - already a gift. Double luck - tickets in the first row of the stalls. A memorable performance ...

Elena was 09 january on Husbands and wives

Was at the play on December 30. Excellent transfer of the plot of the film to theatrical stage. Very interesting and impressive solutions to create the effect of changing the frame within the scene. The big plans of the faces on the screens are quite obvious, but this is no less spectacular. Definitely, the performance is an excellent addition to the theater's repertoire. Yes, and all actors are simply gorgeous. The speed of speech, the manner of speaking - everything works simultaneously both on the connection with Woody Allen's film, and on the effect of the theatrical performance. It was amazing to look at Gordin and Wernick - open with a new, even deeper side of their acting talent.

Ol`ga was 09 january on Game in small towns

Excellent performance, I recommend it to everyone! Wonderful artists of the Moscow Art Theater masterfully read Yuri Stoyanov's clever, delicate, lyrical and very-very funny stories.

Anastasiya was 06 january on Pride and Prejudice

Easy laid-back performance. Probably, there was not enough drama, the product is still serious. But the impressions were only positive, and for New Year's holidays, it's the most!

Roman was 06 january on Helpline

Went to the play yesterday! I agree with all the positive feedback! The play is a match, it looks in one breath, the game of all actresses and actors is incomparable !!!! I want to write a lot of good things about the play, but I'd rather limit myself to advice: "It is better to go and see once than to read the reviews!". By the way, Victor Horinjak plays instead of Dmitry Vlaskin in the play.

Ol`ga was 06 january on Divas

Go and see! the actors, music, dekaratsiya, the atmosphere of the theater is good .. The performance is a holiday. . The world to Pisarev! His productions are filled with kindness, love for people.

Irina was 06 january on Helpline

Many thanks to artists who work when everyone is relaxing! Very fun, with humor! Very accurately shows the characters of different people. And most importantly, optimistic! Happy New Year to you and Merry Christmas! Thank you!!!

Tat`yana was 06 january on The Karamazovs

Were on December 10, 2017. The work, at one time, I did not read. But I really wanted to know what it's about .. especially. Beautiful scenery, design, music .. Beautiful and best actors of the Moscow Art Theater .. Marina Zudina opened as an actress for me in general. But .. in vulgarity in the play .. all the way off scale .. If you cut out all this chernushu, then for the performance it will be ideal, which I still descend every time ..

Natal`ya was 06 january on The Karamazovs

We spent a wonderful evening, did not even notice how five hours had passed. The play does not leave indifferent, there are tremendous monologues and finds with cameras. Expansion of space due to the use of several rooms at the same time - with a minimum of scenery! The play of the actors is impressive, and the variety of light and sound numbers can not but make them smile kindly.

Natal`ya was 06 january on № 13 D

So much laugh-such a long time with me was not! Such a holiday gave !!!!! I liked everything in this production !!!!! All I recommend !!!! Lie down with laughter will be even the most sad and gloomy of your companion! It costs a lot!!! And thanks for the champagne !!!!

Alina was 05 january on Pride and Prejudice

Was on January 4, 2018. A fine musical - light, cheerful, good costumes and scenery, all actors perfectly sing.

Tat`yana was 05 january on CENTRAL-PARK WEST

Srednenko ..

Tamara was 28 december on Divas

Guys! Go and see if you want to laugh, rest and just turn off your brains! Dynamically, brightly, bufonadno, on the verge of a foul. The whole ensemble of actors is great!

Mariya was 28 december on Divas

My mom and I really liked the performance. This is a comedy, there are so many jokes, so many people did not laugh at any one performance. The peters were laid out to the maximum, and danced and sang and even stunts were performed. In general we recommend!

Nataliya was 28 december on Ideal husband. Comedy

Excellent quality performance! It is the theater in the collaboration of the director and actors! Modern themes and interpretations, sharp texts of monologues and dialogues, an excellent play of actors. I advise you to go whenever possible. But almost nothing remains of the classic interpretation and Oscar Wilde ...

