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Moscow Drama Theater "MODERN"

Feedbacks from viewers
Uliya was 18 february on Journey of the little prince

The performance is excellent. Were with children 4.5 years, 6 and 8 years. Everyone liked it. For the younger ones, it is a bit hard to listen to the story in some places (it gets boring, but not for long). In general, everything is super: actors and scenery. Small cozy room.

Anna was 07 january on Matryoshki on the roundness of the earth

Theater “Modern” was for me the discovery of this season. Here is an incredibly pleasant atmosphere: large windows, live music during the intermission and before the performance, a rest room in which it is pleasant to sit and read books. And, of course, the dress code: all beautiful and elegant. The choice of the performance, of course, was also not accidental. I have already seen several productions of Grymov, it is always something enchanting. “Nested dolls on the roundness of the earth” is a tragicomedy. The performance was very vital. Such different destinies of heroines, connected only with a great desire to help your loved ones and make this world a little better. The author wished to remain incognito. There are a lot of clever thoughts in the performance: about life, about politics, about love. The performance can be disassembled by quotations. "Just think, if there are armed conflicts around every oil rig, then what will be around the perpetual motion ..... eternal war." "We managed to inspire people, the Earth is on four elephants .... this is of course complete nonsense ... but it allowed to postpone the supply of syphilis and tobacco from Latin America for 400 years." "It is impossible to invent the perpetual motion, but it can be stolen." Yury Grymov here is both a director, a set designer, a choreographer, a lighting designer, and the selection of music is also his work. Do not get tired to admire the work of this man! He knows how to create spectacular performances, they are just fun to watch. I really liked the music. Light, as always, is perfect! Clear lines, bright colors. He is a full-fledged character of the performance, helps to create unique effects. My favorite, of course, was Hermes (Alexander Gorelov). His image was perfect from appearance on stage to bows. Bright, comedic, exalts its divinity. Deity, and drinks whiskey and is ill for Juventus. Have you met such an image? Me not. Never. Nested dolls: Lika Nifontova, Maria Orlova and Nadezhda Menshova - I was also very impressed. They are so touching, vulnerable. You believe their stories. Feel how they worry about their loved ones. The performance is very strong. He touches to the depths of the soul, for a long time you think about him .... Thanks to the Modern Theater for a great evening!

Maksim was 12 november on "At the bottom" M. Gorky

I am not a fan of M. Gorky's creative work, I will say more “At the bottom” I never loved, because I consider it a very hard work. I want to say thank you to Yury Grymov, because in order to put such a work in such an unusual form and to save the text of the original source, you must have tremendous talent and courage. I like it. See for sure. There is something to discuss after the performance. Luka is beautiful, according to the Prince there are questions. Once again, thank you all, participated in the production for the pleasure of viewing.

Mariya was 19 december on Matryoshki on the roundness of the earth

For the first time I watched the play by Yuri Grymov. It was a "lyrical comedy" "Matryoshka on the roundness of the Earth." Well, I would argue with the creators about the genre, of course. It's not a comedy. But the performance is uniquely interesting. The modern spectator is so spoiled by bright scenography and all sorts of spectacular chips that sometimes lazy to look into yourself, think, contemplate. Here the story is clearly meaningful. Decorations, music, light, costumes do not beat, but complement. Stunning actress Matryoshka: Lika Nifontova, Nadezhda Menchova, Maria Orlova. In the end, everyone is waving to their mothers and crying. Probably, this is more a woman's play, for 30+

Anastasiya was 03 december on Journey of the little prince

A fine performance for the young spectators and their parents. I do not quite understand the age limit: my child is 6 years old, we have not read a fairy tale yet, but the play was absolutely affordable for him. I have never had to explain something, the plot, the words of the Little Prince, the moral of the story - everything is as clear as it is clear. The final songs of the production - like echoes from my childhood, could not hold back tears, in the hall many mothers bowed to their children .. Incredible feelings, the atmosphere from childhood, full of love, sincerity and desire to live. Thanks a lot to the theater and actors!

Elena was 02 march on Journey of the little prince

I liked it very much, especially the child (9years old). Interesting scenery.

Viktoriya was 25 may on Journey of the little prince

The play was very popular both for adults and children. The actors are wonderful. Very cozy atmosphere. Thank you!

Valentina was 15 december on Journey of the little prince

This performance is recommended for children from 9 to 13 years, but if the child is prepared, tell him about this work or even read it, it is quite understandable for children 7-8 years old. A very good performance, in which many young and talented actors are involved. Given the specifics of this theater, its audience (and it is known to be small), the audience in this performance is actively involved, which is wonderful for the children's audience. Together with the actors young spectators live the journey of the Little Prince, together with him experiencing, sympathizing and marveling. They experience a wide variety of emotions. I was very impressed by the impulse of one of the young spectators, who, feeling out, ran out and hugged the little prince. I think it was unexpected for a young actor, but very nice. This is not the best gratitude!

Visitor was 23 april on Dance. A. Strindberg

Drama is felt in the scenery, in costumes, in dialogue and intonation, but still in the horizon of family relationships of the main characters there will be and the sun will remain. The performance is interesting to its trio of actors. Come, be sure and do not regret, I assure you !!

Elena was 10 may on Three pigs and a gray wolf

Thank you! A wonderful performance, I liked both my 4 year old daughter and my parents!

Mariya was 16 may on Dance. A. Strindberg

Strong, frank, relevant! For an hour and a half climbed into the soul and shook it ... Well played, the actors skillfully infected their emotions, excellent scenery and the theater itself made a wonderful first impression! I will come again

Elena was 06 december on Dance. A. Strindberg

Thank you for the brilliant work!

Belkazoya was 13 june on Once in Paris

She looked twice. I advise everyone to go to this play. You will not regret!

Only for children
Only adults
105082, Москва, Спартаковская пл., 9/1а
02 h 40 min
PREMIERE Yuri Grymov, director of the play "Flowers for Algernon" - with a new creative expression on the stage. Now - not only as a director, but as a new artistic director of the theater "MODERN". On the stage - the great Anna Kamenkova, unpredictable Igor Yatsko and the whole troupe of the theater - 35 artists. A story of civilization unfolds in front of the audience, where people have a feeling of love that does not have maternal and paternal feelings, and children are born out of test tubes, where passions, emotions, strong emotional upheavals are canceled. And sex is when "everyone belongs to everyone". Art, science and deep feelings were sacrificed here for the sake of stability. In this narrative about the genetically programmable "consumer society", the modern spectator easily recognizes himself, believes Yuri Grymov. "Huxley is a great visionary. After all, today we are no longer just readers of his prophetic work, but its participants, "the director believes. Specially for the premiere production, unique decorations are made, modern lighting equipment is installed. "MODERN" became the first Russian theater, which received the rights to staging the world bestseller Aldous Huxley.


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