Irina was 28 december on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

The performance is complex, with a lot of characters, I would say that it is not for "accidentally arrived" in the Moscow Art Theater. A beautiful cast and a game. The performance is bright. An interesting idea of ​​understanding the events of the revolutionary and post-revolutionary era. After the performance, there was something to discuss and think about. If you read not only "TV programs" and tabloid press - then go ahead and watch. Director A Molochnikov, no doubt, talented, searching. Thank you.

Nataliya was 28 december on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

I love the theater for diversity, a fresh director's approach and acting as an actor! It is really interesting, original and in some sense even instructive, since for a couple of hours the tens of years of the 20th century have flown through their main milestones. I'm for a diverse and interesting theater, so I recommend watching this production.

Galina was 28 december on Divas

A great performance, they laughed heartily. Got a positive charge and a New Year's mood. The game of actors is beyond praise. MHT - the highest class! I recommend

Irina was 27 december on Husbands and wives

We watched with interest. From the first minute. And although the theme of "husbands and wives" is already, as it were, not mine)) - I was interested in the psychology of all these relations. And like without special scenery, and emotions do not scale - all och quietly, and special dramas are not played out - but it's interesting to watch - everything about us-people with our tangled male-female "stories." Actors - all as one - truthfully and naturally from the first minute. No "half an hour for so long reeling" - no, they live like this from the first minute and there is no Dasha Moroz, Igor Gordin, etc. on the stage. - just the heroes with all their human qualities and weaknesses. Gordin-ochchchen persuasive in his throwing and falling in love)) - as well as all the rest. Nobody "knocked" me out of the living of history with them, no one has falsified. I think that "thanks, that was interesting" - this is for the actors and the director in the first place. For the first time in the play K. Bogomolov. I'll go further.

Aleksandra was 27 december on Husbands and wives

Were yesterday at the play "Husbands and wives." Did not like. The actors play no. The Spectal is made for a copy of Woody Allen's film .... and the film is much better. Spent the evening.

Ol`ga was 27 december on Husbands and wives

Excellent actors, actual situations, very successful solution with the demonstration of key scenes on a huge screen, an unusual format. Liked, but the feeling that this is not a performance, but some other form. Closer to the movie. I can not say what is excellent, rather good.

Marina was 26 december on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

All the terms are - but the spirit does not capture

Anastasiya was 21 december on Marriage

I liked the performance very much, especially Yuri Stoyanov, at times it seemed that this was his benefit) Svetlana Kolpakova is good in her role as the Bride, but from the female roles her aunt liked most. Duzhnikov played very comically. The only thing that did not like it - very loud music at the end of the first and second action, very sliced ​​ears.

Valeriy was 18 december on Divas

I do not know what other "users" found in this performance were other users, it seemed to me to be a vulgar farce. Actors (and of the 3 actors in the program for the role of Duncan, there was not one, played (not bad, by the way) a young boy, ridiculously looking among the rest). Famous actors (and Djuzhev, and Burkovsky among others) pulled (precisely pulled) their roles flatly, strained and tortured. The play is weak. There was an impression that they showed a synopsis of some comedy, removing the most ridiculous.

Veronika was 18 december on Siege

Great performance! Bravo to all actors! And especially Sergei Ugryumov!

Elena was 18 december on Divas

The performance is funny, a lot of humor. The game of actors at the highest level. Charges with a good mood for a long time, enjoyed.

Natal`ya was 18 december on Noble Nest

An amazing performance, subtle, sincere and truly Russian.

Galina was 15 december on Helpline

You can safely recommend the performance. Without the black and vulgarity. There is something to laugh at from the heart, but also there is something to think about ... A good actor's ensemble.

Elena was 15 december on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

Great performance. Interestingly everything, the stylistics of the play, the scenery, the costumes. Especially it would be desirable to note scenic plastic of statement. I recommend.

Andrey was 15 december on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

Everything started happily and cheerfully, dynamically ... In the second department everything became dreary and gloomy, too noisy ... There are no questions for the game of actors - well done! But in general, you get tired of the abundance of allusions and symbolism. Perfect, in my opinion. Although farcical performances are not often successful. Hardly anyone to recommend this performance ...

Svetlana was 15 december on Helpline

I liked the performance! Lehi, cheerful, ironic, despite a slightly sad story. The game of actors is incomparable, it's a real team of professionals! From the first minute they take possession of the attention of the viewer and do not let go until the end of the play. Huge gratitude for 1.5 hours of positive!

Tat`yana was 15 december on Helpline

Good performance! Light, humane, optimistic!

Dar`ya was 14 december on The Master and Margarita

Good afternoon, yesterday were with my mother on the "Master and Margarita" in the Moscow Art Theater. Delight! Surprise! to a question from friends: "Well, how?". I answer "guys, the Master and Margarita only look at the Moscow Art Theater." It seemed that I was not at the play, but on the performance in New York! what special effects, scenery, impressed video insertion of video material. Actors-stunning-no words! THANK YOU!

Igor` was 14 december on North wind

Tips of an outsider))). Renata, when you go skiing in the hall, it is necessary for the importance of the moment to start the song "Vladimirsky central .. North wind .."))))). The effect will be unforgettable!

Valentina was 12 december on Zoykina apartment

Another masterpiece of Kirill Serebrennikov, in which his creative method is used is the distortion of the abominable reality and people who sold the soul to the devil, the sharpening of the already harsh Bulgakov text. So funny that even scary. Great play of actors, musicians; Scenery; delightful ladies toilets. Brave.

Valeriya was 12 december on The Master and Margarita

Bravo! Goosebumps. After this performance, you believe that the theater still exists, not an ugly farce, not a dilapidated old man. Fascinating, very together with the audience, these actors! Thank you !

Elena was 11 december on Forest

A familiar story seems to be about the passions and vices of concrete people of the nineteenth century. . But how well Serebryannikov and his actors on Ostrovsky's text show the vices of modern society, falling very precisely into his painful points. At this it is not a sermon, but a theatrical performance that gives the theatre and a good picture, and a brilliant acting game.

Igor` was 11 december on North wind

The actors play is excellent. But the plot and the form .. raise questions. Perhaps I'm not very good at this kind of performance. Or maybe there is just nothing to understand. As Confucius said - "It's hard to look for a black cat in a dark room ... especially when it's not there." And the tale of Schwartz "About the naked king" for some reason was remembered .. Probably, before the performance it is necessary, more precisely it is necessary to smoke what is forbidden .. and drink, then it will go like clockwork)). And, seriously, such performances should not be done at the expense of taxpayers, but only on a self-supporting basis. Then immediately everything will fall into place and the life (need) of the performance will be determined by the interest of the audience and, accordingly, the cashier. In my opinion, some kind of similarity or poor copying of the performances of the director Bogomolov, but only everything is much worse. And the price is inadequate for this "product" at all. And I like Bogomolov's performances all but "Dragon", so I do not think about the price))). Fans of Renata, you can shower me with hats. PS I did not understand who was in the play Renata Litvinova, who went skiing and then, crawling on the floor and emitting a cry of a seagull with a light element of eroticism (raised her leg and showed her ankle in golf or trousers)))).

Vera was 08 december on № 13 D

Comedy is just class! I advise you to look. The actors play is impressive.

Ludmila was 08 december on House

Very good performance. The very story is not invented, but simply taken from life. From our present life. One of the most powerful impressions of late. I recommend to everyone!

Marina was 07 december on Kreutzer Sonata

Wonderful performance !!! Bravo!!! Eternal history! Thank you very much to all the actors! Highly recommend!

Tat`yana was 07 december on Kreutzer Sonata

I will try to be brief. The format of the site requires small reviews. This setting was watched with her husband a second time. The first time the impetus to attend this performance was watching the movie Smirnova "Connection", where he played Porechenkov. The way it was shown by the actor in tandem with Anna Mikhalkovoy was love on the screen, touched. Several years ago, Porechenkov's partner in the Kreutzer Sonata was Kutepova. The actors' play and director's plan fired into the soul. It happens that you come to the play, the author of the play is, for example, Chekhov, you look and understand that such an author simply did not write, the play as a whole is not about this, the director and I read different texts. Here the situation is different ... The time has passed, and we went again to this play, which is almost never done, except for opera .... In the Kreutzer Sonata, the Moscow Art Theater for me personally Tolstoy absolutely sight ... I share the opinion of the authors who write , that with a minimum of expressive means the maximum result is achieved. Yes, the performance goes on without a break. But this was done by the director, I think, consciously: the tension in the course of the play increases with incredible rapidity. In order to preserve this nerve of the play, an intermission is not envisaged. Porechenkov is certainly a talented dramatic actor. The face of the media, there are very few plays with his participation. So I highly recommend to attend the play, you will discover Mikhail E. Porechenkov in the new role.

Ol`ga was 18 november on By Po

And what is the development of this game? Yes, so ... Have played. Neskuchny evening in a pleasant company. Thank you.

Tat`yana was 06 december on By Po

Got great fun! A wonderful performance.

Natal`ya was 05 december on Duel

The performance is lively, with ironic intonations. Classics, in which you can find today's problems and situations.

Nika was 05 december on 19.14

It's just amazing. For the first time I watched the show on TV, but yesterday I went personally and once again received a lot of enthusiasm. Bright, sarcastic, bold and bold, you feel the same feedback of the whole cast. I was lucky to find in one of the roles and the director himself (a pleasant surprise). Stunning Artem Bystrov, whose frivolous image at the beginning of the process is transformed and breaks into the soul at the end of the play. Magnificent poems and music, scenography. For me, this is now the most favorite performance of meht until ... I advise everyone who has a sense of humor and who is close to sarcasm and satire. Bravo, Alexander !!

Tat`yana was 05 december on Tram "Desire"

The play looks in one breath ,. Dynamically, modern, nevertheless, without vulgarity and flirting with the viewer. Bravo to the director. Bravo to actors - Marina Zudina, Irina Pegova, Mikhail Trukhin. And of course Mikhail Porechenkov, talent, a lot of sense of smell. I think Stanislavsky would say to his game: "I believe!". Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov - bravissimo and speedy recovery!

Nonna was 05 december on 19.14

A great performance, a talented young director and wonderful actors. Go, do not regret it!

Larisa was 03 december on Divas

The performance is easy, without tension, thoughts, everything is simple, accessible, predictable. Allows you to relax.

Elena was 03 december on Divas

A wonderful performance! Sparkling, enchanting, light, beautiful. The game of actors is organic, professional. Bravo! Well done! Who wants to get a good mood - you here. Thank you!

Ol`ga was 02 december on Musketeers. Saga. Part one

One of the best performances on the Moscow stage, "The Musketeers" is an absolutely independent work written by the director, and in this case also by the playwright, based on the novel by A. Dumas. This is not just a performance, Bogomolov luring viewers into the labyrinth, whose corridors were artistically recreated on the stage by his permanent ally, the stage designer Larisa Lomakina. The rhythmic text of these "Musketeers" is similar to the enigmatic lake, you can look from above, and you can fall headlong into the icy water and try to swim to the bottom. The director seems to swing the viewer on a swing, then plunging into hopeless despair, then making laugh to tears. "You may think that this play is about death, in fact it is about love," and yet he says that love always defeats death.

Aleksandr was 02 december on The Cherry Orchard

After the first counterpoint of Lopakhin and Dunyasha, the immersion in the atmosphere of the play began, as in his youth. Greta Garbo of the New Russian Scene - Renata Litvinova was marvelously good, but maybe reflected from the fact that she is not like everyone else - she Ranevskaya in fact - from the tips of her fingernails to the tips of her hair and, I think, was embarrassed by this her eccentricity and exquisite mannerisms. Ranevskaya is a blonde! Nothing could be better! I liked the post-Soviet interpretation, which painfully reminded me of the fateful nineties. After the intermission, there was already absolute immersion, with my unclear attempts to get rid of the magic of the stage of the Moscow Art Theater! It is remembered in a snuffbox, Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov was sitting in the last row, on a special chair and only blinked after another portion of balm from the stage. We must go to the Tabakerka! In the summer, at the International Moscow Film Festival, I watched a terrific film (draft version) about Rudolfo Valentino Vladislav Kozlov. Producer Franco Nero asked the audience how we are? I could not formulate it then, But Rudolfo Valentino - Principipes in the primary, Latin meaning of this term and Kozlov managed to show it. In this sense, and Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov and Renata Litvinova - Princhips. We must do something about Greta Garbo in the theater, and in the movie with Renata Litvinova in the main role! For a long time I could not understand where these new names come from in the movies. Kolpakova, Andreeva, Kovaleva, Sexte, Glinka-Larina, Porechenkov, White, Dyuzhev ?! And they all do not serve - they are God in the Moscow Art Theater! Excellent, brilliant scenery in the play! Once stunned by the imaginative minimalism of the scenery in the Mayakovsky Theater! Now it's very simple, like all ingenious! I would like to see the "Steppe" in such scenery. I did not sit in the stalls for a long time, but now I sensed all his charm, but the 15th row! (The stunning makeup of Litvinova and Hermanova remained behind my freeze frame.) I will have to revise it, either from the box of the benoir, or from the fifth row of the orchestra! from the fifth row of the stalls I prefer to look at the legs of the beautiful actresses, not just their stunning eyes. "The interiors of the Theater were touched - the living classics: in photographs, walls, wooden panels, concentration on the action - without gilt stucco - the theater is public, the auditorium, the atmosphere - scrupulous listening and peering into the story! I'm waiting for a new appointment, and I wish everyone involved in the Moscow Art Theater Chekhov good health, love, happiness, joy, and using rules in all good deeds and endeavors!

Tat`yana was 02 december on The Cherry Orchard

A great performance, great actors - what else is needed to make the show work? It's a pleasure to look at Renata Litvinov and understand that Ranevskaya was exactly this one-refined, refined. Yes, she did not think about the benefits, gave the last golden passing tramp, because she could not act in a different way, this mentality. They are all there, unrequited, "speaking too much." In this, probably, in Chekhov's opinion, the comic nature of the situation, that while some are in good spirits, others do business like Lopakhin. And the scenery is just right, a wonderful game with a curtain. If everything was as usual with the decorations, it would be boring, and so it is necessary to include a little bit of fantasy and enjoy the performance of the artists.

Natal`ya was 30 november on I'm Afraid to Become a Kolya

11/29/2017 I watched the play "I'm Afraid to Become a Kolya" on the new stage of the Moscow Art Theater. For quite a long time she was chasing a ticket for this performance. And here it was! Impressions weight! A young author, a modern plot, touching on the most burning topics, a wonderful game of all actors without exception - all this captivates the viewer. It seemed to me that the actors themselves enjoyed the play. It has long been impossible to see such a "fresh" performance!

Tat`yana was 29 november on Tram "Desire"

Despite the fact that Oleg Pavlovich in intensive care .. Marina was going and how I seem to have played SO as it should! Heavy, life performance. At the beginning of the play there was a hope for a better life for all the heroes, but they could not escape from the inevitable hopelessness .. Life is not a fairy tale ... The unfortunate and broken fates of two sisters .. I advise all those who do not spend their time with glasses! Bravo Pegovoy, Zudina and oboyatelnomu bastard-Rubin Hood Porechenkov!

Irina was 27 november on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

"Chevengur" Platonov told Molochnikov somehow in Pelevinsky savory. The 17-year-old palace coup and all the subsequent "bright way" is shown as a nightmare of two loving people: a dark illiterate people in the hands of a skilful "fakir" is a terrible zombie machine that serves him and his entourage of whim. Star composition. Brilliant game. Got some gourmet pleasure. It seems to me that now the theater is the most alive and pulsing place ... So far.

Larisa was 27 november on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

A magnificent performance, still under the impression !!! A wonderful play of actors, amazed scenes of extras - very powerful! The idea of ​​the director with the cadres of the movie is also very pleased! I recommend to watch this performance !!! Go and look !!! Thanks to the director for his talent !!!

Uliya was 24 november on The Karamazovs

Yesterday they were at the play. Still impressed! It was incredible, enchanting, fantastically cool! The cast is beautiful! I fully agree with the previous opinion that in places you go into a trance, contradictory feelings, eternal themes of life, about faith and disbelief, cruelty and love, broken life, psychological problems, but at the same time incredible thirst for life awake and rage in you. This performance can not be called light, it makes you think, reveals and in places absurdly reveals the most important topics of mankind, all this is seasoned with modern production. The moment of the transmitted emotion of Alyosha in one episode, simply, has amazed up to a shit. Monologues of actors of incredible depth and touch to the core. The play is true! And the truth, as is known, not everyone likes. Since the first act, some have left, but those who stayed until the last minute, were imbued and tried to understand and accept all this action, and the play is almost 5 hours, then screamed for a long time BRAVO!

Ol`ga was 24 november on Helpline

I really liked the play. They gave tickets to parents, they are also delighted.

Elena was 24 november on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

Absolutely new fresh presentation of our history, unexpected foreshortenings and original reading. I do not belong to "my party" (as mentioned in the previous review), I spent half my life in the Soviet Union, but it was very interesting to watch this performance. The director not only retells the events, but tries to find the deepest meanings of what happened to our country, and does it with talent. Separate words - about the bright game of actors, all laid out 100% or more. Highly recommend.

Vladimir was 23 november on CHEERFUL TIMES

A beautiful light performance. Got a lot of fun. Kryukov does not have enough theatrical experience, he looks weaker against the others.

Ekaterina was 22 november on Witness of the charge

Renata Litvinova has opened for me in a new way. From the sublime heroine for a few minutes became characteristic, reincarnated as a sister. It was interesting and advokat performed by Sergei Chonishvili

Mariya was 22 november on Ideal husband. Comedy

Modern, sharp, unusual. I do not advise those who can be shocked by the topic - unconventional sexual orientation. The director shows the vices of our society, modern Russia. The play is four hours with two intermissions.

Svetlana was 22 november on Libra

Thanks to the actors and the author for the performance. We received great pleasure. Looks at one go. Very funny, sometimes sad and sad. As in life. Very familiar situation.

Ol`ga was 22 november on Divas

A smart performance, beautifully played by artists, humor in moderation, received true pleasure, that in our time is rare !!

Natal`ya was 22 november on Ideal husband. Comedy

Hard thrash - this is the name for the genre seems to me the most adequate. On the surface, stuffed with ragged gags, illegitimate vocabulary and the struggle of gays for existence. But in the rich aftertaste reveals the fragrance: for every person love is important. A life without love is not life. The question "Is there life before death" makes it possible to discover the meaning of life, And you have to find the true values ​​in life, build your building and realize everything that is important. Immortal Shakespeare comes to mind: All this would be ridiculous, when it was not so sad. The wrapper flew away, chased by the wind, and the candy bitter. Bogomolov is deep, piercing and true to himself - a performance with meaning, about meaning and for meaning.

Natal`ya was 20 november on Husbands and wives

The play, unfortunately, is not "hooked". The duration is only 1 hour 25 minutes, but in some places it was boring. Actors play well, apparently the problem in directing. The staging of Konstantin Bogomolov this time was not impressive.

Marina was 20 november on The Dragon

An unusual production, an amazing play of actors, is memorized for a long time. Of course, the play is not for everyone.

Tat`yana was 17 november on Ideal husband. Comedy

Visited on 15.11. We received a lot of positive emotions. Fine work of the director, actors, star composition, but the youth did not match. I recommend theatergoers to watch.

Lubov` was 17 november on Fools village

I went to the production of Brusnikina, I was already on her productions and impressed. And not only staging Zdorovskaya, but also the choice of the play. Were with friends, liked the performance of all four. The discovery was a young writer Natalia Klyucharyova. It's amazing that such a young woman knows the province's problems so deeply. Such pain for the village, for the drama and credibility of the actors' play, that I wanted to cry and cry. The magnificent game of Steklov Daniel is also an opening. Although all the artists played remarkably, without exception. The impression will remain for a long time.

Marina was 17 november on Divas

A wonderful performance! Has received huge pleasure. I recommend to everyone!

Anna was 15 november on Contrabass

The performance left only positive emotions. The game of Habensky at altitude. 2 hours passed in one breath. I recommend to visit. .

Tat`yana was 14 november on Jubilee of the jeweler

A wonderful performance. The topic is not simple, requiring reflection. The cast is great! An interesting solution with screens that show all the emotions of the actors. Have time to see this performance!

Natal`ya was 14 november on The Sleeping Prince

11.13.2017 looked at the Moscow Art Theater play "The Sleeping Prince". A qualitative and exciting comedy, and without vulgarity and vulgarity. All the actors involved in the play played beautifully. Bravo! Very pleased with the performer of the main female role of Ksenia Teplova. A young and very charming actress did not concede mastery to masters (Dmitry Nazarov and Olga Vasilieva). I recommend the performance to all those who want to laugh heartily.

Galiya was 14 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Performance for people of all ages. Original reading of the fairy tale by P. Ershov brothers Presnyakovym. A lot of music, beautiful costumes, colorful scenery. The actors work great. Bravo actors, choreographers, artists - all, all who created and performed this performance. I RECOMMEND.

Uliya was 13 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I recommend the performance to everyone! Both children and adults. Colorful, funny, intelligent, unusual, leaves an indelible impression! The mood of a merry holiday remains the next day! Thanks to the great creators and artists. Bravo!!!

Natasha was 13 november on House

Visited the play on November 11th. All very much. A wonderful star cast! On the Maly scene are assembled famous and beloved actors. Their game is above all praise! Thank you for a wonderful Sabbath evening! Special thanks to Bigbilet! Very often I use his services: everything is clear, on the day of the performance I always receive a reminder of the event.

Sergey was 13 november on Divas

Cheerful, light comedy. The time for viewing flew by unnoticed! A great game of actors.

Oksana was 13 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

A performance for the whole family! For several years I've been giving tickets to this show to my friends! This is the best gift, according to their feedback. Children look at one go. Adults rejoice from the heart. All are delighted !!! Close friends went 2 times already. Do not know the choice of a gift? I recommend! This is the best!

Vladimir was 13 november on Marriage

We watched this show on November 10! Everything is super. Despite the fact that this is a classic, in 10 minutes the whole hall laughed. Stoyanov, Duzhnikov, Dobrovolskaya and all the other actors - well done. We received great pleasure.

Ol`ga was 13 november on Divas

Great performance! A wonderful game of actors. We got great pleasure from viewing. We recommend it to everyone.

Tat`yana was 13 november on Marriage

The Friday Hall of the Moscow Art Theater was filled to capacity. Many children, apparently, a vacation. But the play is for adults. Duration more than 3 hours. Despite this, it looks easy, not boring. Artists play in inspiration. The bride-Svetlana Kolpakova is very organic in the role. Duzhnikov is also good. The combination of outstanding physical data and natural uncertainty (by role) is very comical. Stoyanov bathed in the role, even sometimes overacted. Boris Plotnikov, Sergei Belyaev - colorful types. Good performance. To cut it a little would be even better.

Natal`ya was 10 november on Divas

A matchless game of actors! This is very pleased

Vladimir was 10 november on MALLOW

An interesting performance for a budding director. Excellent actors and a good game.

Natal`ya was 09 november on Divas

Beautiful comedy, beautiful actors and their game. Burkovsky, Djuzhev and Trukhin are simply handsome and above all praise. We received great pleasure from this performance.

Anna was 07 november on Divas

A good comedy performance. A wonderful actor's composition, but especially pleases the game of Andrei Burkovsky! He, as usual, is beyond praise!

Mariya was 07 november on Divas

The play was a great success! Actors are super, especially in the first act Burkovsky in the role of Leo! But the second act Djuzhev showed class! I advise everyone this Spectrum! To relax and enjoy viewing !!!

Roman was 07 november on № 13 D

The best comedy that I watched! Many thanks! 11/05/2017

Marina was 07 november on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

Excellent work of Alexander Molochnikov! A great game of actors!

Aleksandr was 07 november on Divas

I am delighted with the performance and visiting the theater. In this theater for the first time, I liked everything. The performance itself is wonderful, all the artists are just super, great thanks to everyone for the game, I'm delighted.

Vladimir was 07 november on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

The director is on the right track, but we need a normal script with elaborated material and something to do with the Mkhatov troupe, alas, there is not much for that anymore. Yes, and in the depiction of the revolution, we need more Hell and idiocy without fail. The comedy should be not just black, but very, very black,

Leonid was 07 november on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

My opinion. The performance is frankly weak. The reason for this is a weak drama. To play there is nothing and no one. The work of the director does not save. The theme that power by the hands of a stupid and uneducated people does its work: revolution, bloody terror and the GULAG (the play ends here) is old. About this written and said a lot. I believe that the performance is set for its tusovka, which praises and orders music. And theatrical art as an art in Moscow has long been gone.

Only for children
Only adults
125009, Москва, Камергерский пер., 3
02 h 20 min

Move the detective to the dramatic scene, on the one hand, graceful, on the other - dangerous. Gracious, because the twisted intrigue to the audience is always to their liking. And dangerous, because the theatrical public wants to be in the grip of strong emotions, and they, as you know, do not achieve certain plot twists. That's why the creators of the play have to look for a solution that would allow them to hold the attention of the auditorium for three hours.

The director of the play, the Frenchwoman Bischofberge, not only offered her stage decision to Agatha Christie's famous play The Witness of the Accusation, but also united the people who are playing on stage and sitting in the hall, in the most original way. Actors play the role of participants in the trial - lawyers, prosecutors, witnesses, accused, judges, and the audience becomes jurors who, in the final of the story, must make their decision.

An elderly woman is killed. In her death, accuse the charming young man of Leonard Vaul. The sarcastic royal lawyer Sir Wilfrid and the very principled accuser, Mrs. Myers, are struggling to draw the jury to their side. The decisive argument in this confusing business is the testimony of Wohl's wife Romain. She is the main witness.

Detective story ... What could be more mysterious than an unsolved murder!

Foggy London. There is a trial. A respectable English gentleman is charged with the brutal murder of his elderly relative, who left him a huge legacy.

The only witness who can pledge a kind word for him is Leonard's wife.

But she is a foreigner, a German. Yes, and a beauty to the same. Is it possible to trust a spectacular young blonde in an unimaginable hat?

The judge has a right to be wary of her. And the time is still hard - the first peaceful years after the end of the Second World War.

But the wife of the accused does not intend to confirm her husband's alibi. She herself accuses him of committing a grave crime. Can I trust her?

In addition, the motives for her accusation are unclear. Revenge, self-interest or betrayal? The lawyer of her unhappy husband is lost in conjecture. Which spouse is telling a lie?

A cunning and prudent prosecutor is already preparing a charge. The judge is ready to take a decision on the case ...

As always with Agatha Christie, the plot develops rapidly. Until the end, it is unclear who committed the crime.

Detective story is not about murder, but about restoring order and justice.


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